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顶级 iOS 文本处理应用 Drafts 迎来大更新:Drafts 5.0 - 少数派
经历了四个多月测试的 Drafts 5 终于上架了 App Store。 作为一款 iOS 平台的老牌笔记工具,Drafts 一直以来都受到各种需求层次的用户喜爱。如果你尚处在观望和犹豫的阶段,或许免费下载的 Drafts 5 就是你尝试这个强大工具的最好 via Pocket
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7 hours ago by Teecy
关于 Drafts 5 值得一说的更新和细节 - 少数派
前言 2012 年至今,Drafts 一直被放在我手机的 Dock 栏,是我使用时间最长的一款第三方 App,同时也是我最想推荐给别人的一款 App。因为它足够简单,又足够复杂。它适合每一个人,任何人都可以按照自己的想法去使用,而不必 via Pocket
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7 hours ago by Teecy
Learn to Code for Free – Grasshopper
Grasshopper is the coding app for beginners. With fun, quick lessons on your phone, the app teaches adult learners to write real JavaScript.
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8 hours ago by catichenor
drand48(3) Mac OS X Developer Tools Manual Page
HTML versions of the OS X, OS X Server, Xcode Tools, and CHUD man pages.
ios  swift  random  repeatable  generator 
9 hours ago by lgtout
iOS 10 Rich Notifications · Carnival Developer Documentation
The Carnival Developer Documentation contains information about the iOS, Android, Unity and Cordova SDKs. It also details setting up Push Notifications, Collecting Data and Messaging Users.
rich  notification  ios  carnival  tradesy 
13 hours ago by lgtout
"On JustWatch you can easily find out where to watch your favorite movies & TV shows in the United States."
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13 hours ago by stumax
What the grayscale challenge taught us about phone addiction - Internet Citizen
There’s a lot of talk these days about how addicted we are to our screens. At Mozilla, a few of us tried our own experiment to see if turning our phones to grayscale would change how we interact with our tech. What follows is a conversation among two Mozillians after going gray for a week — Tim, a design practitioner, and Daniel, a brand strategist.
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19 hours ago by andyhuey

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