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Favicon generator
No hard decision

With so many platforms and icons, it's hard to know exactly what you should do. What are the dimensions of favicon.ico? How many Touch icons do I need? RealFaviconGenerator did the reseach and testing for you.
Done in 5 minutes

You spent hours on design, colors, graphics... How much time left for the favicon? Probably not much. But no worries, you only need a few minutes to tackle this task.
Compelling design, a platform at a time

Each platform comes with its own design requirements. You can't just use the same picture everywhere. RealFaviconGenerator knows this and lets you craft your icons platform per platform.
Instant feedback

How will Android display my icon? How will iOS round my Touch icon? No more guesswork. RealFaviconGenerator instantly shows you how your icons will look like.
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5 hours ago by amason
Apple UI Design Resources
Design apps quickly by using Photoshop and Sketch templates, plug-ins, and other preconfigured UI elements.
apple  ios  design  resources  sketch 
6 hours ago by codeyard
Resolve and Clean URLs with Clean Links for iOS – MacStories
Clean Links In July, I wrote about my Pythonista script to resolve and clean URLs copied from apps that used shortening services. Clean Links, developed by Griffin Caprio, is a free iOS app that does more than my script as it resolves URLs, removes …
via:IFTTT  via:Pinboard  diigo  workflow  iOS  productivity  automation  via:Diigo 
12 hours ago by evansthompson
App Shopper: 10000000 (Games)
“This is one of my favorite iOS games in a long time. Buy it. Love it. Pass it on.” - Ben Kuchera – Penny Arcade Report Can you score 10000000 and earn your freedom? via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  ios 
16 hours ago by dcolanduno

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