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MagBak for iPhone
MagBak is a minimalist protective case and mounting solution for your iPhone. Perfect to mount in the car and anywhere else!
ios  wishlist 
16 hours ago by rmateu
Background Transfer Service and Client Certificates | Apple Developer Forums
Quinn the Eskimo goes into detail on the background transfer service
development  ios  reference 
16 hours ago by hisaac
NSURLSession's Resume Rate Limiter | Apple Developer Forums
Detailed description of how iOS throttles background http requests
development  ios  reference 
18 hours ago by hisaac
iOS text editors
Brett Terpstra’s iOS text-editor roundup is an exhaustive guide to writing apps for the iPhone and iPad. One iOS writing app that I espec...
iOS  writing 
18 hours ago by M.Leddy
nRF Toolbox on the App Store
The nRF Toolbox works with a wide range of the most popular Bluetooth Low Energy accessories.
It contains applications demonstrating BLE profiles: Cycling Speed and Cadence, Running Speed and Cadence, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Health Thermometer Monitor, Glucose Monitor and Proximity Monitor.
The Device Firmware Update (DFU) profile, that is also included, allows one to upload the application image over-the-air (OTA). It is compatible with Nordic Semiconductor nRF5x devices that have the SoftDevice and DFU Bootloader installed.
arduino  bluetooth  ios 
19 hours ago by awhite
CosmicMind/Motion: A library used to create beautiful animations and transitions for Apple devices.
Motion - A library used to create beautiful animations and transitions for Apple devices.
Swift  ios  Animations 
21 hours ago by nanoxd

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