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Trump Treats Immigrant Crime Differently
When an undocumented person commits a murder, Trump talks about it incessantly. When, in 2017, a white guy like Stephen Paddock kills 58 people in Las Vegas and wounds 851, Trump has very little to say. See Less
people-donald-trump  hypocrisy  race-racism  race 
5 days ago by daguti
@AG_Conservative: Hamas has been shooting Palestinian protestors in the street for 4 days straight and is beating up journalists reporting on it.Guess how many times @IlhanMN or @RashidaTlaib have commented on it? 0"
“Hamas has been shooting Palestinian protestors in the street for 4 days straight and is beating up journalists reporting on it.

Guess how many times @IlhanMN or @RashidaTlaib have commented on it? 0”
IlhanOmar  RashidaTlaib  Hypocrisy  oocrisy 
6 days ago by cbearden
Week in Review: Talking out both sides of their mouth
"When the results came in for the vote, Jacob Rees-Mogg tweeted: "A second referendum, the so called 'losers’ vote', has now been defeated in the House of Commons so is it is off the table."

His previous tweet read: "The law still says we leave on 29th March." This was sent after no-deal was defeated in the House of Commons. The hypocrisy and brazen self-interest is now so severe that you do not even need to scroll down people's Twitter feeds. You can track it from one message to the next."
hypocrisy  tories  brexit  politics  uk  sad 
7 days ago by ssam
GOP senators want emergency powers capped to stop president "acting like a king" : politics
I thought I was about to read a story about Republicans finally putting their foot down and doing the right thing.

I was wrong.

Fucking goddam Republicans doing this should all be taken out and executed for treason:

"While Lee's measure would not affect Trump's current national emergency declaration, it would apply to future declarations."
politics-philosophies-republicans  news  2019  hypocrisy 
10 days ago by daguti
Trudeau cloaks continued attack on First Nations sovereignty with charm | Ricochet
Despite the talk of nation-to-nation relationships, the Trudeau government is maintaining this municipal model of self-government and extinguishment of Aboriginal title through what are called modern treaties.
Canada  indigenous  hypocrisy  native_americans  politics 
13 days ago by Weaverbird
Ben Thompson on Twitter: "that is against the terms of service… "
How many of the 300 likes and the dozen replies block ads or other similar tactics that are also against the terms of service and many times are also hurting individual people if these people are okay not fully paying big corporations? How is that not completely hypocritical? No less for shaming someone else for attempting to do what you actually already do.
hypocrisy  i_am_benevolent_pattern  holier_than_thou_pattern  patterns_sensitive_about_their_shit_as_if_its_so_obviously_right  patterns_the_cult_of_the_amateur  $patterns 
15 days ago by skinnymuch
How Google, Microsoft, and Big Tech Are Automating the Climate Crisis
In a deal that made few ripples outside the energy industry, two very large but relatively obscure companies, Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger Limited, announced a joint venture called Sensia. The new company will “sell equipment and services to advance digital technology and automation in the oilfield,” according to the Houston Chronicle. Yet the partnership has ramifications far beyond Houston’s energy corridor: It’s part of a growing trend that sees major tech companies teaming with oil giants to use automation, AI, and big data services to enhance oil exploration, extraction, and production.
2019-02  climate_change  tech  BigOil  google  environment  hypocrisy 
20 days ago by Weaverbird
An Honest Living – Steve Salaita
"There are lots of stories from Virginia Tech, the University of Illinois, and the American University of Beirut [AUB], but they all end with the same lesson: for all its self-congratulation, the academy’s loftiest mission is a fierce compulsion to eliminate any impediment to donations."

"Platitudes about faculty governance and student leadership notwithstanding, universities inhibit democracy in ways that would please any thin-skinned despot."

"But forward progress as material comfort is cultivated through the ubiquitous lie that upward mobility equals righteousness. Honest living is a nice story we tell ourselves to rationalize privation, but in the real world money procures all the honesty we need."

"You hear ex-professors say it all the time and I’ll add to the chorus: despite nagging precariousness, there’s something profoundly liberating about leaving academe, whereupon you are no longer obliged to give a shit about fashionable thinkers, network at the planet’s most boring parties, or quantify self-worth for scurrilous committees (and whereupon you are free to ignore the latest same-old controversy), for even when you know at the time that the place is toxic, only after you exit (spiritually, not physically) and write an essay or read a novel or complete some other task without considering its relevance to the fascist gods of assessment, or its irrelevance to a gang of cynical senior colleagues, do you realize exactly how insidious and pervasive is the industry’s culture of social control."
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21 days ago by robertogreco

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