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you're basically making the case for using in designs, and i full…
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6 weeks ago by danbri
REST and Hypermedia in 2019 | APIs You Won't Hate - A community that cares about API design and development.
A modern day look at the Richardson Maturity model, and insight into how the various layers of abstraction REST provides can help API Developers working in HTTP for various scenarios.
phil_sturgeon  richardson_maturity_model  netapinotes  infographic  api_design  hypermedia  hateoas 
8 weeks ago by mreinbold
Building hypermedia apps
Guides to using Hydra on back end and front end
hydra  hypermedia  netapinotes 
10 weeks ago by mreinbold
Building hypermedia apps
RT : I've just started . A guide to building app driven by (and dedicated to…
hypermedia  from twitter_favs
10 weeks ago by asbjornu
RT : I've just started . A guide to building app driven by (and dedicated to…
hypermedia  from twitter_favs
10 weeks ago by asbjornu
Introduction - Level 3 REST
Reusable, Client-Centric Hypermedia Patterns for Any REST API
matt_bishop  richardson_maturity_model  netapinotes  hypermedia 
11 weeks ago by mreinbold
Using GraphQL With REST APIs - Stephen Mizell
Maybe we don't have to choose between GraphQL and REST. Maybe we can get the benefits of both approaches.
stephen_mizell  graphql  hypermedia  netapinotes 
march 2019 by mreinbold
JSON-HAL and JSON-LD are pretty popular formats for desiging APIs. They both have their merits, but they aren’t compatible with each other. However, with som...
json-hal  json-ld  restapinotes  hypermedia 
october 2018 by mreinbold

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