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About the Mnemosyne Atlas | Mnemosyne
Begun in 1924 and left unfinished at the time of his death in 1929, the Mnemosyne Atlas is Aby Warburg’s attempt to map the “afterlife of antiquity,” or how images of great symbolic, intellectual, and emotional power emerge in Western antiquity and then reappear and are reanimated in the art and cosmology of later times and places, from Alexandrian Greece to Weimar Germany. Focusing especially on the Renaissance, the historical period where he found the struggle between the forces of reason and unreason to be most palpable, Warburg hoped that the Mnemosyne Atlas would allow its spectators to experience for themselves the “polarities” that riddle culture and thought.
classics  onlineRepositories  hyperlinks 
7 weeks ago by emerysnyder
Internal Links | page jumps to sections of a page
tags: hyperlinks local internal external how to go goto a certain part of the same or another page link links hyperlink ;;;
hyperlinks  local  internal  external  how  to  go  goto  a  certain  part  of  the  same  or  another  page  link  links  hyperlink 
november 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Indieseek.xyz Directory
A human edited, little web directory of handy links. Curated index to the Independent Web.
directory  web  search  indieweb  noncommercial  hyperlinks  decentralization  blog  new-web 
november 2018 by ramblinggit
YouTube; Cascading Drop-down Navigation Menu with CSS (Part 1)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TmQm-p3wCSU ;;;
tags: dropDown menu youTube video by ralph needsEditing howTo create build HTML CSS cascading nav navigation howto instead of just the hyperlinks, the entire button becomes a hyperlink link ;;;
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
00:00; what is going on.
10:45; positioning of hyperlinks.
11:47; convert un-ordered list of hyperlinks to positioning them like a set of drop down menus.
displaying anchor tags; code> ul#navmenu a { }.
12:10; get rid of underline; {text decoration: none}
12:15; convert inline element anchor tags in to block elements. {display: block;}
12:25; make list items behave more like buttons. instead of just the hyperlinks, the entire button becomes a hyperlink.
{display: block;
width: 125px;
height: 25px;
dropDown  menu  youTube  video  by  ralph  needsEditing  howTo  create  build  HTML  CSS  cascading  nav  navigation  instead  of  just  the  hyperlinks  entire  button  becomes  a  hyperlink  link 
october 2018 by neerajsinghvns
Links lost from Word to PDF | Adobe Community
I am trying to convert a document created in Microsoft Word for Mac version 16.11.1 (180319) to PDF such that I have (a) the fonts I have chosen and (b) the hyperlinks I added in Word. I have spent the past hour failing at this seemingly simple task.
support  adobe  word  links  hyperlinks  pdf 
august 2018 by frankfarm
3 Easy Ways to Batch Open Multiple Hyperlinks in Your Excel
If you’d like to batch open multiple hyperlinks in Excel, you can refer to this article. Here we’ll introduce you 3 handy methods. Each of them has its pros and cons. You can choose any as per your needs.
Batch  Open  Multiple  Hyperlinks  Excel  VBA  workbook  hyperlink  recover 
june 2018 by DataNumen
3 Methods to Create a List of Hyperlinks to All Worksheets in an Excel Workbook
When an Excel workbook has many worksheets, in order to access them quickly, you may want to create a list of hyperlinks to all worksheets. In this article, we will share 3 methods with you.
Excel  VBA  workbook  worksheet  formula  Hyperlink  to  Hyperlinks  All  Worksheets  Insert  List  of  xls  fix 
may 2018 by DataNumen
How to Batch Remove All Email Links in Your Outlook Message
If you’ve enabled “auto format internet and network paths with hyperlinks” feature in Outlook, the email addresses will be auto formatted with “mailto” links, too. Now, if you want to batch remove all email links, you can use the way in this post.
Batch  Remove  Email  Links  fix  Outlook  Mailto  Hyperlinks  message  VBA 
may 2018 by DataNumen
How to Batch Copy All Hyperlinks in Multiple Emails to a New Outlook Email
If you want to copy all hyperlinks in multiple emails and then send them in a new email to someone else, you can use the approach introduced in this article. It is able to let you get this in one go.
Copy  All  Hyperlinks  Extract  in  Multiple  Emails  Outlook  Email  repair  VBA 
april 2018 by DataNumen

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