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Le sur-optimisme des nouvelles innovations
It seems just like crypto the 'ai' hype cycle is coming to an end with zero achievements to show for itself beyond puffery and premature speculation about radiologists, drivers and others losing their...
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yesterday by alssanro
Les marchands de sable
Slightly over a year back, we were contacted by IBM to try out Watson under some program for startups.

Starting out, they asked us to give them a try. We gave them a NLP related task and they were...
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yesterday by alssanro
Adactio: Journal—Dev perception
Ultimately what matters is building something—a website, a web app, whatever—that best serves end users. If that requires a new and exciting technology, that’s great. But if it requires an old and boring technology, that’s also great. What matters here is appropriateness.
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16 days ago by yolandaenoch
Dev perception
"what’s being written about is not a reflection of what’s being widely used. And that’s okay …as long as you know that’s the case. But I worry that theres’s a perception problem."
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17 days ago by nhoizey
AT&T’s “5G E” is actually slower than Verizon and T-Mobile 4G, study finds | Ars Technica
AT&T's "5G E" service is slightly slower than Verizon's and T-Mobile's advanced 4G LTE networks, a study by OpenSignal has found.

"AT&T's network name change may well trick consumers into thinking they're getting better service than a 4G operator, but they aren't. We already knew that 5G E has no technological advantage over LTE-Advanced, because they are the same thing with different names. But actual speed tests could reinforce that point."
ArsTechnica  AT&T  5G  hype 
26 days ago by pierredv
Overhyped 5G is being 'rushed', Britain's top comms boffin reckons • The Register, Mar 2019
If anyone knows the state of play in 5G, it's Regius Professor Rahim Tafazolli, director and founder at the Institute of Communication Systems and 5G Innovation Centre at the University of Surrey, and the government's go-to man for mobile technology. But he warned today that the industry was being too hasty in proclaiming the revolution.
TheRegister  5G  hype 
5 weeks ago by pierredv
Five Inconvenient Facts about the Migration to 5G Wireless - CircleID Mar 2019
"How do these prescriptions promote competition and help consumers? Plain and simple, they do not, but that does not stop well-funded campaigns from convincing us that less competition is better. Set out below, I offer five obvious but obscured truths. "
Rob-Frieden  5G  hype  CircleID 
5 weeks ago by pierredv
Nearly Half Of All ‘AI Startups’ Are Cashing In On Hype
Startups that are labelled as being in the field of artificial intelligence attract 15% to 50% more in their funding rounds than other technology startups, Kelnar added.   
startups  ai  hype 
6 weeks ago by laurakalbag
Is upgrading to 5G becoming a problem for wireless companies? | Fox News
" T-Mobile was hoping to unveil the country's first big-scale 5-G network at this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but the company came up short, announcing their network launch has been delayed until at least the second half of the year."

"at least a half-dozen handset makers saying they'll have phones ready for the new wireless system this year. The problem is that most of those phones aren't compatible with many of the major carriers' 5-G networks, and T-Mobile says the lack of handsets that can connect to the company's low-frequency spectrum is the cause for their delay"
FoxNews  5G  hype  T-Mobile 
7 weeks ago by pierredv

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