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Recalibrate humidity sensor? : ecobee
Info on how to adjust the humidity readings on an Ecobee. Once I get an accurate calibration on one I'll see how much we need to adjust by. Hopefully its within the 10% or so that it can be adjusted! (I should also seal up the hole behind it with some plumbers putty)
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december 2018 by Brandonshire
Soil Moisture Sensor (LCD, RTC, SD Logger, Temperature)
As my projects evolved in my mind there comes a time to make the ideas come truth and so the project below became reality. Its an Arduino based soil moisture sensor, with 16,x2 LCD, real time clock (which keeps time even if the power supply is disconnected), temperature sensor and SD data logger. It can be very helpful with a bachelor's degree or master's degree biotechnology/biology/botanics/plant keeping projects. The idea of the project is to build a moisture sensor, both portable...
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february 2016 by boneskull
Dostmann Electronic LOG32TH
"Die Messgeräte der Serie Log32TH sind zur Aufzeichnung, Alarmierung, Visualisierung
von Temperatur-, Feuchte und Taupunktmesswerten geeignet. Einsatzbereiche sind die überwachung von Lager- und Transportbedingungen oder anderen
temperatur-und/oder feuchteempfindlichen Prozessen. Der Logger verfügt über einen direkten USB-Anschluss und kann somit ohne Kabel an
alle Windows-PCs angeschlossen werden."
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december 2015 by tlossen

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