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U.S. wind generating capacity rapidly closing in on hydropower's lead
According to a new analysis by the SUN DAY Campaign of data recently released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), new wind and solar generating capacity have taken the lead over natural gas and all other energy sources for the first month of 2019.
windpowerengineering  offshorewind  capacity  hydropower 
11 days ago by eversourcenh
Hydro Quebec to increase hydropower capacity to more than 37,000 MW in 2021 | S&P Global Platts
Hydro Quebec plans to add an incremental 245 MW of hydro-electric generation capacity in 2021 to its expansive portfolio in the north of the province, bringing the total capacity to 37,012 MW, an official said Friday.
Platts  Hydro-Quebec  hydropower  cleanenergy 
8 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019: Government workers not the problem, open our government, no to Hydro-Quebec — Letters — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
Those considering their opinion on the proposed Central Maine Power corridor should be aware of the environmental and cultural collateral damage that precedes any damage the project would cause in Maine.
bangordailynews  letter  hydropower  Hydro-Quebec  opponent 
10 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Hydro-Québec power wasn’t an option, Kathy Dunderdale tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry | Local | News | The Western Star
At the Muskrat Falls Inquiry, former premier Kathy Dunderdale has been questioned about the possible alternatives to the hydroelectric megaproject her government sanctioned in 2012. One alternative was to purchase and import power from Hydro-Québec.
thewesternstar  Hydro-Quebec  hydropower 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
In Quebec, clean energy goes to waste. Let’s use it. - The Boston Globe
Once again, a planned electric transmission line from Canada to New England has created an odd alliance between a few environmental groups and fossil fuel interests determined to stop it.
bostonglobe  editorial  hydropower  Hydro-Quebec  cleanenergy  climatechange 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Quebec hydropower coming south - to New York, not New England - Granite Geek
The Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE). a 300-mile underground high-voltage line carrying hydroelectricity from Quebec dams down to New York City, is finally moving ahead with construction likely to begin in 2020, reports the Canadian newspaper National Observer.
granitegeek  Hydro-Quebec  hydropower 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Construction of major electricity line from Quebec to New York City to start in 2020 | National Observer
The developers of a long-delayed project to deliver hydroelectric power from Quebec to New York City say that construction will start in 2020.
nationalobserver  transmission  hydropower 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
MAINE: Emissions battle ensnares link to Canadian hydropower -- Wednesday, November 28, 2018 -- www.eenews.net
Janet Mills campaigned as a climate champion. Maine's governor-elect pledged to slash emissions 80 percent by 2030, bolster renewables and revive state climate action after eight years under Paul LePage, the climate-denying Republican governor who will depart Augusta in January.
electricenergyonline  cmp  hydropower  carbonemissions 
november 2018 by eversourcenh
Plan to bring hydropower from Canada to Mass. faces mounting obstacles - The Boston Globe
It seemed like such a simple solution.
To the north of New England, there’s a vast network of rivers and dams that generates massive amounts of hydropower, energy that could slake the growing demand for emissions-free electricity in Massachusetts.
bostonglobe  massachusetts  CleanEnergyRFP  hydropower  northernpass  cmp 
november 2018 by eversourcenh
Massachusetts clean energy plan considers hydropower from Canada – The Daily Free Press
Experts say the New England Clean Energy Connect hydropower project could provide clean energy to more than one million homes in the Commonwealth. However, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is looking internationally for solutions for his 2016 diverse energy plan.
dailyfreepress  massachusetts  cleanenergy  hydropower  northernpass  cmp 
november 2018 by eversourcenh
Plan to bring hydropower from Canada to Mass. faces mounting obstacles - The Boston Globe
It seemed like such a simple solution.
To the north of New England, there’s a vast network of rivers and dams that generates massive amounts of hydropower, energy that could slake the growing demand for emissions-free electricity in Massachusetts.
bostonglobe  cmp  opposition  hydropower 
november 2018 by eversourcenh
Large hydropower dams 'not sustainable' in the developing world • BBC News
Matt McGrath:
<p>Hydropower is the source of 71% of renewable energy throughout the world and has played a major role in the development of many countries.

But researchers say the building of dams in Europe and the US reached a peak in the 1960s and has been in decline since then, with more now being dismantled than installed. Hydropower only supplies approximately 6% of US electricity.

Dams are now being removed at a rate of more than one a week on both sides of the Atlantic.
The problem, say the authors of <a href="http://www.pnas.org/cgi/doi/10.1073/pnas.1809426115">this new paper</a>, is that governments were blindsided by the prospect of cheap electricity without taking into account the full environmental and social costs of these installations.

More than 90% of dams built since the 1930s were more expensive than anticipated. They have damaged river ecology, displaced millions of people and have contributed to climate change by releasing greenhouse gases from the decomposition of flooded lands and forests.

"They make a rosy picture of the benefits, which are not fulfilled and the costs are ignored and passed on to society much later," lead author Prof Emilio Moran, from Michigan State University, told BBC News.

His report cites the example of two dams on the Madeira river in Brazil, which were finished only five years ago, and are predicted to produce only a fraction of the power expected because of climate change.</p>
november 2018 by charlesarthur
Quebec election: Legault wants more Hydro-Québec development, exports | Montreal Gazette
The best thing Quebec could do for the environment would be to export hydroelectric power to the world, according to Coalition Avenir Québec Leader François Legault.
MontrealGazette  Hydro-Quebec  hydropower  exports 
september 2018 by eversourcenh
Is wind power blowing holes in Hydro-Québec’s profits? - The Globe and Mail
On the eve of an election call, Quebec’s main party leaders have gone to battle over a wind-power project that Liberal Premier Philippe Couillard argues is crucial to good relations with First Nations but that François Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec calls “useless” and “ruinous.”
theglobeandmail  Hydro-Quebec  hydropower 
august 2018 by eversourcenh
Environmentalists: Power from massive Canadian dams isn't renewable - VTDigger
Environmental activists from New England and Canada are demanding that political leaders stop promoting “false” solutions to climate change.
VTdigger  hydropower  Hydro-Quebec  cleanenergy  environmentalists 
august 2018 by eversourcenh
New article by Mira Käkönen & Try Thuon:
Overlapping zones of exclusion: markets, corporate enc…
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august 2018 by hwileniu

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