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RT : “The world’s biggest steelmaker has started a project at its mill in Hamburg. It will initially produce 1…
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26 days ago by kcarruthers
GitHub - magnetcoop/hydrogen-ce: Hydrogen Community Edition
Hydrogen Community Edition. Contribute to magnetcoop/hydrogen-ce development by creating an account on GitHub.
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4 weeks ago by fmjrey
CSIRO could face big fine after sawdust experiment went horribly wrong
Australia's leading scientific and industrial research organisation has been charged over a laboratory explosion that left a researcher with facial burns.

The CSIRO is charged with four breaches of federal work, health and safety laws over the incident at its Clayton site on June 6, 2017, each carrying a maximum $1.5 million penalty.

The charges were laid after a scientist was injured while heating sawdust at pressure using hydrogen gas in an autoclave.

Gas leaked and ignited, causing the researcher injuries including facial burns. There was also extensive building damage, with debris thrown up to 20 metres away, according to regulator Comcare.

The charges allege CSIRO failed to provide a safe work environment and will be mentioned in the Moorabbin Magistrates Court on July 3.
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5 weeks ago by dchas
Hydrogen refueling station explodes in Norway; Toyota, Hyundai halt FCV sales
A hydrogen refueling station in Norway has reportedly experienced an explosion, disrupting fuel supplies across the region.

Norwegian media outlets E24 and TU detail a "huge explosion" at a station in the city of Sandvika near Oslo, injuring two occupants of a nearby non-FCV vehicle that was rocked hard enough to deploy the airbags.

Nel, an Oslo-based company that supplied the hydrogen and refueling infrastructure to the station, has dispatched a team of technical experts to work with authorities as they investigate the cause of the explosion.

In the meantime, Nel has temporarily halted its hydrogen refueling operations in Norway, Denmark and other countries.

Toyota and Hyundai have both reportedly halted sales of hydrogen-powered vehicles until the cause of the incident is determined and the stations are back online.
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5 weeks ago by dchas
Nel stuper på børs etter hydrogeneksplosjon | DN
Det er en av de største private folkeaksjene blant våre kunder
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5 weeks ago by dagb

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