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Faderfox UC4
This would be cool to control hydra or other software patches, in some future music setup i might invent.

Via https://cdm.link/2019/11/faderfox-ec4-encoders-controller/
music  hardware  hydra 
11 days ago by ssam
Greek Mythology
This site is dedicated to the heroes, gods and monsters of Greek mythology
myth  mythology  zeus  dionysus  greek  aphrodite  apollo  ares  artemis  hephaestus  hera  odysseus  odyssey  poseidon  perseus  centaur  chimaera  hydra  cyclops 
11 days ago by prexan
Using an existing website as a queryable low-cost LOD publishing interface
From https://twitter.com/pietercolpaert/status/1151465873397493761. Interesting paper describing how less technical orgs could publish json-ld rich pages and query them with comunica. Hydra is used to paginate json-ld pages when querying. There is a neat codepen demo demonstrating how data could be queried and exported for use in a spreadsheet. Unfortunately demo doesn't work due to a CORS header issue
paper  hydra  comunica  json-ld 
8 weeks ago by cldwalker
TIP: How to be a beast with hydra : emacs
Another week, another trick. This week, I will present you one of my favorite modes, `hydra`. Probably most of you already know this mode, but I...
emacs  hydra 
september 2019 by jschoolcraft
This...is...Sparta! by x-Celebril-x on DeviantArt
Instagram Facebook Patreon  My website __________________________________________________________________ Wheee I managed to finish it! This is my ... This...is...Sparta!
image  dragon  hydra 
august 2019 by iiridayn
Enemy At The Gates - AvocadoLove - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
By the time Captain America was found and defrosted, the Chitauri had wiped out the entire state of New York, and Iron Man was the world’s most wanted villain.

(Written for the 2016 CapIron RBB)
p:steve/tony  f:avengers  f:marvel  au  canon.divergent  hydra 
july 2019 by miss_speller

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