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The Building Blocks of Multi-Domain: A Reading List that Gets Beyond the Buzzwords – OTH
In this article, OTH brings you a reading list compiled by contributing editor Dr. Jeff Reilly to equip readers with the necessary elements to discuss the why and how of multi-domain.
military  reading  list  hybrid  threat 
6 days ago by calebcherry
I wonder if this can cruise in a high efficiency ground effect mode, the shape is almost right for it...
hybrid  VTOL  general  aviation  aircraft  vehicle  transportation  research  technology 
7 days ago by asteroza
To reduce emissions we have invested in & . Check out our…
hybrid  GreenHouseGas  ElectricCars  from twitter_favs
11 days ago by tguemes
Create a Remote Mailbox: Exchange 2010 Help
Get-User -RecipientTypeDetails User -Filter { Name -eq 'User Name' } | Enable-RemoteMailbox -RemoteRoutingAddress a.lias@cateno.mail.onmicrosoft.com
office365  hybrid  provision  user 
12 days ago by sphere2k
Home ~ Noodles World Kitchen
Somebody finally delivers the restaurant concept of a noodle joint doing noodles from all over the world, because sometimes you want italian, sometimes you want thai, sometimes something else, but you have a hankering for string like carbohydrates
food  restaurant  concept  global  noodle  hybrid  mixed 
20 days ago by asteroza
6 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car
6 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car
6  Reasons  to  Buy  a  Hybrid  Car 
24 days ago by kilroy2
AFS Trinity - Wikipedia
PHEV technology that actively combines batteries with ultracapacitors
PHEV  technology  combines  batteries  with  ultracapacitors  hybrid  electric  bike 
28 days ago by kilroy2

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