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Status Lights Indication - Waterfurnace Geothermal Heating And Cooling System Owner's Manual [Page 35]
What do the status lights indicate?
In general, red LEDs continuously illuminated indicate the unit is attempting to self-correct a fault. Flashing red LEDs indicate the unit has locked out in a fault mode. In this case, Emergency Heat will be activated. Call your dealer for service after reviewing the specific fault information below:
When this light comes on, it indicates that the condensate drain pan within the unit has reached the overflow level. This may be caused by foreign matter blocking the drain pan opening, or a clog in the drain line. See page 34 for cleaning procedure
Water Flow
A sensor protects your unit against internal freeze up caused by a water flow loss in the heating mode. When the WATER FLOW light is on, this signals that internal freezing conditions have occurred. This may be caused by a pump failure, low antifreeze level or air pockets in the loop piping (see resetting the unit section, below).
High Pressure
When this light is on, it indicates high refrigerant pressure. This may be caused by a loss of water flow in the cooling mode or low airfl ow in the heating mode caused by a dirty filter.
Low Pressure
When this light is on, it indicates a loss in refrigerant pressure in the system. This may be caused by a refrigerant leak (see resetting the unit section, below) or a dirty filter in the cooling mode.
When this light is on, it indicates either a dirty filter or an airflow problem. Clean/replace air filter. Contact your WaterFurnace dealer if problem persists.
A blinking green STATUS light indicates that the microprocessor control, which is the "brain" of the unit, is operating properly. If the light doesn't flash but remains continuously on or off, the control is inoperative. Turn off all power to the unit, including auxiliary heat, and then turn it back on. If the light remains continuously on or off, call your WaterFurnace dealer.
DHW Limit
A sensor monitors the temperature of the water leaving the unit. The light will come on if the temperature is above130°F (54°C). At this time your unit's hot water pump will be de-energized to prevent excessive temperatures. Don't worry; hot water operation will resume when the tank cools off. This is not a fault condition, and the unit does not require resetting.
DHW Pump Switch
When this switch is off, your unit's hot water pump is manually disabled, and DHW OFF status light will be lit. This switch may be used when the water heater is being serviced or replaced. This switch must be turned off when water flow from the water heater to the unit is turned off or disconnected. Damage to the pump may otherwise occur.
If my unit shuts off, how do I reset it?
•To reset the unit, repeatedly push the SYSTEM button on the thermostat until the display reads OFF.
•The unit lockout indicator light will remain on for up to 15 seconds after turning the system off.
•After the unit lockout indicator light goes out, turn the system back on to the desired MODE.
•Unit operation should resume within fi ve minutes if heating or cooling is required.
•The appropriate status light on the unit will continue indicating the fault until power is interrupted to the unit. This serves as a diagnostic aid for your dealer.
•If the unit shuts down again, call your WaterFurnace dealer as soon as possible. Do not repeatedly reset your unit.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
Mitsubishi minisplits — horizontally ducted - GreenBuildingAdvisor
Actually this discussion seems to conclude that Fujitsu is the better choice, and this guy will design a system remotely for homeowners
Isaac Savage, HvacDesignPros.com

John Semmelhack posted a picture of "Fujitsu slim-duct air handler in upflow position attached..."

There's an intersting note from Allison Bailes, apologizing for poor service to the original poster

heat pump
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5 days ago by mgold
Heating with coal in 2017 - YouTube
As much as coal sounds abhorrent, this guy raises some solid points, eg in a lot of the US, if you run electric heat, you're just paying the electric company to burn coal for you
homeimprovement  coal  hvac  environment  climatechange 
21 days ago by shadowspar
Energy Upgrade Services-Eco Performance Builders
spoke with Keith O'Hara 11/5/19 at Berkeley Electrif. presentation
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4 weeks ago by Dexxx
When should I use my Emergency Heat? HVAC FAQ's
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), and answers about common HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) issues, along with photos, tips, and helpful advice.
4 weeks ago by adamvig
Replacing Your Rooftop HVAC Unit
Let’s suppose that your commercial building still has the same rooftop HVAC unit that was installed when the building first opened ten years ago.
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5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
The Importance of HVAC Maintenance
Your HVAC system needs to be kept in good condition.
HVAC-system  HVAC  HVAC-maintenance 
8 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Why You Should Use a HVAC Zoning System
Before we continue, it’s probably useful to explore what the term HVAC zoning even means.
hvac  hvac-zoning  hvac-solutions 
8 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Strange Smells in Your HVAC System and How to Deal with Them
Unfortunately, however, there are times when you may notice strange smells from your HVAC. Read on for the likely causes and how to deal with them.
hvac  strange-smells  commercial-hvac 
september 2019 by Adventure_Web
Conservation Myths [R-value of curtains]
the way I read this, a single pane window with even unsulated curtains has better R-value than double pane alone, and with insulate curtains it has better R-value than double pane plus uninsulated curtains. Sure sounds like it's curtains for me
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september 2019 by mgold

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