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Specific Relativity ★★★★★
Sam and Dean hunt for the ‘special children’ gone bad when they’re not hunting demons with their father. In this AU Sam has always had visions and is not quite right as a result. John is still alive (but not in the story) and Azazel is dead. Sam never went to Stanford because he is what you would class as 'special needs' although he does still hunt. This is a fabulous case!fic and is written by one of the best authors in fandom (imho).
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  PG13  wc:  10000-15000  author:  gekizetsu  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  affliction:  permanently  disabled!sam  theme:  disability  genre:  hurt/comfort  creature:  special  children  character:  missouri  mosely  attribute:  protective!sam  attribute:  protective!dean  hurt:  coma  affliction:  hurt!dean  theme:  mental  illness  hurt:  mental  illness  genre:  suspense  affliction:  hurt!sam  genre:  canon  divergence  genre:  case!fic  attribute:  powers!sam  genre:  angst  genre:  gen  genre:  au  fandom:  SPN 
september 2014 by reggie11
The Boogeyman (Lustra Verse) ★★★★★
A MUST READ WHETHER YOU'RE A SAM OR A DEAN FAN. It has plenty of angst, hurt, terror for both. This is an exceptional story!
When Sam was nine, something stalked him nightly from the closet. His father put a gun into his hand and told him to face his fears and take action. Will Dean be able to save his little brother from the ghost of that first traumatic mission 14 years later? This is a coming of age story about a time that changed both brothers, and tackles unresolved issues both have with the father who drew them down this path. Told in flashback and present narrative from childhood through season 2. Absolutely nail-biting. There are canon events but it's also canon divergent taking it AU. Part on of the Lustra Verse, but is a complete stand-alone fic. Part 2 is a WIP and is a season 9 AU.
theme:  psychic  connection  theme:  hunter  becomes  hunted  theme:  PTSD  theme:  parallel  dimension/alternate  timeline  character:  missouri  mosely  rating:  ★★★★★  attribute:  protective!dean  attribute:  protective!sam  attribute:  BAMF!dean  attribute:  BAMF!sam  rating:  R  wc:  unspecified  wc:  long  fic  author:  caladrius75  creature:  demon  character:  ruby  hurt:  memory  wipe  hurt:  mutism  hurt:  terror  hurt:  choking  hurt:  broken  bones  hurt:  bitten  hurt:  abducted  affliction:  hurt!dean  affliction:  hurt!sam  genre:  hurt/comfort  creature:  ghost  creature:  vengeful  spirit  creature:  vampire  creature:  boogeyman  warning:  death  of  a  child  character:  bobby  singer  character:  john  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  case!fic  genre:  horror  genre:  angst  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
august 2014 by reggie11
Lustra Verse
Three linked stories from childhood through to season 9. A MUST READ WHETHER YOU'RE A SAM OR A DEAN FAN. It has plenty of angst, hurt, sorrow and love for both. Exceptional story! Canon events but also canon divergent taking it AU.
1. When Sam was 9, something stalked him nightly from the closet. His father put a gun into his hand and told him to face his fears and take action. Will Dean be able to save his little brother from the ghost of that first traumatic mission 14 years later? (childhood through to end S2) This is a coming of age story about a time that changed both brothers, and tackles unresolved issues both have with the father who drew them down this path. 2. (S9) Sam ignores Dean's pleas in that waterside church. A story of brothers learning to lean on each other again, to forgive, to regain ground and trust. 3.Sometimes the boys text each other, sometimes they call. Sometimes, Dean comes to visit. Sometimes, it goes wrong. (Stanford era). READ IT!!!!
hurt:  choking  hurt:  beaten  hurt:  broken  bones  creature:  ghost  attribute:  protective!sam  hurt:  terror  hurt:  bitten  hurt:  abducted  creature:  vengeful  spirit  creature:  vampire  attribute:  BAMF!sam  attribute:  protective!dean  genre:  horror  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  hurt!dean  affliction:  hurt!sam  creature:  boogeyman  genre:  canon  divergence  character:  missouri  mosely  character:  bobby  singer  character:  john  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  case!fic  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
august 2014 by reggie11
When the Gods Go Begging
Jensen Ackles grew up on the moon Geda II with the remnant of humanity that escaped a dying Earth a few generations ago. His dream is to be a Conservator, trusted with the care and preservation of the surviving species of Earth. After becoming a mentor to a new trainee named Jared, it seems as if all his dreams will come true. His world is shaken when he and Jared become the unwitting subjects of a new experiment that leaves them both as something more than human.
rating:  R  wc:  20000-30000  author:  st_salieri  genre:  future!fic  genre:  suspense  kink:  frottage  creature:  alien  career:  scientist!jensen  career:  scientist!jared  attribute:  eagle!jensen  attribute:  puma!jared  hurt:  forced  altered  biology  affliction:  hurt!jensen  affliction:  hurt!jared  genre:  hurt/comfort  theme:  genetic  engineering  theme:  body  transformation  genre:  first  time  genre:  sci-fi  genre:  au  genre:  angst  character:  katie  cassidy  character:  OCs  character:  felicia  day  character:  kim  rhodes  character:  charles  malik  whitfield  character:  misha  collins  pairing:  jared/jensen  fandom:  J2 
august 2014 by reggie11
Burn the Land and Boil the Sea.
Eight years ago, Jared spent his entire summer on a tropical island off the coast of Mexico with Jensen. He fell head over heels, but their lives were going separate directions at the end of the summer, and they never quite got together. Jensen left for Greenpeace and Jared went off to college—but he never truly got over Jensen. Now, in present day, Jared is a marine biologist working on a project in the gorgeous panhandle of Alaska. He’s amazed to discover the captain of the boat he’s chartered is none other than Jensen. Jared’s overjoyed, but Jensen is less than thrilled—he’s a changed man since that summer so long ago; withdrawn, passionless and solitary. Still something of the bond between them remains, and neither of them seem to be able to escape its pull completely. When Jared’s project leads them into danger and leaves them running and fighting for their lives, Jensen’s secrets begin to come out, drawing them back together—but can they survive long enough to figure things out.
theme:  past  relationship  theme:  PTSD  theme:  secrets/lies  wc:  50000-60000  rating:  NC17  author:  nyxocity  hurt:  torture  (past)  attribute:  BAMF!jensen  attribute:  BAMF!jared  hurt:  PTSD  affliction:  hurt!jensen  genre:  hurt/comfort  kink:  frottage  position:  bottom!jared  attribute:  conflicted!jensen  attribute:  aggressive!jensen  attribute:  confused!jared  career:  marine  biologist!jared  career:  boat  captain!jensen  genre:  first  time  genre:  drama  genre:  suspense  genre:  romance  character:  misha  collins  character:  chad  michael  murray  pairing:  jared/jensen  genre:  angst  genre:  au  fandom:  CWRPS  fandom:  J2 
august 2014 by reggie11
Row Charon Row ★★★★★
Every night, a WWII destroyer ghost ship rises from the Pacific and drifts until morning, dreaming of the torpedo strike that sank her. A sea monster with a ghost ship collection has been trying to trap her. Sam and Dean, hearing reports of a sea monster, go on their first marine hunt, with disastrous results. Sam is dragged out of the boat and Dean jumps after him into freezing water and nearly dies but is rescued by the ghost ship’s crew who still believe they’re at war in 1943. Dean has to find a way to escape the ship and save Sam without getting shot by the increasingly suspicious captain. The sea monster wants Sam to go on board and sabotage the ship – in return for something Sam has lost, unknowingly. But he has to do it before the torpedo comes at dawn.
The wincest in this is very mild, just a few kissing scenes, I'd almost classify this story as gen. Unbelievably good.
attribute:  protective!dean  attribute:  protective!sam  rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  R  author:  dear_tiger  wc:  20000-30000  genre:  suspense  hurt:  hypothermia  hurt:  heart  stopped  hurt:  drowning  warning:  major  character  death  (not  permanent)  warning:  gore  hurt:  death  (non-permanent)  hurt:  abducted  affliction:  hurt!dean  affliction:  hurt!sam  genre:  hurt/comfort  genre:  angst  genre:  horror  creature:  ghost  creature:  sea  monster  genre:  case!fic  character:  OMCs  genre:  established  relationship  pairing:  sam/dean  genre:  wincest  fandom:  SPN 
august 2014 by reggie11
Fractured ★★★★★★★★★★
Jared Padalecki, editor and wannabe author. He loves to run and keep in shape, although not as much as he loves his boyfriend, Jensen. Jared is a fit, and healthy young man until a freak accident changes his life irrevocably. Now Jared has to learn to live a different life filled with incredible limitations. Can he do it? Is that even what he wants? His relationship with Jensen will have to be reevaluated and redefined drastically. Can they make it work against the odds? This story is simply superb and I can't recommend it highly enough. It is an incredibly difficult read due to the subject matter but well worth it. I cried like a baby. The infidelity is not between J2. Warning: contains body horror and graphic descriptions of bodily functions. The author pulls no punches in her descriptions of life as a quadraplegic.
affliction:  wheelchair!jared  attribute:  conflicted!jared  attribute:  caring!jensen  genre:  drama  genre:  au  theme:  trust  issues  theme:  self  esteem  issues  theme:  estrangement  theme:  awkward  sex  rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  NC17  wc:  20000-30000  author:  rankwriter  attribute:  awesome!jensen  position:  bottom!jared  hurt:  spinal  injury  hurt:  permanent  disability  affliction:  hurt!jared  genre:  estrangement  genre:  established  relationship  genre:  break  up  genre:  angst  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  permanently  disabled!jared  affliction:  quadraplegic!jared  theme:  permanent  injury  warning:  infidelity  character:  misha  collins  fandom:  CWRPS  character:  chris  kane  character:  chad  michael  murray  character:  steve  carlson  pairing:  chris  kane/steve  carlson  pairing:  jensen/OMC  pairing:  jared/jensen  fandom:  J2 
july 2014 by reggie11
Narrative Symmetry (is bullshit)
“Just a question,” Sam said, forcing his voice to sound casual and failing horribly. “Did you see, you know.” He swept his hand vaguely, before crossing his arms uncomfortably. “Everything?”
“I saw you with another guy's dick in your mouth, Sammy,” Dean replied easily. Written for Queer!Sam week. A canon divergent look at pre-series where Sam is gay.
rated:  M  wc:  10000-15000  author:  customrolex  warning:  violence  warning:  abuse  (physical)  genre:  angst  hurt:  cut  hurt:  beaten  affliction:  hurt!sam  warning:  homophobia  attribute:  asshole!john  theme:  announcing  stanford  season:  pre-series  genre:  canon  divergence  genre:  hurt/comfort  attribute:  protective!dean  attribute:  gay!sam  genre:  coming  out  character:  OMC  character:  john  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  pairing:  dean/OFCs  pairing:  sam/OMCs  fandom:  SPN 
july 2014 by reggie11
The Price of Renovation ★★★★★
Sam wakes up after a hunt to find his brother missing. Even worse, it appears that - according to everyone else in the world - he has never had a brother. Sam sets out on a quest to find Dean while dealing with the knowledge that he is the only one who remembers that his brother ever existed. As the world falls apart around him, Sam struggles to find his brother while managing the vivid dreams he has of Dean and trying to maintain a grasp on his own sanity. Superbly woven story that will have you guessing right up to the final paragraphs. A MUST read! I've chosen not to tag for everything. The mystery of this story is everything.
fandom:  SPN  genre:  gen  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  bobby  singer  character:  death  genre:  mystery  genre:  suspense  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  hurt!sam  hurt:  grief  genre:  angst  genre:  case!fic  genre:  drama  author:  st_salieri  wc:  20000-30000  rating:  PG13  rating:  ★★★★★ 
june 2014 by reggie11
That I Could Travel Light ★★★★★
Amnesia fic. And then again, not really. There is a rumble from somewhere above him, and a faint sound of a human voice. He can’t distinguish the actual words, but recognizes the tone – alarmed or upset, maybe angry. He doesn’t know if they’ve come to rescue him, or to finish him off. He’s not afraid, though – whoever they are, he knows he can take them. I have chosen not to tag for everything so as not to spoil a fabulous plot twist. This story is gen even though it does have a couple of moments which may lead you to think it is veering toward wincest - trust the gen rating. It really is an incredibly intriguing story. A must read.
rating:  ★★★★★  fandom:  SPN  genre:  gen  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  bobby  singer  genre:  amnesia!fic  genre:  mystery  genre:  suspense  genre:  angst  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  hurt!sam  affliction:  hurt!dean  hurt:  amnesia  hurt:  beaten  creature:  werewolf  attribute:  protective!dean  attribute:  confused!sam  theme:  curse/spell  episode:  born  under  a  bad  sign  theme:  secrets/lies  warning:  non-con  touching  attribute:  confused!dean  author:  kres  season  2  wc:  15000-20000  rating:  R 
june 2014 by reggie11
All Good Things ★★★★★
Sam remains. There is no summary that could possibly do this justice. A unique and atmospheric piece that is masterfully written. It's just superb. READ IT! I haven't labelled it as het as the pairing is nothing like you may think but it didn't quite fit as gen either. It's very hard to classify but don't be put off by the het pairing listed if you don't normally read it. One of my favourite fics ever.
wc:  1000-2000  fandom:  SPN  genre:  angst  pairing:  sam/tessa  character:  sam  winchester  character:  tessa  genre:  apocalypse!fic  theme:  end  of  the  world  affliction:  hurt!sam  hurt:  loneliness  hurt:  grief  theme:  mark  of  cain  season:  post  series  theme:  curse/spell  theme:  empty  world  theme:  mourning  genre:  future!fic  genre:  hurt/comfort  genre:  horror  author:  monicawoe  rating:  R  rating:  ★★★★★ 
june 2014 by reggie11
Eyes Wide Open
After a difficult hunt, Dean is forced to face one of his little brother’s secrets and gets a whole lot more than he bargained for.
fandom:  SPN  genre:  gen  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  hurt!dean  affliction:  hurt!sam  hurt:  blood  loss  hurt:  stitches  hurt:  cut  hurt:  grief  warning:  suicide  ideation  character:  OFC  genre:  angst  genre:  drama  creature:  demon  theme:  secrets/lies  theme:  alcoholism  attribute:  angry!dean  attribute:  protective!sam  attribute:  protective!dean  genre:  estrangement  genre:  outsider  POV  author:  faye_dartmouth  rated:  PG13  season  4  wc:  15000-20000 
june 2014 by reggie11
Breathe Me |Sam Winchester| ★★★★★
"I'm sorry, this is all my fault, but what your doing. Its not going to save me " This is a basic outlook on Sam Winchesters emotional struggles. We mainly show his struggle to accept that Dean is going to hell, and that he cant find a way to save him. The guilt Sam feels for Dean deal, ultimately leads him to make many mistakes. Incredibly sad and beautiful video using my favourite song, Breathe Me by Sia.
vidder:  smokeyfizz  length:  3-4  mins  fandom:  SPN  type:  video  genre:  gen  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  character:  ruby  genre:  angst  genre:  character  study  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  hurt!sam  affliction:  hurt!dean  hurt:  extreme  guilt  hurt:  emotional  trauma  hurt:  death  warning:  canonical  character  death  theme:  demon  deal  attribute:  guilty!sam  rating:  M  rating:  ★★★★★ 
june 2014 by reggie11
Fly ★★★★★
Sam wakes up in an unfamiliar room with Dean and finds that he can't remember anything past the moment when those angels began to fall from Heaven. He has a sneaking suspicion that something is not quite right. WARNING: This is truly a horror story and is not for the squeamish. If you are phobic about insects you may not want to read. I have purposely chosen not to tag for everything. It contains particularly gruesome imagery.That said, it's absolutely fantastic!
wc:  2000-5000  fandom:  SPN  genre:  gen  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  canon  divergence  genre:  horror  warning:  gore  season  8  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  affliction:  hurt!sam  hurt:  trials  sickness  attribute:  confused!sam  attribute:  protective!dean  author:  askance  theme:  insects  genre:  suspense  rating:  M  rating:  ★★★★★ 
june 2014 by reggie11
The Untold Love Story of Inanimate Objects ★★★★★
It’s the end of Supernatural. And after years of being together, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki prepare to part ways with one final getaway. But when Jared meets with a 'freak accident', saying goodbye becomes harder than it already is. Jared needs help healing, lots of it. And Jensen may have the best intentions at heart but he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Like, not at all.
wc:  30000-40000  fandom:  J2  pairing:  jared/jensen  pairing:  jensen/danneel  pairing:  jared/OMC  genre:  non-au  character:  chris  kane  character:  OFC  character:  tom  welling  character:  michael  rosenbaum  genre:  established  relationship  warning:  infidelity  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  hurt!jared  hurt:  abducted  hurt:  tortured  hurt:  hand  trauma  attribute:  selfish!jensen  attribute:  carer!jensen  attribute:  protective!jensen  theme:  therapy  attribute:  pining!jared  theme:  secrets/lies  fandom:  CWRPS  genre:  angst  hurt:  crucified  warning:  homophobia  theme:  religious  intolerance  theme:  crisis  of  faith  genre:  drama  author:  cyndrarae  rating:  NC17  rating:  ★★★★★ 
june 2014 by reggie11
Good For What Ails You
Yet another school, yet another dot on the map. Nothing unusual. Or so at least it seemed to Dean. However, for some reason this school is bound to sink deep into his memory. This is a truly heartwarming story centered almost entirely around Dean. A glimpse into why Dean loves the bunker's kitchen so much.
fandom:  SPN  genre:  gen  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  character:  OFC  character:  john  winchester  season:  pre-series  genre:  angst  genre:  schmoop  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  hurt!sam  hurt:  trials  sickness  attribute:  protective!dean  attribute:  awesome!dean  theme:  neglect  attribute:  neglectful!john  theme:  dean  cooking  affliction:  sick!sam  author:  tifaching  character:  OCs  season  8  genre:  teen!chester  genre:  wee!chester  wc:  5000-10000  rating:  PG 
june 2014 by reggie11
Keep My Fingernails Clean
Jared's a teenage mortician secretly running the family's funeral home business when his ailing father can no longer do so. Jensen's a beauty pageant contestant who ends up on Jared's embalming table after he dies on stage. This is NOT a death!fic.
wc:  5000-10000  rating:  R  fandom:  J2  pairing:  jared/jensen  genre:  AU  genre:  angst  genre:  first  time  genre:  hurt/comfort  affliction:  hurt!jensen  hurt:  death  theme:  self-discovery  theme:  secrets/lies  genre:  romance  character:  OCs  genre:  schmoop  warning:  major  character  death  (not  permanent)  attribute:  shy!jared  position:  bottom!jensen  position:  top!jared  author:  homo_pink 
june 2014 by reggie11

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outsider  pain  pairing:  panic  par  parallel  parental  partner  past  penelope  penetrating  permanent)  permanent  permanently  petite_madame  pg  pg13  physical  pigheaded!john  pilot  pining!cas  pining!jared  pining!sam  plantbreath  play  poisoned  poisoning  pollen  position:  possession  post  pov  powers!sam  pre-series  priapism  protective!dean  protective!jensen  protective!john  protective!sam  proud!dean  psychic!sam  psychic  psychological  ptsd  puma!jared  purple_carpets  pwp  quadraplegic!jared  quickreaver  r  rachel  rainylemons  rankwriter  rape/non-con  rape/non  rape  rated:  ratherastory  rating:  reapertownusa  recovery  redemption  references  reggie11  reid  relationship  religious  renaraines  restrained  rhodes  richardson  romance  rosenbaum  royalty  ruby  running  s  safiyabat  salacious_newt  sam/amelia  sam/castiel  sam/dean  sam/jess  sam/omcs  sam/rachel  sam/tessa  sam  sandra  sapphire  scared!dean  scared!jared  scared!sam  schmoop  school  sci-fi  scientist!jared  scientist!jensen  scullspeare  sea  season  season:  secrets/lies  secrets  seizure  self-discovery  self  selfish!jensen  septembers_coda  sequel  series  sex  shame  shapeshifter  shouldn't  shy!jared  sick!sam  sick  sickness  sign  singer  slash  slashed  slavery  sleep  slow  slut!jared  smart!sam  smokeyfizz  song  sonny  soserendipity  soulmates  southern  special  spencer  spinal  spirit!jared  spirit!jensen  spirit  spn  spoilers  spoons1899  spot  st_salieri  stabbed  stake  stanford  steve/danneel  steve  stitches  stopped  stories  story  strangled  stroke  study  suicidal!dean  suicidal!sam  suicide  supernatural  surgery  suspense  swan  sweet_lyri  switching  sylsdarkplace  tal  tebtosca  teen!chester  terror  tessa  than  that's  the  the_green_bird  theme:  therapist!jensen  therapy  things  tifaching  time  timeline  tinalia  to  tom  too  top!dean  top!jared  top!sam  top  torture  tortured  touching  trainer!jared  tran  transformation  trap  trapped  trauma  travel  trials  trust  tumor  ty  tycoon!jared  tycoon!jensen  type:  under  underage  undercover  unnamed  unrequited  unspecified  untouched  unwilling  up  use  valentine  vampire  vengeful  verse  vidder:  video  violence  virgin!jared  virgin!sam  virginity  vulnerable!dean  wall  warning:  water  wc  wc:  wee!chester  wee!dean  wee!sam  weecest  welling  werewolf  wesley  wheelchair!jared  whitfield  who  wiasnb  wildiblue  wincest  winchester  wipe  witch  with  withdrawal  world  wound  wraith  you  zachariah  zana_zira  ★★★★★ 

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