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Fly ★★★★★
Sam wakes up in an unfamiliar room with Dean and finds that he can't remember anything past the moment when those angels began to fall from Heaven. He has a sneaking suspicion that something is not quite right. WARNING: This is truly a horror story and is not for the squeamish. If you are phobic about insects you may not want to read. I have purposely chosen not to tag for everything. It contains particularly gruesome imagery.That said, it's absolutely fantastic!
wc:  2000-5000  fandom:  SPN  genre:  gen  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  canon  divergence  genre:  horror  warning:  gore  season  8  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  affliction:  hurt!sam  hurt:  trials  sickness  attribute:  confused!sam  attribute:  protective!dean  author:  askance  theme:  insects  genre:  suspense  rating:  M  rating:  ★★★★★ 
june 2014 by reggie11
Let the Weary Find Rest
Somewhere in the back of his mind, from the moment he agreed to take on the mark of Cain's legendary curse, Dean always knew he was signing his own death warrant. But he took it, because it had been a chance to redeem himself to his brother - the same brother who now held most of Dean's weight as he bled more and more with every heartbeat.
theme:  mark  of  cain  author:  zana_zira  fandom:  SPN  genre:  gen  genre:  angst  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  affliction:  hurt!dean  genre:  character  study  hurt:  death  hurt:  beaten  hurt:  stabbed  hurt:  grief  warning:  canonical  character  death  theme:  redemption  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  season  9  warning:  spoilers  episode:  do  you  believe  in  miracles  rating:  PG13  wc:  1000-2000 
may 2014 by reggie11
Careful With That Axe, Eugene ★★★★★
While Magnus has Sam tied up he continues to cut and taunt Sam. Sam holds it together - he's been tortured before. It's not until Magnus threatens to possess him with an angel he's been holding captive that he totally falls apart - begging, pleading for him not to do it. Dean witnesses (and now understands) just how emotionally messed up Sam is.
This is utterly exquisite. I can't recommend it highly enough.
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  PG13  wc:  1000-2000  author:  crimsonepitaph  creature:  angel  attribute:  guilty!dean  attribute:  in-denial!dean  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  emotional  trauma  hurt:  blood  loss  hurt:  terror  hurt:  torture  affliction:  hurt!sam  warning:  torture  theme:  possession  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  character:  magnus  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
may 2014 by reggie11
Let It Be
An unexpected visitor interrupts Sam in a very private moment. Set immediately after "Southern Comfort" (8.06)
wc:  2000-5000  author:  safiyabat  season  8  episode:  southern  comfort  hurt:  self  harm  hurt:  extreme  guilt  hurt:  emotional  pain  hurt:  depression  affliction:  hurt!sam  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  warning:  dark!fic  warning:  references  to  suicide  creature:  ghost  character:  sam  winchester  character:  mary  winchester  genre:  angst  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
may 2014 by reggie11
Poison Apples (Bad Boys Remix) ★★★★★
Things like this don’t happen under a noonday sun when Dean should be sitting behind the bleachers at school, flirting with pretty girls because they see his eyes and they like his hair and think he’s cute, because his lips are soft and their lips are softer.
WARNING: Contains non-explicit rape of a minor. Utterly heartbreaking
genre:  gen  rating:  ★★★★★  warning:  violence  rating:  M  wc:  2000-5000  warning:  underage  author:  alexa_dean  theme:  neglect  warning:  abuse  (sexual)  warning:  child  abuse  hurt:  neglect  genre:  law  enforcement  hurt:  confined  hurt:  restrained  hurt:  rape  affliction:  hurt!dean  theme:  arrested  warning:  rape/non-con  pairing:  dean/OMC  warning:  dark!fic  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  character:  OMC  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  angst  fandom:  SPN 
april 2014 by reggie11
Head Case
Sam’s husband thinks that he’s Sam’s brother. Tagged as both gen and wincest as it really could be either depending on what you think of the ending. Very interesting concept.
wc:  1000-2000  rating:  PG  fandom:  SPN  genre:  wincest  genre:  gen  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  theme:  mental  illness  theme:  manipulation  affliction:  mentally  ill!sam  affliction:  mentally  ill!dean  warning:  psychological  horror  genre:  angst  genre:  au  genre:  amnesia!fic  genre:  established  relationship  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  genre:  implied  wincest  genre:  married  boys  theme:  kidnapped  career:  lawyer!sam  affliction:  kidnapped!dean  warning:  ambiguous  ending  author:  morrezela 
april 2014 by reggie11
Waves Sweep Sand From My Island, From Me ★★★★★
They know how much they've hurt each other. But neither knows how to bridge the chasm. One way it might end.
Beautifully dark, an outstanding read.
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  PG13  wc:  1000-2000  author:  crimsonepitaph  theme:  mark  of  cain  season  9  warning:  spoilers  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  warning:  dark!fic  genre:  character  study  genre:  angst  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
april 2014 by reggie11
Living in the Past
Dean suffers partial amnesia after an accident and Sam has to decide what information his brother needs to know about the past, at the same time as they try to prevent another seal being broken. Set in Season 4, AU.
rating:  M  creature:  demon  wc:  40000-50000  author:  aussiemel1  genre:  angst  warning:  blood  drinking  season  4  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  attribute:  confused!dean  attribute:  protective!sam  genre:  amnesia!fic  hurt:  amnesia  hurt:  hit  by  a  car  affliction:  hurt!dean  genre:  canon  divergence  character:  ruby  character:  castiel  character:  bobby  singer  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
april 2014 by reggie11
Run ★★★★★
Sam has a brain tumor and is going to die. Dean doesn't want to lose him.
Incredibly moving and beautifully made AU video. Lots and lots of man pain for both boys.
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  PG  length:  5.08  vidder:  herebutnotremembered  type:  video  attribute:  protective!dean  attribute:  scared!dean  attribute:  scared!sam  attribute:  caring!dean  hurt:  chemo  hurt:  brain  tumor  affliction:  hurt!sam  genre:  gen  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  genre:  au  fandom:  SPN 
march 2014 by reggie11
Going Under ★★★★★
Stunning video of Sam changing into a werewolf but neither Sam or Dean knows it's happening until Dean's life is in the balance.
rating:  ★★★★★  warning:  animal  cruelty  rating:  PG13  length:  2.45  vidder:  herebutnotremembered  theme:  hunter  becomes  hunted  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  affliction:  werewolf!sam  creature:  werewolf  genre:  angst  type:  video  genre:  au  fandom:  SPN 
march 2014 by reggie11
You Can't Google Hope
After ten months of fruitlessly searching for ways to break Dean’s deal, trawling through the megabytes of useless crap that passed for information just made him angry.
attribute:  scared!sam  theme:  faith  genre:  family  rating:  PG  wc:  less  than  1000  author:  missyjack  season  3  theme:  demon  deal  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  hurt:  grief  theme:  crisis  of  faith  character:  dean  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  genre:  gen  genre:  angst  fandom:  SPN 
march 2014 by reggie11
In A Desperate Land ★★★★★
Sam wakes up and things are different. Dean’s different. Sam’s not himself – and it looks like the world is coming to an end. Sam’s not supposed to be here, but someone’s trying to teach him a lesson.
genre:  first  time  character:  chuck  shurley  attribute:  future!dean  rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  NC17  author:  morgan  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  character:  OCs  character:  castiel  character:  samifer  affliction:  lucifer  vessel!sam  attribute:  bodyswap!sam  attribute:  leader!dean  warning:  violence  theme:  in  a  different  body  genre:  horror  genre:  angst  genre:  drama  theme:  manipulation  genre:  apocalypse!fic  genre:  end!verse  genre:  time  travel  pairing:  sam/dean  genre:  wincest  fandom:  SPN 
march 2014 by reggie11
Sam and Dean are imprisoned by the OFC from hell. In order to escape, they first have to survive their captor’s torments … and the torments they inflict on each other.
Warning: dark fic but has a hopeful ending. The wincest in this story is unwilling and unwanted.
rating:  NC17  wc:  5000-10000  season  2  author:  ruefulgirl  creature:  succubus  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  hurt:  extreme  guilt  hurt:  emotional  trauma  hurt:  energy  drained  warning:  rape/non-con  hurt:  mind  control  hurt:  rape  hurt:  forced  to  rape  another  hurt:  unwilling  incest  affliction:  hurt!dean  affliction:  hurt!sam  warning:  dark!fic  genre:  horror  genre:  first  time  genre:  angst  pairing:  sam/dean  genre:  wincest  fandom:  SPN 
march 2014 by reggie11
I Really Fucked It Up This Time. ★★★★★
A character study of Dean Winchester, and how he sees himself as constantly failing everyone he cares about.
rating:  PG13  rating:  ★★★★★  length:  3.46  type:  video  vidder:  alina0405video  warning:  spoilers  season:  entire  series  genre:  character  study  attribute:  guilty!dean  theme:  self  esteem  issues  hurt:  grief  affliction:  hurt!dean  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  genre:  angst  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
march 2014 by reggie11
Dies Irae ★★★★★
As a result of being injured on a hunt, Dean's been unconscious for three days when John decides to take some African dream root and enter Dean's dreams and pull him out from wherever he might be. Little does he know of what he'll find in Dean's memories. Contains a lot of Dean angst and whump, and Sammy with the sniffles.
rating:  ★★★★★  rating:  NC17  wc:  2000-5000  author:  deansamcas  genre:  secrets  theme:  secrets/lies  theme:  stanford  era  warning:  no  happy  ending  warning:  dark!fic  genre:  hurt/no  comfort  hurt:  parental  neglect  hurt:  nightmares  hurt:  fear  of  abandonment  hurt:  emotional  pain  hurt:  abandoned  hurt:  coma  warning:  references  to  child  prostitution  warning:  underage  genre:  prostitution  pairing:  dean/OMCs  affliction:  hurt!dean  attribute:  asshole!john  attribute:  neglectful!john  theme:  dreamscape  character:  bobby  singer  character:  john  winchester  character:  sam  winchester  character:  dean  winchester  genre:  gen  fandom:  SPN 
march 2014 by reggie11

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