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✢ Burned
"While chasing down a pyromaniac with a fondness for burning down museums, Neal is forced to go undercover as a prostitute. When things go wrong, Neal & Peter must face up to the fact that once a fire's kindled, it's hard to put out without getting burned." (73,499 words) Serious warnings on this one.
  neal_caffrey  peter_burke  elizabeth_burke  peter/neal  peter/elizabeth  hurt!neal  tortured!neal  abused!neal  hooker!neal  undercover!neal  kidnapped!neal  clueless!peterburke  protective!peterburke  pining!peterburke  understanding!elizabeth  angst  dark  hurt/comfort  casefic  noncon/dubcon  prostitution  underage  abuse:child(past)  torture  kidnapping  self_loathing  fbi/police  undercover  misunderstanding  pining  fandom:whitecollar  author:puck  need:pdf 
march 2016 by elwarre
✢ Love's A Universe Beyond Obey
"In which Neal has bruises, Moz makes cake, and everybody sleeps on the fold-out couch." (9200 words) Gorgeous, understated story.
  neal_caffrey  mozzie  neal/mozzie  hurt!neal  abused!neal  criminal!neal  protective!mozzie  criminal!mozzie  angst  hurt/comfort  pov:mozzie  domesticity  abuse:child  noncon/dubcon  criminals/mafia  first_time  wc:preseries  fandom:whitecollar  author:hoosierbitch  have:pdf 
march 2016 by elwarre
Jack of Diamonds
"I'm willing to give Caffrey the benefit of the doubt on this one," Agent Jezewski says, as NYPD secures the scene and techs pour into the room, congregating around the body. "But there's a process, Burke. You know that." (8532 words)
neal_caffrey  peter_burke  elizabeth_burke  peter/neal  peter/elizabeth  protective!neal  arrested!neal  hurt!neal  protective!peterburke  understanding!elizabeth  angst  hurt/comfort  incarceration  noncon/dubcon  fbi/police  polyamory  first_time  fandom:whitecollar  author:deastar 
march 2016 by elwarre
✢ Living Proof
"The thing about Neal is that he is always in Peter’s personal space. “Hello, Officer,” he says, batting his eyelashes in a way that probably even a sixteen-year-old knows isn’t actually seductive. Teenage hooker AU." (28,816 words) The underage is not between Peter and Neal.
  neal_caffrey  peter_burke  elizabeth_burke  peter/neal  peter/elizabeth  hurt!neal  hooker!neal  abused!neal  streetkid!neal  artist!neal  officer!neal  pining!neal  bottom!neal  officer!peterburke  protective!peterburke  reluctant!peterburke  pining!peterburke  top!peterburke  understanding!elizabeth  angst  hurt/comfort  prostitution  noncon/dubcon  underage  streetkids  abuse:child  fbi/police  art/photography  pining  polyamory  first_time  fandom:whitecollar  author:deastar  have:pdf 
march 2016 by elwarre
We All Fall Down Chapter 1: The Christmas Lights, a white collar fanfic | FanFiction
Four times Peter wasn't all that worried and one time he was scared to death. Or, four times Neal had someone to catch him and one time he didn't.
WhiteCollar  fanfiction  Au  hurt/comfort  friendship  fluff  hurt!neal  5things  Peter/Neal/Elle  complete 
february 2016 by Dohwa
All I Needed To Hear (Was the Sound of Your Voice) - Rather a Story
Written for run_the_con based on a prompt by the lovely and talented embroiderama. Neal is injured and trapped. Until rescue can find him, all he has to hang onto is the sound of Peter's voice.
WhiteCollar  fanfiction  hurt/comfort  friendship  fluff  Peter/Neal  oneshot  hurt!neal 
february 2016 by Dohwa
The team take part in a blood drive. It goes a little less smoothly than expected.
White  Collar  hurt!neal  i  -  faint/collapse 
november 2013 by Azuritebright
Silent Night
"I've never killed anyone before," Neal says. His voice is shaking. "You know that, don't you?"
gen  whitecollar  hurt/comfort  ptsd  hurt!neal 
august 2013 by twilight_eyes9210
Peter Burke stood at the entrance to the Department of Justice’s New York Slave Processing Center, wishing fervently that he were anywhere else. But he felt an obligation he couldn’t in good conscience ignore. He was responsible for Neal Caffrey’s incarceration here. Well, not for his current plight—that was all Caffrey’s doing. But still, when the likable young conman had begged for a meeting today, against his better judgment, he felt he had to agree.
gen  whitecollar  friendship  slave!fic  hurt!neal 
march 2013 by twilight_eyes9210
Black Light
Logically, Peter knows Neal must possess a high level of skill to have pulled the extravagant heists he has (allegedly). Seeing it is something else…
hurt!neal  White  Collar 
july 2012 by Azuritebright
Let Your Pain Rain Down
After Peter puts him in charge of keeping an eye on Neal, Clinton finds Neal in need of help.
whitecollar  whico:h/c  hurt!neal  migraine!neal 
april 2012 by castalie
laesmeralda: FIC: Tribulation; Fandom: White Collar
They were so busy with cases that it took Peter three whole days to notice that part of Neal had gone missing. The next day, Peter and Mozzie started meeting in the park. They didn’t tell Neal.
whitecollar  angst  hurt!neal  hurtcomfort  neal/peter  10K  toberead 
april 2012 by talitha78
Nine Lives of Debauchery - White Collar Fic: The In-Between Years, 1/1
Title: The In-Between Years
Author: Phreakycat
Rating: T
Genre: Angst, H/C
Length: ~3,300 words
Warnings: Child abuse (described briefly, but non-graphic), off-screen mentions of rape, some violence, descriptions of an alcoholic parent. Generally sensitive subjects.
Summary: Neal's spent his whole life trying to wash away the stains other people have left on him.
whitecollar  nealcaffrey  hurt!neal  angst  hurtcomfort  3K  toberead 
april 2012 by talitha78
emptyaddress: [fic] white collar - burnout (part 1)
Title: Burnout (Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?)
Fandom: White Collar
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 19,281
Characters/Pairing: Neal/Peter, Neal/OMC
Warnings: explicit non-con; general mindfuckery
Summary: It was easy to pretend that it wasn’t Neal Caffrey undergoing this ordeal, just somebody who looked and acted just like him.
whitecollar  nealcaffrey  peterburke  neal/peter  hurt!neal  noncon  angst  19K  toberead 
april 2012 by talitha78
A Storyteller's Journey - Fortunate Son, Part 1/2, PG-13, GEN, Neal, Peter
Caught in the demolition of an abandoned building, Peter and Neal are hurt, trapped, and running out of time. But it's in those moments they realize that it's not enough to know what someone is. To learn who they are, they have to ask the big questions.
gen  trapped  hurt!neal  hurt/comfort  whitecollar  author:gaelicspirit  fandom:whitecollar 
march 2012 by rivereridanus
The Mercy of the Fallen - sahiya - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
A few weeks after the events of "Countdown," Neal is on the outside looking in - and in desperate need of help.
outcast  hurt!neal  fandom:whitecollar  3x11  tag  author:sahiya  whitecollar  sick!neal  hurt/comfort 
march 2012 by rivereridanus
Brokedown - OnYourMark - White Collar [Archive of Our Own]
Neal has hit his breaking point; telling Peter about the treasure might get him thrown back in prison but, between the arrow through his arm and the constant exhaustion, he can't be bothered to care anymore. (An AU where van Horn's aim was a little better and Neal confesses.)
exhausted!neal  exhaustion  hurt!neal  whitecollar  author:onyourmark  fandom:WhiteCollar  hurt/comfort 
march 2012 by rivereridanus

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