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Gag Order
Louis set his hand on Mike’s shoulder and gave him a firm shake. “Get command of yourself. You can do this. Just remember: whatever Sandor wants, Sandor gets. Be accommodating. Get this guy signed.” He waved a hand in front of Mike’s face. “Hello. Did you hear what I just said? What are you going to be?” Mike blinked. “Accommodating?” “That’s the spirit. Now, get on that chopper. I’ve got to get back to the office.” (66,308 words) Sequel: Summons and Complaint
mike_ross  harvey_specter  louis_litt  harvey/mike  hurt!mike(suits)  raped!mike(suits)  whipped!mike(suits)  bottom!mike(suits)  protective!harvey  guilty!harvey  top!harvey  angst  hurt/comfort  blackmail  stalkers  noncon/dubcon  escape/rescue  clinic/hospital  whipping  series/verse  first_time  fandom:suits  author:joni_beloni 
february 2017 by elwarre
With Friends Like You
"Harvey is so uncanny in his ability to read people, Mike is concerned the words ‘recently assaulted’ will be metaphorically flashing on his forehead. He can’t lie to Harvey. Except, he also can’t stand in front of Harvey Specter and explain what he let Trevor do to him." (6823 words)
mike_ross  harvey_specter  trevor(suits)  mike/trevor(suits)  gen  hurt!mike(suits)  raped!mike(suits)  protective!harvey  hurt/comfort  friendship  noncon/dubcon  clinic/hospital  fandom:suits  author:forever_bright 
october 2016 by elwarre
No Light, No Light
"Harvey sobbed. Somewhere in the hospital room something beeped. Mike smiled." (57,439 words) Both the torture and the rape in this are very graphic. Be warned.
harvey_specter  mike_ross  harvey/mike  pining!harvey  guilty!harvey  hurt!mike(suits)  kidnapped!mike(suits)  tortured!mike(suits)  raped!mike(suits)  heartbreaking  dark  kidnapping  torture  noncon/dubcon  escape/rescue  revenge  clinic/hospital  pining  ust  fandom:suits  author:largefella 
july 2016 by elwarre
Consequential Damages
"His name is Simon Lloyd and Mike meets him in the same manner as he did Harvey—in a hotel, completely by accident." (comment-fic)
mike_ross  harvey_specter  harvey/mike  mike/omc  hurt!mike(suits)  abused!mike(suits)  raped!mike(suits)  pining!mike(suits)  protective!harvey  pining!harvey  hurt/comfort  abuse:domestic  noncon/dubcon  pining  preslash  fandom:suits  author:iscarus 
june 2016 by elwarre
✢ The New Deal
"Harvey Specter, second year law student at Harvard, was walking home one night when he found a teenaged runaway named Mike freezing to death on his doorstep." (49,838 words)
  harvey_specter  mike_ross  jessica_pearson  dana_scott  gen  protective!harvey  student!harvey  hurt!mike(suits)  abused!mike(suits)  angst  hurt/comfort  schmoop  friendship  roommates  abuse:child(past)  college  fbi/police  suits:preseries  fandom:suits  author:closer  have:pdf 
march 2016 by elwarre

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abuse:child(past)  abuse:domestic  abused!mike(suits)  angst  author:arsenic  author:arsenicjade  author:closer  author:forever_bright  author:iscarus  author:joni_beloni  author:largefella  blackmail  bottom!mike(suits)  clinic/hospital  college  dana_scott  dark  donna_paulsen  drowning/waterboarding  escape/rescue  fandom:suits  fbi/police  first_time  friendship  gen  guilty!harvey  harvey/mike  harvey_specter  have:pdf  heartbreaking  hooker!mike(suits)  hunger/starvation  hurt/comfort  jessica_pearson  kidnapped!mike(suits)  kidnapping  louis_litt  mike/omc  mike/trevor(suits)  mike_ross  noncon/dubcon  pining!harvey  pining!mike(suits)  pining  preslash  prostitution  protective!harvey  ptsd!mike(suits)  ptsd  raped!mike(suits)  recovery  revenge  roommates  schmoop  series/verse  slave!mike(suits)  slavery  slowburn  stalkers  student!harvey  suits:preseries  top!harvey  torture  tortured!mike(suits)  trevor(suits)  understanding!harvey  ust  whipped!mike(suits)  whipping   

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