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The Last Line
The faked marriages, the buried lives of lies that both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were forced to live for the sake of careers, managers, PR, and others had been wearing thin on both actors but more so for one of them.

The night before he's due to fly back to Vancouver after winter break, Jensen receives a phone call from a dazed, sick, and desperate Jared. Jensen realizes how close to losing his best friend he is if he doesn't act fast against Gen's suddenly out of control hate and jealousy.
jensen/jared  J2  established!relationship  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  romance  protective!jensen  hurt!jared  hurt/comfort  angst  drugs  jealousy  asshole!genevieve 
14 days ago by Misspookielo
Jared Padalecki reluctantly returns home to the family he left behind to bury his mother, who has died of an unknown and untreatable illness. Upon coming back, he wanders around his hometown until he's suddenly face to face with his bad boy ex-boyfriend, Jensen Ackles; yet another he's left behind.

Will Jared finally come to terms with what sent him away, or will he succumb to grief and flee from everything he held dear?
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  non-con  NC-17  break-up  established!relationship  hurt!jared  PTSD  hurt/comfort  protective!jensen  fantasy  romance  hurt!jensen  car-sex 
14 days ago by Misspookielo
Compliments of the Hotel
Alpha!Jensen is on a business trip, and he is too restless to settle in for the night. He looks through the hotel's catalog, then calls room service and asks for omega!Jared to be sent up to him. Room service brings Jared up - he's collared, leashed, muzzled, and has his arms bound behind him - and hands him off with a note that Jared is a handful and to just give them a call if there's any trouble.

Jensen keeps Jared in his rooms for the duration of his stay, maybe even takes him home afterwords.
jensen/jared  J2  a/b/o  Omega!Jared  Alpha!Jensen  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  non-con  NC-17  porn  slave!jared  asshole!jensen  hurt!jared  hurt/comfort  angst 
14 days ago by Misspookielo
I've Been Waiting for You for So Long
Jensen spent twenty two years in the military; Jared graduated from college early and hit the ground running as a successful engineer. They meet under dire circumstances when Jared is threatened and almost killed. Jensen saves his life and finds he isn't able to let the stranger go until he finds out who tried to kill him and why.

As he spends more time with Jared, Jensen becomes more protective and enamored with the younger man. Through Jared's recovery, they both learn more about one another, and fall in love. From there, they are faced with challenges to Jared's safety and plowing their way through a difficult legal case. Jared will be attacked and hurt, but Jensen's skills will come to the rescue. They will wind up in a loving, affectionate, committed relationship by the end of things.

This story is filled with hurt/comfort, angst, emotional hurts and situations from the past, lots of sexy situations and yes, hot sex between the two men. Jensen will rescue Jared a couple times and there will be some corporate bashing and military situations in order to feed the story.
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  NC-17  romance  hurt!jared  protective!jensen  hurt/comfort  abused!jared 
14 days ago by Misspookielo
Throwing Sparks
Jared's been a firefighter in San Jose for three years since he moved here from San Antonio. He's content with his life, if a bit lonely, when Jensen Ackles--a firefighter from Dallas, Texas--joins his team. Jared's instantly attracted to Jensen, but he has to keep his attraction in check, because not only are they working together as partners in the fire department, but Jared's also sure that Jensen's straight. Not that any of his very logical rationalizing stops him from falling for Jensen. In the midst of misunderstanding, the worst happens, and they both discover that things haven't been quite as they've seemed all along...19,621
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  pining  first-time  friends-to-lovers  hurt!jared  hurt!jensen  firefighter!jensen  NC-17 
17 days ago by Misspookielo
Psychos In Love
Jared has been running for quite some time.

Jensen has been searching for Jared for six months.

They finally see each other again, and violence ensues.
jensen/jared  J2  romance  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  possessive!jensen  jealousy  NC-17  violence  hurt!jared 
17 days ago by Misspookielo
Choices We Make
Summary: Jared is in a desperate situation. He lives in a cramped, filthy room that he rents for a ridiculous amount of money. He works long shifts at his very badly paid job as a waiter at a snobby hotel for rich jerks who delight in feeling him up. Not to mention his landlord keeps trying to bribe Jared to sleep with him, and threatening to kick him out if he doesn’t. One evening Jared is waiting when a gorgeous guy, Jensen, completely drunk, moans about how his boyfriend dumped him when Jensen proposed to live with him in a house he designed. Jensen drunkenly comes onto Jared, but Jared rejects him. When he gets home, his landlord is waiting, and this time isn’t going to take no for an answer and tries to rape Jared. Jared manages to fight the guy off and grabs his stuff, fleeing. He has no where to go and thinks he’ll have to whore himself, but he suddenly remembers the house the drunken guy describes – he even drew a detailed picture on a napkin putting it in Jared’s pocket, and told him if he ever wanted to see it, he’d give Jared a personal tour before he passed out. Jared knows it’s crazy but he has no one and no where else to go. Getting on a bus he travels to the house, discovering it’s beautiful and in a gorgeous little village. The house is deserted, and unfurnished, so Jared moves in, just temporarily. When the neighbors become curious about the beautiful and sweet new man in Jensen’s house, Jared in a moment of desperation pretends he’s Jensen’s new husband when the questions won’t stop, and finds himself making up a dream courtship and relationship for them and the entire town fall in love with Jared. Even Jensen’s ex is impressed with Jared, and jealous at Jensen’s surprise marriage. When Jensen returns, intending to sell the house, he is gob smacked to find Jared there and, at first, furious with Jared, but when he realizes he can use Jared to win his ex back, he and Jared continue with the fake marriage, with Jensen slowly winning his obviously jealous ex over. Unfortunately Jensen’s friends and family adore Jared and think he’s perfect for Jensen, and do everything they can to keep them together and Jared has fallen for Jensen. He’s never had anyone love or care for him before and hates the idea of leaving but he knows Jensen only has eyes for his ex, and doesn’t even like Jared. However, when Jensen’s cousin falls for Jared and tries to make a move, Jensen finds he can’t face the prospect of loosing his ‘husband.’
RPS  RPS!AU  Slash  Jared/Jensen  First!Time  Non-Con  Hurt/Sick!Boys  hurt!Jared  livejournal  pdf/mobi  Bartender  Bartender!Jared  25000+  Long  Person-Christian!Kane  Steve/Chris  Person-Steve!Carlson  Person-Jeffrey!Dean!Morgan  Person-Chad!Michael!Murray  RPS!Family  Person-Danneel!Harris/Ackles  Person-Samantha!Ferris  Person-Jim!Beaver  Person-Misha!Collins  Person-Sophia!Bush  Person-Mark!Pellegrino  Person-Frederic!Lehane  Person-Kerr!Smith  Jensen/omc  Pretend/Mistaken/Couple  Abused  Abused!Jared  pining!Jared  Based!on!a!Movie/Book/TV!Show  Movie-Housesitter  Bottom!Jared  bad!back 
19 days ago by chellexxx
Beating the Odds
For years, Jensen and his team have been training for the Cup of Locca, the biggest sporting event in the galaxy. Nothing is going to stop Jensen from shooting his team to victory, not even Jared, the amazing guy he spends a night with just before the final. But when Jensen steps onto the field for the final game, things get complicated.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Danneel  character:Chris  character:Chad  character:Jim  genre:romance  dragonrider!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  dragonrider!Jared  hurt!Jared  kink:first-time  kink:manhandling  kink:wall-sex  kink:public  dragons  author:ashtraythief  5.000-10.000 
11 weeks ago by somersault1509
Gummy Bears In Your Pocket
Jensen is an actor on a small TV show, he doesn't have to stay in the closet, but it always seems a little bit easier. Besides, he's never met the right guy and he has Danneel to hang out with. That all changes one night when Jensen gets his jacket mixed up with someone else's. The problem is that sometimes you don't realize how things are until things change and you're not sure what to do about it.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Danneel  character:OMCs  genre:romance  genre:angst  genre:schmoop  actor!Jensen  jealous!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  hurt!Jared  kink:first-time  kink:manhandling  kink:riding  30.000-40.000 
12 weeks ago by somersault1509
Adrenaline Zen
Jensen & Jared - Both adrenaline junkies in their own way - but as brave as Jared is when it comes to extreme sports he is a coward when it comes to telling Jensen just how he feels about him.

Will he dare to take that final jump, or will he fall?
jensen/jared  J2  pining  friends-to-lovers  romance  hurt!jared  sport 
december 2017 by Misspookielo
Over the Edge (Gunslinger!Verse Part 3)
Jensen's hoping that Jared managed to get away from the Marshal, but he's not prepared for what happens next.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:OMCs  genre:angst  sheriff!Jensen  gunslinger!Jared  hurt!Jared  verse:Gunslinger  1.000-5.000 
december 2017 by somersault1509
Jared's always been the quiet overlooked nerd, but when his boyfriend transfers to his high school, suddenly he's anything but. The target of nasty bullies and vicious rumors, Jared becomes public enemy number one for Chace and the popular crew, all who don't believes he's good enough for Jensen Ackles, star quarterback.

Jared's life is sent into a tailspin by kept secrets and unforeseen discoveries and he finds himself slipping further and further away from the world and the one person that matters.
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  break-up  hurt!jared  emotionally!hurt!jared  hurt/comfort  protective!jensen  jealousy  highschool  bullied!Jared  angst  first-time  virgin!jared  romance  NC-17  established!relationship  humor 
november 2017 by Misspookielo
Null and Void
After "the Swing" in government power, the conservative-religious right takes over. Jensen doesn't really remember much of life before that. He remembers his Uncle being arrested for subversive behavior but hasn't seen him again. Jensen went to the academy and trained to become a key enforcer. He pursues and arrests people who are breaking the new laws. He arrives home from work one day to find an injured man in his quarters - Jared Padalecki... a member of the rebel group "The Blue Dove". He has stolen proof that the government is corrupt and works for... Jensen's uncle...52,890
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  NC-17  violence  apocalypse  hurt!jared  emotionally!hurt!jensen  hurt/comfort  pining  first-time  homophobia  protective!Jared  angst  enemies!to!lovers  jealousy 
november 2017 by Misspookielo
Keep Your Promises
Jared is a prince (18-21) capable of bearing children and his father is at war, and the king needs assistance from the wolf-folk who live in the neighboring kingdom. The wolves are shape shifters, but they do not develop their shifting abilities until they are fully matured - which for them is around the age of 30. They communicate telepathically in their wolf form.

The wolves agree to an alliance if Jared weds their prince Jensen, who is in his mid twenties. Part of the agreement involves Jared bearing heirs in the near future, and Jared is miserable and terrified at the thought, knowing that his future husband will not have a human form for another five years or so, but he doesn't outwardly protest, knowing that his father needs the help.

The morning after the wedding Jared will be inspected to ensure that Jensen has claimed him, so Jared goes through the entire wedding ceremony in a bit of a haze, and is on the verge of a panic attack when he and Jensen are alone together.
Jensen helps Jared calm down and urges him to prep himself. Jared insists that he's ready before he really is, since he just wants to get it over with, so he's not stretched enough for the knot and Jared is crying and miserable while they wait for the knot to subside and Jensen licks at his mate and offers apologies as he attempts to soothe him.
Jensen does not try to knot Jared again for a while - he works to woo Jared, bringing him gifts and just spending time talking with him. When Jared feels ready to try again, they go more slowly and Jared discovers that practice can result in really fantastic sex and he begins to enjoy being tied with Jensen.19,216
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  werewolf  bestiality  first-time  virgin!jared  mpreg  knotting  violence  hurt!jared  hurt/comfort  romance  NC-17  royalty  Prince!Jared  protective!jensen  protective!Jared 
november 2017 by Misspookielo
The Scent Of You
In one night, at the age of six, omega Jared Padalecki's entire existence is turned upside down when rogue wolves slaughter his family, his pack and leave him scarred, blind in one eye and tainted by silver.

Taken in by another pack, Jared grows up telling himself he's lucky to be given the second chance his family was denied, to have his friends, his home, his work. Telling himself he doesn't need - and doesn't want - anything more in his life.

Until, that is, Jensen Ackles enters the picture, like a goddamn tornado, with charming smiles and green eyes, spouting things like “true mates” and “meant to be”, turning Jared’s entire life upside down.

And in the background of it all, unbeknownst to Jared, there are whispers of a re-emergence of the rogue wolf pack that tore his life apart eighteen years ago slowly, steadily brewing...
jensen/jared  J2  jealousy  Omega!Jared  Alpha!Jensen  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  permanent!injury  asshole!stephen  a/b/o  hurt!jared  protective!jensen  mating  knotting  werewolf  hurt/comfort  attempted!Rape/Non-Con  NC-17  romance 
november 2017 by Misspookielo
Helping Friend
Jared was just helping Jensen get his boyfriend back. That was all. Really.

Except that falling in love with his best friend wasn't part of the plan.
J2  jensen/jared  romance  pining  fake-couple  highschool  hurt!jared  hurt/comfort  emotionally!hurt!jared  friends-to-lovers 
november 2017 by Misspookielo
Best Friends Forever
Jensen has been with Jared for as long as he can remember. He thought of him as an imaginary friend, but the truth is much more grim. 2,457
jensen/jared  J2  jealousy  pining  romance  friends-to-lovers  hurt!jared  hurt/comfort  protective!jensen  angst 
october 2017 by Misspookielo
Jared had been wrongly accused of witchcraft, therefore he was placed in a pillory to die slowly. But that was not the only thing he had to worry about. 1,808
J2  jensen/jared  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  hurt!jared  non-con  dub-con  NC-17  friends-to-lovers  first-time  angst  torture  barebacking  dark 
october 2017 by Misspookielo
Just Confess
Hi I love your stories can I rec one where Jared gets hurt protecting Jensen which prompts love confession or marriage proposal 3,731
jensen/jared  J2  bottom!Jared  top!Jensen  hurt!jared  hurt/comfort  friends-to-lovers  first-time  romance  pining  NC-17  violence  protective!jensen  protective!Jared 
october 2017 by Misspookielo

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