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Badge of Law (The DA 'Verse) by Ilerre
Juggling a job as district attorney, being married to Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and making sure the bad guys didn't get away...Anthony DiNozzo's life was full of surprise. The one where Tony becomes an ADA after being shot five times and left for dead.
bashing:abby  pov:multi  complete  fornell  competent!dinozzo  au  lawyer!dinozzo  words:10k-25k  ncis  hurt!gibbs  smart!dinozzo  hurt/comfort  angst  gibbs/dinozzo 
may 2016 by Thraesja
Explosions and Other Facts of Life by The Tenth Muse
Tony saves Kate from an explosion, but ends up scarred himself. Gibbs is kind of a schmuck about it, but not for the reason Tony thinks.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  slash  angst  hurt!dinozzo  hurt/comfort  hurt!gibbs  team  complete  rating:nc-17  pov:multi  smut  words:10k-25k 
october 2015 by Thraesja
If the King had run off with Prince Charming... by C_C
Mention of a "Hot date" leaves several Gibbs family secrets exposed. And Tony trying to hide in plain sight.
ncis  Gibbs/DiNozzo  complete  slash  rating:pg-13  words:100k-200k  romance  competent!dinozzo  team  fornell  dinozzosr  jackgibbs  gibbsabbysdad  dadt  hurt!gibbs  insecure!dinozzo  fluff  drama  excellent 
september 2015 by Thraesja
Partners by SaitouLover
Tony comes to discuss a job offer he receives from SecNav with Gibbs. He's pissed he hasn't been a cop in a long time.
ncis  gen  badass!dinozzo  hurt!gibbs  pov:gibbs  rating:pg  words:5k-10k  bashing:ziva  angst  complete  competent!dinozzo 
march 2015 by Thraesja
Camping with Gibbs Chapter 1, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction
Their suspect is holed up at a campground. What else can they do? I'm digging the vibe of the new season. No spoilers, just no Ziva. Wanted to write something fun and light before I go back to deep and heavy.
NCIS  TonyDiNozzo  LeroyJethroGibbs  TimMcGee  tobiasfornell  AbbySciuto  DrDonaldDuckyMallard  father!gibbs/son!tony  Father!Gibbs/Son!Tim  Tony&McGeeLikeBrothers  Tony&Tim-Friendship  AbbyisaSpoiledBRAT!  chaptered10+  Author:Emerald1  GEN  IntheHospital  Hurt!McGee  hurt!tony  Hurt!Gibbs  CaseFic  25000Words+  DrKatesSister 
january 2015 by kliqzangel
Slipping by Hilde
Tony and Gibbs start a relationship only days before Gibbs is grievously injured on a case. Add to that Jen Shepard's sudden hatred of Tony, and things become complicated for everyone.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  hurt/comfort  hurt!gibbs  bashing:jenshepard  romance  words:50k-100k  insecure!dinozzo  abused!dinozzo  rating:nc-17  pov:multi  complete  angst  team 
november 2014 by Thraesja
The Home Is Series by Tutncleo
A series of oneshots of Tony and Gibbs at home, sometimes fluff, sometimes hurt/comfort. One where McGee figures them out, one where Tony cleans out the garage, etc.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  fluff  hurt/comfort  hurt!gibbs  slash  dinozzosr  angst  pov:gibbs  pov:dinozzo  words:25k-50k  rating:pg-13  complete 
november 2014 by Thraesja
Flying Blind by gotgoats
When Gibbs becomes ill with a condition unfamiliar to most of the medical profession, Tony has a very steep and treacherous learning curve.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  pov:chaos  rating:pg-13  words:25k-50k  disabled!gibbs  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!gibbs  hurt!dinozzo  romance  complete  bashing:ziva  jackgibbs  slash 
october 2014 by Thraesja
We Will Meet Again by Nancy
In wartime London, Lt. Commander Tony DiMarco and Captain Gibson meet for the first time. Lovely and painful. A bit annoyed that such a detailed story couldn't get WWII Air Force ranks right, but otherwise beautiful. The character deaths are of the past lives variety.
ncis  au  gibbs/dinozzo  pov:multi  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  hurt!gibbs  disabled!gibbs  rating:nc-17  homophobia  slash  characterdeath  complete  words:50k-100k 
august 2014 by Thraesja
Obstructed Views by Detour
Gibbs backs out of an international conference and Vance is forced to bring DiNozzo instead. He's anything but impressed with DiNozzo's shenanigans, at least until they get the news that Gibbs has been kidnapped. The one with the Mounties.
ncis  humour  crack  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  hurt!gibbs  gen  pov:multi  team  vance  competent!dinozzo  respected!dinozzo  rating:pg-13  complete  words:25k-50k 
july 2014 by Thraesja
Aftermath by Emerald1
As the dust settles and the body count rises, the hunt for a madman reaches a new level of intensity. The bombing at NCIS.
ncis  pov:multi  rating:pg-13  dinozzosr  jackgibbs  vance  fornell  mcgeefamily  gen  words:50k-100k  abandoned  excellent  hurt/comfort  hurt!mcgee  hurt!dinozzo  hurt!gibbs  hurt!abby  hurt!ziva 
july 2014 by Thraesja
Where Angels Fear to Tread by Lila-Blue
Tony's whinging for a day off turns out to be rapidly progressing MS. Gibbs realizes he shouldn't resist temptation anymore.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  rating:pg-13  words:50k-100k  disabled!dinozzo  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  hurt!gibbs  kidfic  dinozzosr  romance  complete  pov:multi 
june 2014 by Thraesja

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