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Defending Hunting: It's Good for Humans and the Environment
One main reason conservatives should support hunting is that hunters and their associations act as a counterbalance to far-left environmentalism.
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4 days ago by fairyrevel
Why the Neanderthals may have been more sophisticated hunters than we thought – new study
New research, published in Nature Ecology and Evolution, shows that Neanderthals did indeed use spears to hunt animals. The paper describes a collection of 120,000-year-old deer bones from the Neanderthal site of Neumark-Nord in Germany – two of which have perforations that clearly show impacts from a spear.
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6 weeks ago by fbaymzter
Alaska Big Game Hunts |Pacific Mountain Guides | Brown Bear | Goat
We offer Alaska Big Game Hunts for Brown Bear Hunts, Mountain Goat Hunts, Dall Sheep Hunts and Alaska Black Bear Hunts - Pacific Mountain Guides
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7 weeks ago by Doubletough

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