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Hey Progressives: Your Anti-Gun, Environmentalist Stances Are Killing Animals And The Forest - Beth Baumann
Hunters play a vital role in maintaining the ecosystem. They keep animal populations from reproducing an abundant of offspring, which could actually turn a deer or elk population into a nuisance. These animals then overproduce and face a food shortage, which causes the population to die off. Hunting ensures that these animals' numbers are manageable and their food supply is sustainable.
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4 days ago by fairyrevel
Alligator Tacos and Boar Burgers in a Bass Pro Shop Restaurant | Phoenix New Times
Unless you’re a regular at the Bass Pro Shop in Mesa, there’s a good chance you’ve never encountered the Islamorada Fish Company, a quirky and cavernous seafood-themed restaurant that’s attached to the outdoor-gear megastore.
Islamorada (the name means “purple isle” in Spanish) got its start as a humble marina snack shop in the Florida Keys in the 1940s. There are currently fewer than 20 locations of the restaurant in the country, including its flagship location in Islamorada, Florida, which is still in operation.
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4 weeks ago by rgl7194
The ICS Cyber Kill Chain: Active Defense Edition [PDF]
What I Want You to Take Away
The Models
• The Sliding Scale of Cyber Security • ICS Cyber Kill Chain
• Active Cyber Defense Cycle
Lessons Learned from Threats
• Ukraine Cyber Attack
Your Takeaways
• Strategic
• Operational • Tactical
infosec  informationsecurity  cybersec  cybersecurity  hunting  threathunting 
4 weeks ago by rdump
Generating Hypotheses for Successful Threat Hunting [PDF]
Threat hunting is a proactive and iterative approach to detecting threats. Although threat hunters should rely heavily on automation and machine assistance, the process itself cannot be fully automated. One of the human s key contributions to a hunt is the formulation of a hypotheses to guide the hunt. This paper explores three
types of hypotheses and outlines how and when to formulate each of them.
infosec  informationsecurity  cybersec  cybersecurity  hunting  threathunting 
4 weeks ago by rdump
Here's our advice for helping your dog master wet retrieve: |
Gundog  GundogMag  Hunting  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by stevechic
Come What Will, Come What May
Merle Dixon didn't stand a chance up against the life he was given, but in all the suffering, there was one bright light, if only he could see it.

Review: Heartbreaking and beautiful. I love this pairing, and this story fits them perfectly.
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4 weeks ago by snipershezz

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