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A brief guide to everything that’s annoying about Apple
What are the most common complaints about Apple? “Let me check on that ...” Actually, save your circuits, Siri. We can tell you exactly why the world is falling out of love with Apple. We’ve been storing up these complaints for years. So, why don’t you just shut your British/American/Australian, male/female speech unit and listen?
technology  apple  gadgets  humour 
3 hours ago by terry
Software Clown: 20 years of software mistakes, and how you can avoid them
"Hi, I’m Itamar Turner-Trauring, and—at least in theory—I’m a software engineer.

On paper I have a pretty decent resume: I’ve worked on open source projects used by Apple, Cisco and many others. I’ve worked on software indirectly used by millions of people. I’ve worked as a product manager for Google, I’ve co-founded a startup, and worked for a few startups too.

But some days I feel more like an involuntary software clown, spending my days slipping on banana peels, being hit in the face with whipped cream pies, and riding little teensy bikes around and around in circles."
programming  humour  software 
8 hours ago by np
Steve Rogers Is (Not) A Good Influence - noxlunate
Steve’s left staring at the kid- Peter, his brain helpfully reminds him. The kid is staring back.

“So, you’re, like, Captain America, huh?” Peter asks, and he looks a little starstruck but less so than he did when he’d stared at Tony Stark’s jet taking off.

“Uh, yeah.” Steve says, staring hard at a spot just past the kid’s shoulder as he shoves his hands as deep as they can go into the pockets of his jeans. “Call me Steve.”

“Cool.” Parker breathes, and Steve tries not to think about just how badly this is going to go.

// Aka Steve Rogers' American Tour Of Waiting For His Brainwashed Boyfriend To Come Back And Blowing Up Hydra is interrupted when Tony Stark dumps Peter Parker into his lap. [4,181 words]
avengers  captainamerica  spiderman  noxlunate  roadtrip  humour  mentor  au:canon 
22 hours ago by cunningplan
Funny Trading Cards That Are Unintentionally Inappropriate
The hobby's version of Cheech and Chong, we've got Bong and Puffer. There is no way this card could have been an "accident."
humour  sports 
yesterday by foliovision
The Sea Is Dope
Chris Ryan writing about movies and the sea.
humour  cinema  writing 
3 days ago by raygrasso
It Is My Greatest Honor to Quit Because You Are Firing Me
There is a phrase I once saw stitched on to a pillow that read "You can't fire me, I quit." While it gave all of us quite a laugh, I do have an edit. Mr. President, you can fire me and also I quit..It's a devastating takedown through the simple act of relaying true facts about my actual behavior in a way that accurately characterizes its intention and effect. And it will surely outlast me and any of my execrable accomplishments..It has been the dream of a lifetime to spend two years being mercilessly mocked and maligned by you on Twitter and in passing comments in your ramshackle stream of consciousness public statements.. I join a list of former Trump administration members who are scoundrels and scam artists that should be publicly shunned but oddly have not been. Many of them resigned seemingly of their own volition and so I thank you for forcing me to let the public know that I was definitely fired by a bad man who has built a career off of making poor hiring choices and somehow avoiding criminal prosecution despite crimes
letters  humour  Trump 
5 days ago by thomas.kochi
For sale: An invitation to Stephen Hawking’s cocktail party for time travelers
Whoever buys the party invitation, though, has a job to do. “I’m hoping copies of [the invitation], in one form or another, will survive for many thousands of years,” Hawking said. There’s always the possibility that some future time traveler will see it and decide to show up to the party, creating a whole new timeline in one of the many possible universes out there.
science  time  humour 
7 days ago by terry

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