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xkcd: 3x9
flavor text: "Handy exam trick: when you know the answer but not the correct derivation, derive blindly forward from the givens and backward from the answer, and join the chains once the equations start looking similar. Sometimes the graders don't notice the seam."
xkcd  humor  math 
yesterday by PCjabber
xkcd: Refresh Types
introduces "Harder Refresh" ("remotely cycles power to datacenter") and "Hardest Refresh" ("Internet starts over from ARPANET")
xkcd  comics  humor  internet 
yesterday by PCjabber
seren_ccd: i ain't talking no big deals
So, they go bowling. Well, actually they go to a bowling alley. Sometimes a girl just has to eat two chilli hotdogs and nachos and drink some beer.
fic  lockout  het  snow/emilie  postcanon  humor  yuletide  ust  <5K 
yesterday by spatz
Los Angeles Dodgers' Cody Bellinger is real and spectacular - SweetSpot- ESPN
What can you say about Cody Bellinger other than he's real and he's spectacular.
The Los Angeles Dodgers rookie slugged two more home runs in a crazy 12-6 win over the Rockies -- don't worry, we'll get to all those wild pitches in a moment -- and is up to 24 on the season, already a National League record for home runs by a rookie before the All-Star break, with 13 games still remaining. He has been performing feats of strength almost every day, it seems.
Bellinger's first home run Sunday came against Tyler Anderson in the third inning, when he hammered an 0-1 fastball to right-center for a two-run shot. His second homer came in the eighth inning off Adam Ottavino, a two-run shot to right off a 1-0 fastball that gave the Dodgers an 11-6 lead.
baseball  dodgers  bellinger  humor 
yesterday by rgl7194
And Not a Ghost in Sight - WerewolvesAreReal - Natsume Yuujinchou | Natsume's Book of Friends
Nishimura, Kitamoto, and Natsume's weird cat investigate a haunted house. The cat is acting really strange... (925 words)
fic  f:NatsumeYuujinchou  gen  short  outsiderpov  humor  'ao3 
yesterday by esther_a
You Have My Heartfelt Sympathy
When Furihata’s roommate, Takao Kazunari, invites his partner over to their dorm (yet again), he is left with no other choice but to find someplace else to spend a good portion of his night.

Or: The one where Furihata repeatedly finds himself sexiled from his dorm room, and is just about to reach his breaking point when he stumbles across somebody who might be able to understand a bit of his pain.
author:melodycard  fandom:KurokonoBasket  pairing:Akashi/Furihata  au  humor  college!fic  wip 
yesterday by yuurei

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