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Physicist Wins Ig Noble Prize For Study On Whether Cats Should Be Classified As Liquids Or Solids
"At the center of the definition of a liquid is an action: A material must be able to modify its form to fit within a container," Fardin said. "If we take cats as our example, the fact is that they can adapt their shape to their container if we give them enough time. Cats are thus liquid if we give them the time to become liquid."
ignobelprize  cats  ignobel  humor  science 
4 hours ago by djwudi
[so many snacks, so little time] - powerfulsound - Venom (Movie 2018)
“Oh god,” Eddie swears, burying his head in his hands. “I can never suck a dick again.”

“Does it feel good....?” Venom asks, sliding down his body, easy as you please. He shoves Eddie’s pants aside, pushing Eddie’s hips down and staring at his cock. “I shall try and see.”

“TEETH!!!” Eddie yells, trying to get away only to be held down. “MANY MANY TEETH! VERY SHARP!”
fic  pairing:eddie/venom  fandom:venom  rating:nc-17  humor  crack  length:<2000  pwp  slash 
17 hours ago by zimaya
Mission 'Secure Danno's Affections'*
Steve realises just how much time he's been spending with Gracie when that's how he starts referring to his plan to woo Danny through terrible, heart-attack-inducing Jersey food. He has researched, he has strategized, he has called in reinforcements. There really isn't any way this could go wrong.
h50  steve/danny  canon  romance  first!time  humor  happy!fic  1000-9999 
yesterday by popkin16
Gunfire, Rainfall and Beach Erosion
Steve and Danny are kidnapped. After which there is too much swimming and too much rain and it's all very romantic. If you are Steve, that is.
h50  steve/danny  canon  romance  humor  action/adventure  1000-9999  thegrrrl2002 
yesterday by popkin16
Flowers and Chocolates (& misunderstandings)
Russ wakes up the morning after a crazy stag night, hung-over, grumpy, and wondering who the hell has sent Holly roses. Of course, Milt knows exactly what's going on. And of course, Russ doesn't want his help. He's got this.

Except, the roses weren't for Holly. They're for Russ.
fic  slash  fix-it  pairing:Milt/Russ  fandom:Battle_Creek  courting/dating  kink:dirty-talk  jealousy  humor  misunderstanding  obliviousness 
yesterday by Ishara
You've such a lovely temperature - RC_McLachlan - X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
"I'm just imagining your syllabus. Week 3: How To Flay A Man with a Spoon in 90 Minutes or Less. I'm sure the parents will have no objections."
"Flaying is an outdated practice that is fit for only the barbaric. And it takes too long. Much easier to just compress a body into a tiny metal box and bury it on the side of the highway."
"… I'm truly speechless."
"Let's mark the date; it will probably never happen again."
fandom:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  humor  post-xmfc  author:RC_McLachlan  1000-5000 
yesterday by aerten
Draco Malfoy And The Case Of The Bakewell Tart
harry & draco team up 2 investig8 their housem8s being nice 2 each other
harrypotter  harry/draco  humor  eighthyear  fic  by:rasborealis 
yesterday by krim

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