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Some things you need to know about Google Scholar | The Ideophone
Summary: Google Scholar is great, but its inclusiveness and mix of automatically updated and hand-curated profiles means you should never take any of its numbers at face value. Case in point: the power couple Prof. Et Al and Dr. A. Author, whose profiles I created following Scholar’s recommended settings (and a bit of manual embellishment). If you have a Scholar profile, make sure you don’t let Scholar update the publication list automatically. If you’re looking at somebody else’s profile, take it with a big pinch of salt, especially when they have a reasonably common name or when duplicate entries or weird citation distributions indicate that it is being automatically updated. 
google_scholar  citations  publishing  fail  error  fun  humor  academia  bibliometrics  scientometrics 
14 hours ago by raphman
Hiring with the Lytmus Platform – Lytmus

Problem: "Tech interviewing tests the wrong thing."

Solution: "Make an app that tests even more wrong things."
interview  workflow  humor 
20 hours ago by nathansmith
John Oliver and Bill Nye Show the Only Real Way to Have a Climate Change Debate | Nerdist
The problem with debates on scientific facts is that they're 1:1, with the scientist against "Some dude". To make things fair, climate change debated should have about 3 skeptics and 97 scientists, representing the consensus in the science community (97% of papers demonstrate climate change is caused by humans).
climate  change  debate  humor  Bill  Nye  John  Oliver  fun  video 
23 hours ago by dandv

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