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I'd confess to you through pick-up lines
Furihata lost a bet so he had to suck up and ask his crush out with some really lame pick-up lines
author:akilest_heel  fandom:KurokonoBasket  pairing:Akashi/Furihata  oneshot  fluff  humor  preslash 
7 hours ago by yuurei
Client Feedback On the Creation of the Earth - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
Realize it’s Saturday and you were planning to be OOO tomorrow to admire your creation and everything, but I’m hoping you can keep rolling on this through the weekend. Need to get this in front of my exec team by EOD Monday so hoping to sync up EOD Sunday. Will be around all weekend via email and chat if anything comes up. Looking to you and your team for a big win here.
12 hours ago by eadiesn
48 – Library Comic
"You need to set a better example for the kids."
comic  humor  library 
12 hours ago by atbradley
two years in the making [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice]
Bruce’s mornings are usually spent in bed, trying to ignore the pain in his hips and his knees as he finally gets up and answers Alfred’s insistent calls to breakfast. He expects to find Alfred waiting patiently in the kitchen, arms crossed and ready to tie Bruce to a chair if he needs to.

Instead, there’s Clark Kent, eating his toast and drinking his orange juice and decidedly not dead.

Alfred could’ve warned him.
misc:small-fandom  canon  romance  first!time  humor  sweet  1000-9999 
21 hours ago by popkin16
"Bottom of the Backlog"
A comic slightly reminiscent of the "Beware of Cheetah" joke in the Hitchhiker's Guide.
programming  humor  comic  basement  backlog 
yesterday by acemarke
Not Like Leonard Nimoy
From an LJ prompt: How did the members of Atlantis find out that McKay and Sheppard were sweet on one another?
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  outside.pov  canon  team  humor  sweet  0-999  purna 
yesterday by popkin16
This Is All Your Fault
All she did was show him one thing, but it set Kaiba off--flying, that is. Now he's taking Anzu along for the ride. Why? Because it's all her fault, of course!
Yu-Gi-Oh  YGO  short  humor  funny  fave  ficrec  Kaibaman  Seto  Anzu  Tea  Kaiba  Azureshipping  ish  oneshot  AO3  author:Azurite 
yesterday by Red_Paladin6

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