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Best Hummus Recipe (Plus Tips & Variations) - Cookie and Kate
This has some really promising tips on how get the best results, even using canned chickpeas.
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11 days ago by lala7625
Traditional Hummus • Curious Cuisiniere
Traditional hummus combines just a few simple ingredients for a silky smooth and slightly nutty dip.
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5 weeks ago by exnihilo
Probably the most beautiful that I've had to date, courtesy of the Damascus Grill in Denver.
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april 2019 by chialynn
Melissa Clark's Instant Pot Hummus (with Variations) - 101 Cookbooks
Instant Pot Hummus, the one recipe that keeps my Instant Pot on the counter (instead of under it). Melissa Clark's recipe results in a silky smooth hummus. Once you nail down the method, the variations you can do are endless.
march 2019 by JPG
Zahav's Silky Smooth Israeli Hummus - Just a Little Bit of Bacon
Zahav's classic recipe for Israeli hummus bi tahini is the best homemade hummus you can make! It's silky, smooth, creamy, light, and addictively yummy.
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