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Humble Book Bundle: Programming Cookbooks by O'Reilly (pay what you want and help charity)
Humble Book Bundle: Programming Cookbooks by O'Reilly (pay what you want and help charity)
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6 weeks ago by fabbianni
How to redeem a Playstation Bundle key. – Humble Bundle
PS3 Console: 1. Log into your Playstation Network account. 2. Select 'Playstation Store'. 3. Select 'Redeem Codes' at the bottom of the...
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7 weeks ago by john.sheets
Get our if you want to succeed in ! We have titles from Learning Spring Boot 2.0 plus Java EE an…
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november 2018 by rukku
wow ... pay $15 or more and get $564 worth of digital books related to .
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february 2018 by brycej
Humble Book Bundle: Unix presented by O'Reilly
The current Humble Book Bundle is all O'Reilly Unix books. If you do anything with Unix, and you don't have a copy of Unix Power Tools, go buy the $8 tier of this bundle right now. That book is amazing and has tons of useful stuff regardless of how much you already know (and it normally retails anywhere from $35-$60).

If you want to learn more about Linux, especially if you're just getting into it, this bundle is particularly good. I own a number of these books on paper and they're great references.

Original post: 2016-11-04 08:36
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august 2017 by asciiphil
Humble Freedom Bundle
If you play video games, you need to get this bundle. $30. An insane number of games. 100% goes to charity.

Original post: 2017-02-15 15:28
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august 2017 by asciiphil

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