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Data Futures
freizo is a software platform supported by the Data Futures project which provides long-term accessibility and security for digital methods projects in the humanities. via Pocket
accessibility  datasets  humanities  infrastructure  metadata  preservation  research  software 
10 hours ago by kintopp
Towards Interoperable Network Ontologies for the Digital Humanities | mla:1009 | Humanities CORE
Open access, open source, open to all Towards Interoperable Network Ontologies for the Digital Humanities Author(s): , , Christopher Warren (see profile) , Scott B. Weingart, Lisa D. via Pocket
dh  humanities  models  ontology  standards 
yesterday by kintopp
Frederick Douglass’s Vision for a Reborn America - The Atlantic
In the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, he dreamed of a pluralist utopia. "He kept it in his oratorical repertoire at least through 1870. What the war-weary nation needed, he felt, was a powerful tribute to a cosmopolitan America—not just a repudiation of a divided and oppressive past but a commitment to a future union forged in emancipation and the Civil War. This nation would hold true to universal values and to the recognition that “a smile or a tear has no nationality. Joy and sorrow speak alike in all nations, and they above all the confusion of tongues proclaim the brotherhood of man.”
diversity  history  humanities 
yesterday by basemaly
SSH Open Cloud
SSHOC will realise the social sciences and humanities part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) by offering a scalable and flexible access to research data and related services adapted to the needs of the SSH community. via Pocket
cloud  europe  humanities  infrastructure 
yesterday by kintopp
AI in Culture & Society | Waag
Of course, where else? In this piece we’ll be looking at AI technologies mostly from the perspective of the humanities. via Pocket
ai  bias  culture  humanities  netherlands 
yesterday by kintopp
RT : A bit disappointed at the very simplistic view of scholars. They have been also applying statistical me…
humanities  from twitter
2 days ago by miaridge
Virtual Knowledge | The MIT Press
Today we are witnessing dramatic changes in the way scientific and scholarly knowledge is created, codified, and communicated. This transformation is connected to the use of digital technologies and the virtualization of knowledge. via Pocket
books  dh  humanities  methodology  theory 
2 days ago by kintopp
The Crisis of Social Media | Freedom on the Net 2019
Internet freedom is increasingly imperiled by the tools and tactics of digital authoritarianism, which have spread rapidly around the globe. Repressive regimes, elected incumbents with authoritarian ambitions, and unscrupulous partisan operatives have exploited the unregulated spaces of social media platforms, converting them into instruments for political distortion and societal control. While social media have at times served as a level playing field for civic discussion, they are now tilting dangerously toward illiberalism, exposing citizens to an unprecedented crackdown on their fundamental freedoms. Moreover, a startling variety of governments are deploying advanced tools to identify and monitor users on an immense scale. As a result of these trends, global internet freedom declined for the ninth consecutive year in 2019.
liberties  humanities  socialnetwork  surveillance  speech  politics  privacy 
7 days ago by basemaly
Want to Raise Successful Boys? Science Says Do This (but Their Schools Probably Won’t)
Students—especially boys—need hours of physical activity every day and they aren’t getting enough.
kids  humanities  education  learning  failure  exercise 
11 days ago by basemaly
Colleges Should Not Have to Have Food Pantries | The Nation
With no federal assistance in sight, colleges are scrambling to fill the void with food pantries, loans, vouchers and other interventions. But the patchwork approach only goes so far.
university  learning  education  failure  humanities  capitalism  economics  money 
12 days ago by basemaly
The real reason scientists downplay the risks of climate change | Dale Jamieson, Michael Oppenheimer and Naomi Oreskes | Opinion | The Guardian
While climate skeptics and deniers often accuse scientists of exaggerating the threats associated with the climate crisis, the available evidence suggests the opposite. By and large, scientists have either been right in their assessments, or have been unduly conservative. We noticed a clear pattern of underestimation of certain key climate indicators, and therefore underestimation of the threat of climate disruption. When new observations of the climate system have provided more or better data, or permitted us to re-evaluate earlier conclusions, the findings for ice extent, sea level rise and ocean temperature have generally been worse than previously thought.
climate  science  humanities  epistemology  research 
16 days ago by basemaly
The downfall of Hampshire College and the broken business model of American higher education - The Washington Post
Because of low birthrates following the Great Recession, Carleton College economist Nathan Grawe predicts that the four-year-college applicant pool is likely to shrink by almost 280,000 per class, over four years, starting in 2026, a year known in higher ed as “the Apocalypse.” As youth populations decline everywhere but the southern and western United States, colleges in New England and the Midwest will find it increasingly hard to lure students, particularly those able to pay.

It may also mean the retreat of the only part of higher education that is uniquely American. Residential liberal arts colleges are rare in other parts of the world. For more than 200 years, they’ve made American higher education an exceptional laboratory for fostering empathy, creativity and innovation. We’ve gotten so used to them, we may not notice what we’ve lost until it’s gone.
education  humanities  failure  university  3000 
16 days ago by craniac
The downfall of Hampshire College and the broken business model of American higher education - The Washington Post
How a prestigious school went from academic darling to the verge of collapse — and became an omen for liberal arts education as a whole.
humanities  university  failure  education 
17 days ago by basemaly

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