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A must-read not just for those in the field bust in others where are beginning to creep i…
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29 days ago by sdp
Monitoring and assessing civilian harm from airpower-dominated international military actions. Seeking transparency and accountability from belligerents, and advocating on behalf of affected non-combatants. Archiving open-source casualty reports, and military claims by nations.
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6 weeks ago by NiklasJordan
Technocolonialism: Digital Innovation and Data Practices in the Humanitarian Response to Refugee Crises - Mirca Madianou, 2019
he recent dynamic entrance of private companies, and technology companies in particular, into the humanitarian field further accentuates the above tensions. The merging of humanitarian aid with business interests signals a further marketization of humanitarianism.
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july 2019 by osi_info_program
RT : Please retweet this funding opportunity

📌The Arts and Humanities Research Council seeks p…
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june 2019 by BeckyFaith
Wiki on Social protection across the humanitarian-development nexus |
This community of practice has been created to offer a direct link between learning and performance from different teams and units across European development agents. It is an important element of the Guidance Package on Social Protection across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus.
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june 2019 by weitzenegger
States recommend to to grant unfettered access to the country for organizations to provi…
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may 2019 by dalcrose
For those who are at congress , we are going to present the 1st pilot course in field in K…
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may 2019 by tolkien
Hope for the World
Hope for the World is a seminar on humanitarian design. It explains what we, as mostly first world designers, can hope to do for the poor. It examines our assets, and how we could find success for everybody on earth.
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april 2019 by timbeadle
TFC Blog | spotlight on global film distribution platform FilmDoo
@FilmDoo enables #filmmakers to reach global audiences; strong in global, #humanitarian #LGBT #crosscultural #FiveMillionFilm ^cr
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april 2019 by csrollyson
India: The Dalit women of Tamil Nadu fight caste, the patriarchy, and climate change (Slate)
The Dalit female farmers of India’s Tamil Nadu state are working together to overcome a daunting set of challenges.
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april 2019 by idsn
Study finds discrimination in flood relief work (Times of India)
While 84% and 89% of those in general and OBC categories, respectively, received the government-announced immediate assistance, the percentage of Adivasis and Dalit Christians, who received the assistance, were 62% and 68%, respectively. The last minute changes in the eligibility criteria made the assistance inaccessible to a large number of the marginalised people, the fact sheet said.
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april 2019 by idsn

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