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What just happened?
Liberalism’s shrinking intellectual horizon is manifest in foreign policy, too. Hard-fought global norms, once a totem of the liberal order, have always been challenged by populists and authoritarians. But they only truly lost ground when their original champions renounced them: Liberal governments now strike expedient deals with any partner they believe can help pin down Jihadis or migrants. For the most part, the era of lasting alliances is gone, as is the belief that political reform and economic development present the best chances for stability. More than ever, the spooks are at the forefront of diplomacy. Military outposts, drone strikes, arms deals, and “capacity building” in the security sector have become paramount in the foreign policy toolbox.
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134 | Talking Politics guide to ... Human Rights in the Digital Age — Talking Politics
David talks to Ella McPherson about whether digital communication is making it easier or harder to hold human rights abusers to account. What has been the impact of the social media revolution on reporting human rights violations and does anonymity help or hinder the pursuit of justice?
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Amid three forces:  Afrin residents chose silence - Enab Baladi, Sep 19, 2018
Most of the city’s residents live in forced isolation imposed by circumstances, while new arrivals, coming mostly from Eastern Ghouta, are more active in the region. Thus, Afrin gradually began to take the guests’ style.

The migrants from Eastern Ghouta constitute about half the population of Afrin currently, and play the role of the popular incubator of the military authority controlling the region, composed of the Free Syrian Army factions that are affiliated to the Syrian National Army.

The civil administration, which is composed of seven local councils, puts Kurdish council members as a forefront of its activities, while the Interim Government and the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces supervise administrative tasks directly.
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Syria: Kurdish-led Administration Jails Rivals | Human Rights Watch, Sep 10, 2018
Denied Access to Family, Due Process

Human Rights Watch spoke with two former detainees and the relatives of two others, one of whom is still disappeared, in person in al-Hasakeh governorate and by phone. All said the detainees were denied access to their families and lawyers. Some were never brought before a judge, and others were held for lengthy periods before being brought to court. Those interviewed said they believed that the arrests were based on the individuals’ political affiliation or opinion.
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Back to the Future: returning to human rights | OpenGlobalRights
First, for those of us in the North, our original error was to accept the bifurcation of the rights essential to living fully human lives. Repeated affirmation of their indivisibility notwithstanding, we acquiesced to their separation into two sets of rights, then proceeded to privilege one over the other, enervating the power of human rights in the process. 

As we fought for civil and political rights, we expected people to manage without economic and social rights. Rather than exploring their complementarity, we stressed their dissimilarity. Regrettably, failing to pursue the full spectrum of rights together, we failed to achieve either set of rights fully—anywhere. 

Reviving the vision of all rights respected by all states will point the way to what we need to do and achieve: reach and enlist people everywhere to recognize the power and potential of human rights, then support them to demand the fulfillment of human rights obligations from all those who seek to govern. This transformation requires expansion, amplification, and coordination across rights, nations, and approaches. We will know we have succeeded when states prioritize human rights in their policies, legislation, budget allocations and actions, because their citizens accept nothing less.
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סקר: הישראלים נגד משפטיזציה בצה"ל | ישראל היום
על פי הסקר, 91.5 אחוזים מסכימים עם ההיגד לפיו "יש להגן בכל מחיר על חייהם של חיילי צה"ל, גם במחיר הגדלת מספר הנפגעים הפלשתינים"; 90.5 אחוזים תומכים ב"הריסת בית משפחתו של מחבל באישור של בית המשפט"; 82 אחוזים תומכים ב"הפגזה של מסגד, אם יש חשד שהוא משמש מחסה לפעילות עוינת נגד ישראל"; 79.1 אחוזים תומכים ב"מעצר של בני משפחה של פעיל טרור פלשתיני כאמצעי להפעיל עליו לחץ להסגיר את עצמו"; 77.9 אחוזים סבורים כי "פעילותם בחו"ל של ארגוני זכויות אדם ישראליים כמו בצלם או שוברים שתיקה פוגעת בלחימה של צה"ל"; 73.3 אחוזים סבורים כי "מחבל לא צריך לצאת חי מזירת פיגוע" - נתון המתיישב עם נתוני התמיכה בחייל אלאור אזריה שנרשמו בזמנו.
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november 2018 by elizrael
bellingcat - Olive Branch Military Outpost Built atop Afrin Cemetery - bellingcat
However, when comparing the before and after satellite footage, we can see that approximately a third of the graveyard has disappeared. This eastern uphill portion is less densely filled than the rest, but a significant amount of the plots have been destroyed (source):
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november 2018 by elizrael

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