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On observing time
I also appreciated that the Towercam’s output reinforces the 24-hour cycle of a day. You can’t log on to the Wilson portal at 2 a.m. and get “fresh content;” you’ll get a black frame. And you’ll continue to get a black frame until the sun rises. Beyond that, the image changes by the season. Further still, we’re watching mountains—ever-shifting and growing over millions of years. These natural cycles operate unhurriedly.
Our internet, on the other hand, tends to be in quite the hurry. The pace and fervor found online like to keep anxiety company. The internet we are marketed to use is a perfect storm of interface design in the service of an attention economy. It’s dialed-in. Basically, the “feed” as an interface works. “Pull-to-refresh” as a serotonin booster works. I suppose this is why the Wilson cam particularly struck me as a contrast. Continually refreshing an image that simply reflects the natural landscape in the current moment won’t deliver anything new—at least nothing newer than the newness of time itself moving forward. In this way, the Wilson cam illuminates our faulty rewiring. Despite the abhorrent urgency our interfaces demand of us, the natural environment continues to move at the same unhurried pace.
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july 2018 by jbrennan
The car century was a mistake. It’s time to move on. - The Washington Post
Many streets in the oldest part of Quebec City are car-free much of the time. It is one of the most extensive car-free areas in North America. (CarfreeCities) Each week, In Theory takes on a big idea
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The Scope of Human Thought | Forum
It is a spectacular scientific puzzle that human beings are the sole species that seems to be able to think and feel beyond the limits of the scale for their species.
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august 2009 by tsuomela
PdF2008 Talks: Doug Rushkoff on the New Renaissance
Please, entrepreneurial startuppy convocations of the movers-and-shakers of local human-scale community-supported life with programming and Your Very Important Book: watch and hear. Watch. Hear.
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Top Stories: Students produce interactive food guide map
The students recently unveiled what they call the 100-Mile Diet Map, an interactive online food map that shows where consumers can find agricultural products raised within 100 miles of Madison.
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june 2008 by tsuomela
Notional Slurry » One more niggling, brief concern on “human scale”
Right-sized meetings, hand-made crafts, simple graceful little software projects, locally-grown food, first-hand personal experiences in our worklives and abroad. Don’t like politics, TV, mass production, don’t like best-sellers, or shrink-wrapped mea
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