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How Hulu’s user experience will continue to evolve in 2018 | FierceCable
Hulu's UI certainly has room for improvement. But, as we pointed out (ranted?) last week, the bigger problem is the functionality, not the design. Buffering should not happen; content that users click on should be there, search should find what you're looking for. It's great to continually improve on design concepts, but Hulu should apply more resources in 2018 to execution of detail underneath its UI concepts.
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22 days ago by shrinkingbundle
JustWatch - Streaming Search Engine for movies and tv shows
find out where to watch your favorite movies & TV shows in the United States.
JustWatch is easy and effective: Choose your favorite streaming providers and see what’s new on Netflix and Co.
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24 days ago by sparky989
Hulu Faces Second Night Of Login Issues | Deadline
Hulu is the second largest subscription OTT service in the U.S., excluding Amazon Prime. It has a huge library of quality content, some solid originals (although I'm still struggling with 'The Handmaid's Tale'), has been in the OTT business for a decade ... and it's technology is terrible. The poor functionality and the lack of attention to detail in the UI makes it clear that it is run by media companies, not a tech company steeped in the principal of zero consumer switching costs.
Small distractions in traditional pay TV UIs were acceptable because consumers had few alternatives. In OTT, people can cancel in 2 mins if they get annoyed for any reason. That means every pixel and every click has to be, and can be, obsessed over and constantly refined so that the service is pleasing and easy to use. In contrast, using Hulu Live is like walking through a pre-fab home that was rushed; it looks nice on first glance, but then you notice the faucet takes an oddly long time to turn off, the cabinet that doesn't sit quite flush, the walls seem paper thin, and the experience isn't what you thought it should be.
Hulu retains a solid brand, has the advantage of captive content and has come up with some excellent concepts in the UI. But, it's current growth stems primarily from strong secular trends and a first-mover advantage, in our view. But, competition is coming, 'Winter is here'. If Hulu doesn't improve its technical capability to match its content, it will be the Dusenberg of OTT.
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28 days ago by shrinkingbundle
Hulu surpasses 17m subs |
Hulu closed its fiscal year 2017 with more than 17 million total subscribers across its SVoD and live TV plans in the US – over 5 million more subscribers and a more than 40 per cent lift from the company’s last publicly reported total in 2016. The company also announced that its total audience grew to 54 million total unique viewers.

Hulu expanded its on-demand library in 2017 to over 75,000 episodes of television across 1700 titles – more than twice the number of episodes available on any of the other leading streaming services – adding all existing episodes of more than 600 popular and award-winning series, including This is Us, Designated Survivor, Atlanta, Futurama, 30 Rock, Black-ish, Lost, How I Met Your Mother, Bob’s Burgers, Will & Grace, Power, Golden Girls, Prison Break, Full House and Family Matters.
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5 weeks ago by dancall
Hulu’s next big update will include a new Live TV guide, plus personalization improvements | TechCrunch
Even in the Live TV product, the majority of viewing is still on-demand.

Two key takeaways from this. First, the [huge] advantage that vMVPDs have over their traditional competitors is the ability to test features and rapidly innovate the UI. This should allow vMVPD providers to quickly improve the quality of their services, which should help fuel share gains. Second, linear viewing is likely consolidating around news and sports at a faster rate than the linear bundle. If this trend continues, it would likely drive concentration in general entertainment viewing around a smaller number of top shows that consumers seek out on-demand. This threatens to hollow out economics for large portions of the programming lineup.
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6 weeks ago by shrinkingbundle
Media Hint - Access Netflix, Hulu Out if the Country
Service that allows access to US versions of Netflix, Hulu, etc when out of the country.
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8 weeks ago by sparky989

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