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More Letterkenny please! : Hulu
Upvoted: This show is the greatest thing ever and I can only rewatch the first 12 episodes so many times. More Letterkenny!!! Please and thank you. via /r/Hulu
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6 weeks ago by lepht
60 FPS UPDATE: More Channels and Devices Added! : Hulu
Upvoted: Hi, r/hulu!Over the past few months, we’ve been working to test and rollout 60 FPS across our Live TV service - and today, we have another update!With 60 FPS, we took a phased approach to testing and rolling this out so that we could get you certain channels and devices as soon as they were ready to be upgraded. Today marks Phase 3, so in addition to Phase 1 and Phase 2, you’ll now be able to stream the following in 60 FPS:All ABC affiliatesDisney ChannelDisney JuniorDisney XDAll ESPN channelsAll remaining FOX affiliatesFreeformSEC NetworkTelemundo (national network)Universal Kids (West)With the completion of this phase, all of our channels have now been upgraded to 60 FPS with the exception of CBS affiliates. As of today, we’ve also enabled 60 FPS on Hulu on all Fire TV models except Cube, 1st generation stick, and Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition. The remaining channels and devices will receive 60 FPS over the coming months.We’re super excited to bring you these new additions, so open up Hulu and let us know what you think! via /r/Hulu
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9 weeks ago by lepht
Today I didn’t shower, stared at my phone for 6 hours (thanks app) and napped with my dogs. I also made coffe…
hulu  from twitter_favs
12 weeks ago by miaeaton
Are you KIDDING ME!? : Hulu
Upvoted: Watching a baseball game, doesn’t matter which one.The end of the game is coming up. But it’s the end of the timed program.The game SHUTS OFF?! Because it’s 9:00 And that’s no longer the show that’s on.I have to now HUNT for the game again because it’s technically not on.WHY! Would you turn off the channel when the program time expires. Yes, just turned off.Why wouldn’t you leave the channel on regardless of the show. My subscription is live tv.Don’t worry. I’ve already cancelled my subscription.Just thought I’d leave this here as the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen on Hulu.I’ve been the only person in my family that was pro Hulu, now my wife just looked at me and said, Told ya.Later via /r/Hulu
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june 2018 by lepht
Guide to the new Hulu experience and Live TV
Guide  to  the  new  Hulu  experience  and  Live  TV  2018 
june 2018 by kilroy2
hat devices can I use to watch Hulu and Hulu with Live TV?
What  devices  can  I  use  to  watch  Hulu  and  with  Live  TV?  hdhomerun  2018 
june 2018 by kilroy2

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