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Cisco, Connexin deliver UK's first purpose-built Smart City Operating System
the CityOS platform provided by smart city operator Connexin, built around Cisco’s Kinetic for Cities platform, will turn Hull into a programmable city // have you SEEN their local news?
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12 weeks ago by yorksranter
Sneaky Hull prostitute Rebecca Carroll tries to pickpocket client then strips to her underwear and attacks officers - Hull Live
"The defendant says that 'Spice is rife in prison' but she has managed to stay clear of it, and was even assaulted by a prisoner on Spice last Friday and stabbed in the buttock
september 2019 by yorksranter
INCREDIBLE! in , headed for Parliament Hill. Wow.

There is no time to wait, no planet…
ClimateStrike  Hull  Quebec  from twitter_favs
september 2019 by adie_codes
As a working class bloke brought up on a council estate in I always feel enormous pride and gratitude when I…
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september 2019 by ianjindal
Guess where we’ve been with our gold chassis today..? 🐠🐡
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april 2019 by tolkien
Beneath the Humber Bridge earlier this evening, just as the sun was setting.

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march 2019 by markgould13
Well done for stepping up in the debacle. I promise I will never use a Britannia Royal…
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december 2018 by jottevanger

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