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Why I’m staying with Hugo |
After experimenting for a few weeks with Gatsby and a few other trendy SSGs, I realize just how good I have it with Hugo.
yesterday by lorenzck
Contribute to pjbouchet/ development by creating an account on GitHub.
web-development  hugo  academic 
2 days ago by akastrin
Hosting Hugo on Azure with Cloudflare, Azure Web Service and Azure Blob Storage
In this blogpost I want to describe how I moved my complete company homepage and my blog from static handwritten html and jekyll to a hugo solution which is hosted on azure and uses cloudflare as DNS, has a CI/CD pipeline and is hosted on azure.
hugo  azure 
6 days ago by lorenzck
Quick Tips and Tricks for Hugo Development - DEV
A look at some simple but overlooked as well as some advanced techniques for the Hugo static site generator.
6 days ago by lorenzck

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