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Jekyll Static Web Hosting – Deployment Pipeline on AWS | Hacker News
Cool! I could see why this would work well for teams and collaboration. Here's my hugo+aws pipeline for my personal blog.
Do editing, with hugo in server mode so I can WYSIWYG edit my pages. Then run a bash script:

# build site from markdown + template
hugo ~/sitedir/

# post to S3 bucket which is a file storage service
aws s3 sync ~/sitedir/public s3:sitedirbuckket --recursive

# invalidate CDN distribution so content delivery is nice and fresh!
aws cloudfront create-invalidation --distribution-id XXXXXXXXXX --paths /*

echo -e "All done"
static  website  hugo  jekyll  hosting  aws  hn 
2 days ago by hellsten
Hugo - Static Site Generator | Tutorial - YouTube - YouTube
This course covers the basics of using Hugo - Static Site Generator. Work your way through the videos and we'll teach you everything you need to know to crea...
tutorial  video  static-site  hugo 
9 days ago by innerstation
HowTo: Deploying Hugo on S3 and Cloudfront - tips & tricks - Hugo Discussion
I started using Hugo in January and ported 7 years of WP posts over the last month. Getting Hugo deployed on S3 and Cloudfront with the proper redirects, error handling, and SSL took up more of my weekend than I'd like t…
hugo  github  aws 
11 days ago by jibbajabba
Hugo Themes
This is simple and neat. could the basis for a derived theme.
hugo  themes 
15 days ago by btbytes

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