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Amazon’s Ring is making its first smart light bulb, FCC documents reveal - The Verge
Amazon-owned Ring is expanding its smart lighting system to include a new smart light bulb, according to FCC documents that have revealed the new product.
amazon  signify  philips  hue  blog 
16 hours ago by geekzter
ConBee 2 with Home Assistant - YouTube
Useful video on how to connect ConBee2 with Phillips Hue
hue  conbee2  smarthome  automation 
2 days ago by dmje
Philips Hue Motion sensor bathroom automation trick
Philips Hue Motion sensor bathroom automation trick
philips  hue  motion  sensor 
14 days ago by madnaut
Motion Sensor & Dimmer Switch Together : Hue
By default using the Philips Hue app you will not be able to do what you want, you need to use All4Hue, or iConnectHue, and some imagination to configure it the way you want.
hue  dimmer  motion  sensor  switch 
14 days ago by madnaut
Somthing Changed Can't Control Phillips Hue Lights Anymore - Echo & Alexa - Devices - Amazon Digital and Device Forum
Use the Alexa App. Go to Devices and click on the + icon as if you are adding a device. Click add a device. Click Philips Hue. Click the question mark in the top right. Scroll down to the “CONNECT LIGHTS” section, under “Philips Hue” you’ll see a “RESET PHILIPS HUE LIGHT” option. Tap that.
philipshue  hue  alexa  echo  light  bulb  reset 
5 weeks ago by gothick
Designing accessible color systems
How we designed a color system with hand-picked, vibrant colors that also met standards for accessibility and contrast.
color  contrast-ratio  hue 
5 weeks ago by bruno

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