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Brookings: 90 percent of high-tech job growth happened in 5 metro areas - Vox
Since 2005, five metro areas — Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Seattle, and San Diego — accounted for 90 percent of all US growth in "innovation sector" jobs, which Brookings defines as employment in the top science, technology, engineering, and math industries that include extensive research and development spending. Meanwhile, 343 metro areas lost share of these jobs in that same time period.
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6 weeks ago by alexpbrown
mvp/uhubctl: uhubctl - USB hub per-port power control
This page is for a utility to control the per-port power output on various USB hub -- which in and of itself might not be of use to you -- but perhaps the list of compatible hubs here might be a sign of a decently built USB hub?
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november 2019 by handcoding
Can my hub take a 10-speed cassette?
This one is a little less cluttered: Chris Bell - Cycle Technical Notes - Freehubs and cassettes. Bottom line: 7-speed freehub body length=31mm, 8-9-10 35mm.
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july 2019 by mikael
Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte: Die Macht der visuellen Kommunikation [Infografik]
„Im einen Ohr rein, im anderen raus“ – das ist nicht nur eine Redensart, sondern wirklich so. Wie gut wir die verschiedenen Kommunikationsreize aufnehmen können , erfahrt ihr in der Infografik.
february 2019 by scopecontent
The Best USB 3.0 Hubs: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
(From one of the comments:)
“As a Mac user, the biggest problem of this USB 3.0 hub review is that Mac OS 10.10+ compatibility requires the hub to have 1 hub chipset for every 4 ports. Otherwise, the hub will only run at USB 2.0 speed or totally unreliable since the Mac OS will not be able to identify the correct number of ports on the hub.

“Only the Plugable hubs have this feature. I own several Anker and HooToo hubs this review recommends and they totally fail to function on Macs. Now they sit piled in a storage box.

“I totally recommend the following hubs from Plugable:

“Plugable 7 port USB 3.0 hub - 25W Powered USB HUB with Two BC 1.2 Charging ports with two VIA VL811+ hub chipsets .

“Plugable 7-Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Charging Hub with 60W Power Adapter with BC 1.2 Charging Support with two VIA VL811+ hub chipsets

“Plugable 10-Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Hub with 48W Power Adapter and Two Flip-Up Ports with BC 1.2 Charging Support with three VIA VL812 B2 hub chipsets”
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january 2019 by handcoding

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