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Station d'accueil USB C Dock usb c 2 Ports HDMI 4K, Lecteurs de carte SD, Port Mini Display, Port VGA, Port RJ45 Ethernet Gigabit, 4 ports USB 3.0, Port USB-C Thunderbolt 3, Port USB-C PD, Port Audio, Compatible avec MacBook/Pro, DELL, etc.: In
Station d'accueil USB C Dock usb c 2 Ports HDMI 4K, Lecteurs de carte SD, Port Mini Display, Port VGA, Port RJ45 Ethernet Gigabit, 4 ports USB 3.0, Port USB-C Thunderbolt 3, Port USB-C PD, Port Audio, Compatible avec MacBook/Pro, DELL, etc.: Informatique
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3 days ago by damli
Outline - Team wiki & documentation
Team wiki, documentation, meeting notes, playbooks, onboarding, work logs, brainstorming, & more
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10 days ago by ijy
Using USB devices with your Mac - Apple Support
Learn about connecting USB devices to your Mac.
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22 days ago by lgtout
Beak smart home hub
Beak is a new smart home hub armed with an IR blaster to control air conditioners and more (via 9to5Toys). Adding smartphone control to all of the devices in our home doesn’t require replacing everything, at least not according to a new smart hub called Beak. Armed with an IR blaster, Z-Wave and a long list of compatible gadgets, the hub can turn just about any home appliance from air conditioners to home theaters into a smart devices.

A single controller to command every device in your smart home has been the goal of just about every internet-connected hub we’ve seen recently introduced. And while most of them sport the same array of connections of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave and the like, not all of them can add some intelligence to typically “dumb” devices.
beak  homeautomation  hub  crossplatform  mobile 
23 days ago by cyberchucktx
Creating GitHub pull requests from the command-line with Hub
In this post I show how you can use Hub to create pull-requests on GitHub using the command line, and how to setup an alias to make creating PRs even easier
git  hub 
4 weeks ago by njr11

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