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PlacesForBikes City Ratings
PlacesForBikes is a data-driven approach to identifying the best U.S. cities and towns for bicycling to help city leaders pinpoint improvements, and make riding better for everyone. Using feedback from everyday bike riders, city staffers, open-source maps and publicly available data, it scores five key factors: Ridership, Safety, Network, Acceleration and Reach. Find out how your city/town rates.
hub  initiatives  transit 
6 days ago by ajturner
DIY Pelton Hydro Power with a 500W EBike Hub motor - YouTube
DIY Pelton Hydro Power with a 500W EBike Hub motor
DIY  Pelton  Hydro  Power  with  a  500W  EBike  Hub  motor  paddle  pedal  boat  1st 
21 days ago by kilroy2
One app to rule them all
app  mac  hub 
25 days ago by amrkal
Hubitat - Local Home Automation Hub
An alternative IoT hub that makes a point of NOT reaching for the cloud before it does anything. Keep your data local and operate your devices fast.
Hubitat  IoT  smarthome  hub  local  cloud  Security 
25 days ago by searchmeister
(38) Electric All Wheel Drive Fat Bike using the Grin All-Axle Hub Motor - YouTube
Electric All Wheel Drive Fat Bike using the Grin All-Axle Hub Motor
Electric  All  Wheel  Drive  Fat  Bike  using  the  Grin  All-Axle  Hub  Motor 
28 days ago by kilroy2
Working Bridges
Working Bridges is a business solution for job retention and decreased absenteeism that uses the workplace as a platform for social services. Through shared resources, employers can minimize employment barriers for their low-to-moderate wage workers and maximize the supports employees need to be successful and improve their lives.
United  way  working  bridges  rural  job  career  innovation  hub  vermont 
5 weeks ago by wmaceyka

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