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Huawei’s Google problem runs deep • The Information
Juro Osawa and Nick Bastone:
<p>Huawei executives underestimated the consequences of the Google ban. While the challenges of losing access to Google’s app store and maps were obvious, the executives hadn’t fully appreciated that most Android apps rely on Google’s services for everything from notifications to analytics to in-app purchases, said employees familiar with Huawei’s internal discussions.

The difficulties for Huawei show how tightly Google’s products are weaved into the mobile internet. In addition to making the Android operating system that powers more than 80% of mobile phones, including all Huawei smartphones. Google also operates high-profile internet services central to most phones, like YouTube and Google Maps.

Google also owns behind-the-scenes services, such as its mobile advertising network, that are key to many apps. Google’s control over the mobile ecosystem is expected to be one facet of the intensifying regulatory probes into the company’s dominance in the US and Europe. 

Since May—when sanctions took effect that prevent Huawei from using key Google services and other U.S. technologies—Huawei has encountered stark reminders of the American internet company’s ubiquity. The sanctions, put in place by the Trump administration because of national security concerns, blocked Huawei from Google Mobile Services, which include the Google Play app store, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube. Huawei is still able to use Android on its phones because the operating system is open source.

The sanctions quickly forced Huawei to look for ways to replace Google’s widespread services for Android apps. Some Huawei managers in the company’s consumer electronics division told The Information that they were surprised to learn how dependent Android apps are on Google tools for authenticating users, sending notifications, analyzing data, integrating mapping functions and making money from ads.</p>

On the one hand, Huawei's executives look pretty foolish not having realised the critical path in their system, and its vulnerability to disruption. On the other, who would have expected even three years ago that the US would pull the move it did? Even the arrival of Trump in late 2015 didn't look like it could trigger this outcome. (Though this is surely driven by the intelligence services and National Security Council, not Trump himself.)
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baut ein besseres Deutschland auf. Zumindest in . Ob das auch für 5G gilt? Ein Besuch im "Euro-Disney…
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5 days ago by p3k
When it comes to patents, quality always beats quantity: Demystifying cellular patents and licensing--Part 5
Fortunately, now there seems to be some realization of the perils of this simplistic approach to a complex issue. There have been reports recently about why the quality, not the quantity matters. For example, last month, the well known Japanese media house, Nikkei, published this story based on the analysis of Patent Result, a Tokyo-based research company. Even the Chair of the 3GPP RAN group, Mr. Balazs Bertenyi, published a blog highlighting how technology leadership is much beyond simple numbers.
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5 days ago by yorksranter
The Mobile Network » O2’s hidden 5G launch vendor – Huawei
We have also been told by one source that O2 requested an update for commercial General Availability software for the sites as recently as three months ago, although we have been unable to confirm that with O2. If true, this request dates to roughly the time that O2 was announcing it was going ahead only with Nokia and Ericsson.
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8 days ago by yorksranter
RT : is effectively an operating arm of the Chinese military, has stolen most of its intellectual property from…
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Nokia led the telecoms software and services market in 2018 - analysys mason Oct 2019
"The telecoms software and services (TSS) market grew by 1% between 2017 and 2018 to reach USD66.1 billion.1 The vendors that had the greatest market shares in 2017 were not equally exposed to the high-growth TSS markets in 2018. For example, Nokia performed well in fast-growing markets such as network orchestration and was able to jump ahead of Huawei and claim the top spot overall. This comment provides a broad perspective on TSS market drivers and the top vendors in the market, and examines market dynamics to help inform market players’ strategies."
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11 days ago by pierredv
China launches commercial 5G, but it’s a month late | FierceWireless
Originally, China tried to launch 5G with a Standalone 5G New Radio core. “That didn’t happen,” said Roger Entner, founder of Recon Analytics, who was in Shanghai for a Huawei Connect event two weeks before the 70th anniversary. “They (operators) moved heaven and earth to get it ready for October 1st and they were a month late,” he said. “It just shows you how difficult 5G actually is.”
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11 days ago by yorksranter
Swiss carrier Sunrise reaches 309 towns with 5G coverage
“A flawless 5G connection inside buildings is indispensable, especially for critical business applications like automating and monitoring production processes. To meet this need, Sunrise will provide ‘5G Indoor Coverage as a Service’, a solution based on installing LampSites on company premises, to its business customers as of today. By doing this, Sunrise will enable companies to build the foundation for tailored IoT solutions via networked sensors and machines,” Sunrise said in a release.
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