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I’m trying to make a Progressive Web App! Part 1: HTTPS
Set up HTTPS for your app(specifically progressive web app, but any app with nginx really)
PWAS  DigitalOcean  Server  HTTPS  howto  nginx 
3 days ago by lost_in_space
As of today, 82% of pages loaded in Chrome on Android are served over the secure protocol.🔐🔐

If your websit…
HTTPS  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by jheady
Automagical HTTPS with Docker and Go
It all starts with the acme/autocert package.
docker  golang  https  tls 
5 days ago by lidel
HTTPS in the real world | Robert Heaton
a good read about how HTTPS/TLS works from an operational point of view
encryption  https  tls  primer 
9 days ago by lidel

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