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🤷Who doesn't love a fantastic panel?!? We've got a great line-up of panelists tomorrow for wi…
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8 days ago by dshaw
This gem provides a convenient API for generating per-user self-signed root certificates.
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18 days ago by schmlblk
Introduction · This is QUIC
This book effort was started for real in March 2018. The plan is to document the QUIC protocol. Why, how it works, protocol details, the implementations and more.

The book is entirely free at no cost and is meant to be a collaborative effort involving anyone and everyone who wants to help out!
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5 weeks ago by wjy
Introduction · http2 explained
This is a detailed document describing HTTP/2 (RFC 7540), the background, concepts, protocol and something about existing implementations and what the future might hold.

See for the canonical home for this project.

See for the source code of all book contents.
http2  book  curl 
5 weeks ago by wjy
HTTP/2 - Github
This is the home page for HTTP/2, a major revision of the Web's protocol. It is maintained by the IETF HTTP Working Group.
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6 weeks ago by brunsnik

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