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Setup XAMPP with http2/SSL on localhost
Recommended XAMPP Configuration with localhost http2/SSL, best for web developer
xampp  http2 
4 days ago by stuarth
An HTTP Status Code for Indicating Hints
This memo introduces an informational HTTP status code that can be used to convey hints that help a client make preparations for processing the final response.
16 days ago by muffinista
Falcon - A modern high-performance web server for Ruby, supporting HTTP/2 and HTTPS out of the box.
Falcon is a multi-process, multi-fiber rack-compatible HTTP server built on top of async, async-io, async-container and async-http. Each request is run within a lightweight fiber and can block on up-stream requests without stalling the entire server process. Supports HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 natively.
ruby  http  http2  http-server  server  gem  github  library 
29 days ago by newtonapple
A Comprehensive Guide To HTTP/2 Server Push — Smashing Magazine
The landscape for the performance-minded developer has changed significantly in the last year or so, with the emergence of HTTP/2 being perhaps the most significant of all. No longer is HTTP/2 a feature we pine for. It has arrived, and with it comes server push!
Aside from solving common HTTP/1 performance problems (e.g., head of line blocking and uncompressed headers), HTTP/2 also gives us server push! Server push allows you to send site assets to the user before they've even asked for them. It’s an elegant way to achieve the performance benefits of HTTP/1 optimization practices such as inlining, but without the drawbacks that come with that practice.
29 days ago by jonasbehmer
Our journey from WebSockets to HTTP/2 – Building
The new HTTP protocol version landed with the promise to fix a bunch of HTTP/1.1 issues — a lot of cool features, all aimed to increase performance, perceived rendering time and providing an exit…
http2  websockets 
29 days ago by jonasbehmer

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