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A comparison of Microservices Frameworks
Comparison of frameworks (Dropwizard, Vertx, Spring Boot, Restlet, Spark + Unirest) when used to implement a microservice.
java  framework  microframework  rest  internet  web  http  https  ssl  technology  comparison  choice  programming  software 
10 hours ago by avinash
Insomnia REST Client
"Debug APIs like a human, not a robot. Finally, a REST client you'll love."
webdev  http  rest  api  client  debugging  foss  tool 
13 hours ago by sometimesfood
for-GET/http-decision-diagram: An activity diagram to describe the resolution of HTTP response status codes, given various headers.
An activity diagram to describe the resolution of HTTP response status codes, given various headers, implemented via semantical callbacks.
2 days ago by theory
mitmproxy - home
Console tool for intercepting network traffic.
proxy  networking  http  tools 
2 days ago by adambyrtek

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