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Let's Stop Building APIs Around a Network Hack | APIs You Won't Hate - A community that cares about API design and development.
JSON:API has been one of the most popular standards for API development for a while now. It was conceived in 2013, battled through some...
phil_sturgeon  grpc  graphql  jsonapi  netapinotes  hypermedia  http/2  bson  protobuf 
6 weeks ago by mreinbold
HTTP/2 Test | A simple HTTP/2.0 test tool
Online HTTP/2 test - Quickly test if the URL is delivered via the new HTTP/2.0 protocol.
http/2  http  protocol  web  performance  http2  test  tool  webtools 
april 2019 by iaeon
Will WebSocket survive HTTP/2?
HTTP/2 is poised to eliminate much of the waste that developers deal with. Multiplexed connections will eliminate the need to bundle JavaScript libraries together. But is HTTP/2 a panacea to all our problems? What about WebSocket? Allan Denis tells us what HTTP/2 is good at and debunks some myths about what it can do.
HTTP/2  websockets 
january 2019 by spdaly

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