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The MVC platform – the HtmlHelper class (part I) : LA.NET [EN]
After a long break, it’s time to go back to the MVC framework study. And today I’ll start from where I’ve stopped last time: the helpers. Today, I’m going to start talking about the HtmlHelper class which has lots of methods that you can use on your views for generating HTML.
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september 2019 by vegarev
c# - Unit testing HtmlHelper extension method fails - Stack Overflow
public static class MvcHelper
public static HtmlHelper<TModel> GetHtmlHelper<TModel>(TModel inputDictionary)
var viewData = new ViewDataDictionary<TModel>(inputDictionary);
var mockViewContext = new Mock<ViewContext> { CallBase = true };
mockViewContext.Setup(c => c.ViewData).Returns(viewData);
mockViewContext.Setup(c => c.HttpContext.Items).Returns(new Hashtable());

return new HtmlHelper<TModel>(mockViewContext.Object, GetViewDataContainer(viewData));

public static IViewDataContainer GetViewDataContainer(ViewDataDictionary viewData)
var mockContainer = new Mock<IViewDataContainer>();
mockContainer.Setup(c => c.ViewData).Returns(viewData);
return mockContainer.Object;
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july 2015 by tulbox
ASP.NET MVC Helper - MoreLessText
James Curran announces a useful ASP.NET MVC helper that truncates text and adds a link to display the remaining text via jQuery.
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may 2014 by jongalloway
Practical Recursion in ASP.NET Web Pages with WebMatrix
Interesting post from Mike Brind looking at the use of recursive functions and Razor helpers in ASP.NET Web Pages.
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february 2013 by jongalloway
ASP.NET MVC–How to show asterisk after required field label
Gunnar Peipman blogs about an HTML helper for ASP.NET MVC that shows an asterisk after the label for each required field.
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june 2012 by jongalloway
c# - MVC3 HtmlHelpers using Generics and LINQ - Stack Overflow
讲到如何对HtmlHelpers进行扩展的问题。可以参考一下地说。2012年5月22日 22:23:22
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may 2012 by bnpysse
MVC Data URI HTML Helper
Dean Hume blogs about an HTML Helper which creates Data URIs from images if the user's browser supports them.
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november 2011 by jongalloway

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