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Web Audio Modem
Lately, I've been working with a client where my development computer is not connected to the Internet. This is a huge inconvenience, as the unavailability of Google and Stack Overflow vastly impact my productivity. Only recently have I begun to grasp how much of my time is actually spent copy/pasting between Visual Studio and the browser.

My office also features an Internet connected laptop and my development computer expose 3,5 mm jack sockets for audio devices. And thus my problems can be solved! Here's how I made a modem for closing the gap with Web Audio.
audio  fun  retro  web  html5 
yesterday by deusx
HTML5 API demos
HTML5 API demos is a repository where you can find information about many JavaScript and HTML5 APIs.

For every API listed in this repository you'll find a link to the specifications, an article I've written on the subject, a link to CanIUse to discover what browsers support it, and to a demo I've developed as a complement for the articles. The demos are particularly valuable because they allow you to play with the these JavaScript and HTML5 APIs
github  html5  repository  demos  browserbased  browser  crossplatform  javascript 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
Admin-on-rest - Documentation
A SPA backend admin framework like ActiveAdmin but interacts with REST endpoints.
html5  javascript  react  dashboard  admin  activeadmin 
3 days ago by ivar
phoboslab/jsmpeg-vnc: A low latency, high framerate screen sharing server for Windows and client for browsers
jsmpeg-vnc - A low latency, high framerate screen sharing server for Windows and client for browsers
vnc  html5 
3 days ago by e2b
HTML Editor, Website & Web Design Software | CoffeeCup Software
Leader in Responsive Web Design Tools and HTML Software. Try our HTML Editor, innovative Responsive Email Designer or Responsive Prototyping Software today.
web-development  html  html5  online-stores 
3 days ago by SierraEchoHotel
Single and parallel requests with retrying and error handling.
http  javascript  node  html5 
3 days ago by johnloy
HTML 5.2: 4.10. Forms
📝 use of <h1>-<h6> in <legend> 👌🏽in
<legend><h2>control group label</h2></legend>
HTML5  from twitter_favs
3 days ago by coltcha
CodeMirror is a versatile text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser. It is specialized for editing code, and comes with a number of language modes and addons that implement more advanced editing functionality.
code  via:jimmyd  html5  editor  javascript 
3 days ago by vrt
Professional HTML5 banners and HTML5 web banners with BannersMall
For over 14 years, Banners Mall has been providing with some of the finest banner designs to clients over 6 countries. For us, customer satisfaction is very important and we have been successful in achieving 12000+ super happy customers.

Being a graphic and web designing company, we have been actively involved with all kind of banners including HTML5 banner design, HTML5 animated banners and web banners. In this digital age, it is vital to create responsive ads. HTML5 banners and animated ads proves to be beneficial as they have replaced the traditional ”one size fit all” ads and are more responsive and flexible.
html5  banner  design  banners  animated  web  ads 
3 days ago by ArjunDoto

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