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kuncajs/Less-Appcache: Framework which enables to create dynamic HTML5 appcaches (in style like LESS enhance CSS).
Framework which enables to create appcaches in style like LESS.js enhance CSS. Allows dynamic creation of application manifests.

It is distributed under Apache licence.

Application manifest
Every offline web application concentrates on a cache manifest file. The manifest file is a list of all the files the application has to download and store and also a set of rules how the application should behave when it reaches an unavailable resource.

How it works?
It is an extension of the language of manifest files and also a processing tool capable of parsing these files and generate proper appcache manifests completely written in Java SE 7. Files should use .lesscache extension to determine extension of .appcache/.manifest file.

Key features
add resources dynamically by regular expressions or globs
use @import to create modules to make offline just parts of your complex applications offline
checks whether resources really exist and warns user if they do not, that a typo might occur
create version comment based on last modified file of listed resources
checks syntax and errors in appcache (multiply defined namespaces in fallback and more...)
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Application Cache is a Douchebag · An A List Apart Article
by Jake Archibald May 08, 2012

Published in Application Development, HTML, JavaScript

Good morning! Over in “castle Lanyrd” we recently launched our mobile site, which caches data on events you’re attending for viewing offline. I’ve boiled the offline bits down to a simple demo and posted all the code on Github. But before we delve into the code, let me tell you a true story. Totally true.

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I was at a party, one where the guests were mostly strangers to one another. I was part of a little huddle that was awkwardly trying to make introductions. A rather pretty lady turned to one of the shyer members of the group, introduced herself as “Dev,” and asked “So, what do you do then?”

“Oh, I’m the LocalStorage” he replied, shuffling uncomfortably. “I provide a scripting interface for text storage maintained across pages and browser sessions.”

“Yeah, he’s basically a shelf!” interrupted another. The group tittered at LocalStorage’s expense. I stayed silent, as I’d come to know this guy pretty well.

Another member of the group piped up. “Hi, I’m ApplicationCache,” he said, as he reached over to shake Dev’s hand. “I turn your offline experience from sucks-ass, to success. Just one extra file, and bosh! It works. No fuss, no ‘scripting’ necessary.” Yes, he did finger-quotes while saying ‘scripting.’ I’m gritting my teeth at this point, because I know he’s greatly exaggerating his abilities and the others don’t see it. However, if I call “bullshit” on it I’ll seem like the jerk.

I felt bad for not doing anything on that completely real evening. It’s painful to see articles that praise ApplicationCache’s ease of use, written by people who’ve clearly only met him in passing. I must set the record straight: I’m here to tell you ApplicationCache is a douchebag.
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Dynamically adding text tracks to HTML5 video - Ian Devlin :: Web Developer
In the past I have written on how the track element can be used to add captions and subtitles to HTML5 video, but this, and many other examples around the web, used a static example. But what if you need to load this information dynamically? This is what I’m going to take a quick look at here.
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23 hours ago by siggiarni
ide online basado en eclipse-che y docker
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yesterday by pacoalcaide
5 Open Source HTML5 Video Players for 2018 – Bits and Pieces
When HTML5 introduced the <video> and <audio> tags, they made your media files genuinely accessible to the Internet. HTML5 videos are fast replacing Flash Player and other similar third-party media…
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yesterday by HusseinMorsy
Happier HTML5 Form Validation
"a solution that works with only 6 lines of code." - Dave Rupert
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3 days ago by marius.marinescu

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