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Why “Good Jobs” Are Good for Retailers
Research on why investing in employees and their well-being is a good idea for retailers.
ESB6  ch18  HRM  employees  employment  benefits  pay 
10 weeks ago by jeromekatz
Training Load: Example Charts: All you need to know about reading training load charts | SportTracks
In this post we're going to turn to some examples so you get a better feel for how training load charts look: Why constant training leads to diminishing improvement Increase performance with base building and recovery How to overtrain and injure yourself in one chart Putting it together with the taper
running  hrm 
10 weeks ago by cjparsons1
Joe Friel’s Quick Guide to Setting Zones | TrainingPeaks

This guide to setting your zones corretly will teach you how to get the intensity of your workouts dialed in for your heart rate monitor, power meter, and runner’s speed and distance device such as a GPS or accelerometer.
running  hrm 
11 weeks ago by cjparsons1
Understanding the Small Business Presence in Patent-Intensive Industries – SBA's Office of Advocacy
In industries with the highest patent activity, small businesses are getting a below-average number of patents, and am employing a below-average number of people.
ESB6  ch17  ch18  HRM  hiring  stats  statistics  patent  patents  contrarian 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
Small Business Facts: Finding Qualified Workers – SBA's Office of Advocacy
The number of firms reporting job positions they are having trouble filling in 2018 was up to 38 percent. NFIB data and US Labor.
ESB6  ch18  HRM  hiring  problems  shortage 
september 2018 by jeromekatz
The Ups and Downs of Small Business Employment: Big Data on Payroll Growth and Volatility | JPMorgan Chase Institute
In particular, publicly available aggregate data provide an incomplete view of the ways in which employment in the sector shapes the financial well-being of small business owners and their employees. Downloaded the PDF report
ESB6  ch1  ch3  ch18  HRM  employees  employment  data  surveys  reports 
july 2018 by jeromekatz
Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast | TechCrunch
In the end an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value. Gerstner quote. Drucker's idea, Eventbrite example.
ESB6  ch7  ch18  culture  strategy  HRM  MIT  Drucker  vignette  example 
june 2018 by jeromekatz
Business Plan Risks -
Classic risks: product (can't be created), market (don't want to buy or buys more slowly), people (can't get the right employees), financial (run out or mismanage money), competitive (existing competitors respond or new competitors emerge). Add not in the article, but important nonetheless - environmental (recession, government regulation, natural disasters, etc.), scaling/replication (you can make it yourself, but can't mass produce it or transfer the knowledge to others).
ESB6  MGT421  MGT621  risk  riskmanagement  risks  businessplan  businessplans  HRM  financial  environment  competition 
april 2018 by jeromekatz
Google Spent 2 Years Studying 180 Teams. The Most Successful Ones Shared These 5 Traits - StumbleUpon
(1) Dependability, (2) Stricture & clarity, (3) Meaning, (4) Impact, (5) Psychological Safety
ESB6  teams  ch18  HRM  perfromance  highperformance  team  Google 
december 2017 by jeromekatz

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