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When Best Practice Isn’t Good Enough: Large Campaigns of Phishing Attacks in Middle East and North Africa Target Privacy-Conscious Users
A new report from Amnesty International details how hackers have been able to successfully phish "hundreds of Google and Yahoo" email accounts in a campaign focusing on users in the MENA region. Users of email providers Tutanota and ProtonMail were also targeted in another campaign.

Motherboard reports: "If you’re an at risk user, that extra two-factor security code sent to your phone may not be enough to protect your email account. Hackers can bypass these protections, as we’ve seen with leaked NSA documents on how Russian hackers targeted US voting infrastructure companies. But a new Amnesty International report gives more insight into how some hackers break into Gmail and Yahoo accounts at scale, even those with two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled. They do this by automating the entire process, with a phishing page not only asking a victim for their password, but triggering a 2FA code that is sent to the target’s phone. That code is also phished, and then entered into the legitimate site so the hacker can login and steal the account. The news acts as a reminder that although 2FA is generally a good idea, hackers can still phish certain forms of 2FA, such as those that send a code or token over text message, with some users likely needing to switch to a more robust method."

+ Certfa last week published a report on "the latest wave of organized phishing attacks by Iranian state-backed hackers," with targets including "individuals who are involved in economic and military sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as politicians, civil and human rights activists and journalists around the world."
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RT : Today is the trial for Taner Kılıç along with the . He was rearrested in February after bei…
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Travel guide to the digital world #4: Encryption policy for human rights defenders - @GlobalPartnersD
A new guide for human rights defenders by Global Partners Digital explores all facets of encryption - policy debates, the technology itself, and why it's important for human rights. Check out the guide and listen to a podcast on the matter at the above link.
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#Egypt Hearing of #HRD Alaa Abdel Fatah @alaa, sentenced to 15 years in prison, postponed to 10 Sept Release him now!
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Information on Google App Engine's recent US datacenter relocations - Google Groups
or, really, 'why we had some glitches and outages recently'. A few interesting tidbits about GAE innards though (via Bill De hOra)
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Transit and Transit-Oriented Development: The Sweet Spot for Jobs
There is now a raft of evidence that transit, transit-oriented development (TOD), and smart growth policies that give people more choice about how to get around are also proven winners for creating the most new jobs.
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Design Commission - Design Review - Calendar of Meetings
In order to plant at Grant's Tomb, must present to Public Design Commission first.
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