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Как работает налоговый консультант одной из аудиторских компаний «Большой четвёрки»
О семизначных зарплатах, сточасовой рабочей неделе, престижных клиентах и будущей карьере в госсекторе.
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RT : Friendly, hard-working & Service seek a HR
to join us!

Work will be varied, supporting a rang…
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3 days ago by dhilton
How to Manage an Employee Who’s Having a Personal Crisis
We all have life events that distract us from work from time to time — an ailing family member, a divorce, the death of a friend. You can’t expect someone to be at their best at such times. But as a manager what can you expect? How can you support the person to take care of themselves emotionally while also making sure they are doing their work (or as much of it as they are able to)?
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4 days ago by chrishicksemf
From Technical Expert to Manager - Management Skills from Mind Tools
So, you finally earned the promotion you dreamed about. Because of your technical expertise and your ability to reach performance goals consistently, your organization made you a manager.
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4 days ago by chrishicksemf
Employee Surveys Are Still One of the Best Ways to Measure Engagement
If people don’t fill out the HR survey, there’s a higher chance they’re about to punch-out: “People who don’t fill out either of our two annual surveys are 2.6 times more likely to leave in the next six months.”
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5 days ago by cote

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