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Go Fast Go Slow - gracerene - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
It's eight o'clock on Christmas Eve, and Harry's still not shown up for their date.

hp  hp:drarry  1k+  post:hogwarts  auror:Harry  healer:Draco  smut 
10 hours ago by elm1223
I could be wrong, I could be ready - Chapter 1 - harryromper - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry Potter left Britain after the war and didn’t look back. Ten years later, when Gringotts discovers a vault containing his parents’ belongings—including their badly spell-damaged wedding rings—he’s forced to face up to friends and family who’ve grown in ways he could never imagine, a wizarding London rebuilt beyond his expectations, and the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the entirely unforeseen problem of Draco Malfoy.

Featuring pureblood wizarding traditions, ancestral magic, open mic nights, marriage equality, a diner in Brooklyn, and the return of Fleamont Potter.
fic  hp  bigbang  hp:ewe  harrypotter  dracomalfoy  futurefic  harry/draco  kidfic  rating:r 
13 hours ago by starwire
the dogfather
A story that asks the question: what if Harry had been adopted by lovely and loving Muggles instead of left to rot with his dreadful aunt and uncle?
hp  remus/sirius  via:pru 
yesterday by eponymousanon
Star Quality by who_la_hoop [Archive of Our Own]
Two years after the war, and Harry’s content with his life. OK, so it’s a little annoying that he keeps winning Witch Weekly’s Most Eligible Bachelor award, and he’s really not looking forward to the unveiling of an enormous gold statue of himself, but he loves his friends, and he loves being an Auror. And if he yearns for something more, something he can barely bring himself to think about, well, he’ll probably get over it. No one’s happy all the time, are they?

But then everything changes, and Harry’s thrown into a new and dazzling world he’s not sure he can actually escape from. And as time goes on, he starts to wonder: does he actually want to?
100k-120k  hp  harry/draco  1901  a.who_la_hoop 
2 days ago by pastself
Fanfic: Patron Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction
In an Alternate Universe where muggleborns are a tiny minority and stuck as third-class citizens, formally aligning herself with her best friend, the famous boy-who-lived, seemed a good idea. It did a lot to help Hermione's status in the exotic society of a fantastic world so very different from her own. And it allowed both of them to fight for a better life and better Britain.
harry/hermione  hp  alternatereality  unread  char:hermione 
3 days ago by floatondown
Fanfic: The Casebook of Harry Potter Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction
Daphne Greengrass wouldn't realise that a chance encounter at the age of eleven could have led her to have a life of adventure. Fourteen years later she meets Harry Potter again, this time over a dead body, but will she walk away or stay? He's a consulting detective and she's a healer, worlds apart from some, but for others, it could be just the beginning. AU.
char:harry  gen  hp  harry+daphne  unread  mystery 
3 days ago by floatondown
Galas, Kisses and Cake - gracie137 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco can't remember why he still goes to gala after tedious-as-fuck gala. Then he spots Harry Potter and recalls exactly why he still attends every last one of them.
hp  hp:drarry  1k+  post:hogwarts 
4 days ago by elm1223
Thicker than the Water of the Womb by Colubrina
The Ministry declares Lucius and Narcissa unfit parents and sends Draco to live with Andromeda. This changes a lot of things. <3
hp  jan-19  via:victoria.p 
5 days ago by stlkrchck
the dogfather by hollimichele
How have I never read this before! A story that asks the question: what if Harry had been adopted by lovely and loving Muggles instead of left to rot with his dreadful aunt and uncle? I love this story a lot, and when I got to the end I was aching for more, but the narrative leaves you at a point where you can let your imagination carry you the rest of the way into a brilliant, very different trajectory for the Harry Potter stories. Absolutely delightful.
hp  remus/sirius 
5 days ago by pru
Femme Fatale Chapter 1
Draco Malfoy's new position as an Auror for the British Ministry throws him head first into a hunt for a serial killer. Working with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, he sets out to catch the killer as well as entering into a romantic relationship with their other colleague, Hermione Granger. Murder mystery with a side helping of Dramione romance.
mystery  unread  hermione/draco  hp 
5 days ago by floatondown
TtH • Series • A Brane of Extraordinary Women
In Alex Mack’s universe – a universe without magic – there is also a Hermione Granger. A teen Hermione who has her own Ron and Harry. A Hermione who will have to deal with their very own He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named…
alternatereality  alternateuniverse  char:hermione  unread  hp  crossover!  nomagic!  scifiau! 
5 days ago by floatondown
Cousin Harry by Nicnac
She had been dating Dudley Dursley for almost six months when the topic of Cousin Harry came up the first time.

Very sweet series. Dudley marries and has a magical child. Told from outsider POV for both stories
hp  outsider_pov  dudleydursley  futurefic  Nicnac  4star  via:ratcreature 
7 days ago by Meri_oddities
Holding Out by <user name="bigblackdog" site="AO3">
AU where Sirius and Remus grab Harry off the Dursleys' doorstep to raise him on their own, and how they're handling it in the aftermath of James and Lily's deaths. The sequel (https://archiveofourown.org/works/17062427) Put to Flight, is lovely too, about Remus and his Catholic guilt.
hp  jan-19 
7 days ago by victoria.p
Thicker than the Water of the Womb by Colubrina
The Ministry declares Lucius and Narcissa unfit parents and sends Draco to live with Andromeda. This changes a lot of things. <3
hp  jan-19 
8 days ago by victoria.p
HP's New EliteBook x360 830 G5 Is a Sleek 2-in-1 with a Blinding Display
A standout feature of the new 13.3-inch notebook is its optional Sure View screen, which HP claims to be the most luminous panel on a business 2-in-1. With a blinding peak brightness rated at 1,000 nits, the EliteBook x360 830 G5's reaches the same levels as some high-end HDR TVs.
hp  pc  gadgetluv 
9 days ago by jasonsamuels
Fic: dirtynumbangelboy [harry/draco, hp]
After Harry’s unfortunate encounter with his ex, Draco Malfoy makes him a proposition. Draco wants his parents to stop matchmaking him and Harry wants to make his ex jealous. All they need to do is simply pretend they’re in love. Problem is… Draco already is.
hp  pairing:harry.potter/draco.malfoy  author:magpie_fngrl  (content:ewe)  (content:fake.dating)  (content:pining)  (content:get.together)  [type:hd_erised]  [rating:no.pants]  (words:35001-45k) 
9 days ago by midnightbex
you've got the antidote for me by Kandakicksass
"When Harry Potter unintentionally severs their soulbond before it can fully form, Draco Malfoy resigns himself to a slow death and decides not to burden Harry with a soulmate he's made it very clear he doesn't want.

"He's never been selfless before, but for Harry, he can try." [HP/DM]
HP  R  medium  Draco.Malfoy  Harry.Potter  spoils-DH  soulmates  angst  illness/disability 
11 days ago by adevyish

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