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Dangerous Wizards and Where to Find Them by [Anonymous]
Rey and Chewie take a wrong turn on the way to Ach-To and end up at Hogwarts instead, where Rey learns a little bit about magic. This is a delight from start to finish.
starwars  hp  xovers  oct-18 
8 hours ago by victoria.p
Running on Air - Chapter 1 - eleventy7 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
yesterday by niniblack
vagaries and vicissitudes by aud_k
Summary: When Harry is nine, Aunt Petunia takes a pair of shears to his head.

|| The pics are amazing.
fanfic  hp  gen  transformation  Harry_Potter  ao3  words:<5.000  fanart  abuse  via:Carnadosa 
yesterday by hatinjacket
Time Turned Back by TaraSoleil
182,032 words. Summary: Broken and angry after losing Sirius fifth year, Harry recklessly puts himself in harms way, dragging Hermione along for the ride. Now they are stuck in another time with some all too familiar faces. Will the time with lost loved ones heal Harry or end up doing more damage?
HP  AU  TimeTravel  TaraSoleil  Unread 
2 days ago by Meri_oddities
Strange Reflections
In the aftermath of the Second Blood War its horrors still haunt the survivors, the country needs to be rebuilt and the last thing Harry Potter needed was a family of Potters from another dimension suddenly appearing.
future  unread  char:potters  hp  timewarp!  post-war  canondivergence 
2 days ago by floatondown
You Poked A Dragon
The loss of someone closest to Harry shows why the Hogwarts motto is apropos. He now has two missions in life, missions which would make any dragon proud; fierce care of what means the most to him and revenge against those who would do him or his harm. See how he handles the burdens of the end of 6th Year and The Hunt with these new mantras.
harry/hermione  angsty  hp  characterdeath:major  wip  war!  canondivergence 
3 days ago by floatondown
Edmond O'Donald
VC: REBIRTH BEGINS DURING THE SUMMER BEFORE HARRY & HERMIONES' Seventh Year FOLLOWING MISSANNTHROPICS' STORY: VOX CORPORIS. The story will take the two of them through the end of their 7th year. There will be an end-of-life epilogue. Please review!
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Harry P., Hermione G. - Chapters: 26 - Words: 319,
companionpiece!  canondivergence  hp  unread  establishedrelationship  harry/hermione  hogwarts 
3 days ago by floatondown
The year is 1943. The Chamber lies unopened and Grindlewald roams unchecked. Neither Tom Riddle nor Albus Dumbledore is satisfied with the situation. Luckily when Hogwarts is attacked they'll both have other things to worry about.
timewarp!  char:harry  time:1900wars  alternatereality  unread  char:tomriddle  hp  pre-canon  c:50-100k  hogwarts 
3 days ago by floatondown
Fixing ESXi 6.5 On HPE G7 Servers - Muffin's Lab
So official DL360G7 support is up to 6.0U3 and it seems there is a bad smx vib that's the cause of PSOD on upgrade to 6.5 or 6.7 it seems, which must be removed from a custom ISO.
HP  DL360  G7  server  VMware  ESXi  6.5  6.7  bug 
5 days ago by asteroza
Advisory: (Revision) HPE Solid State Drives and M.2 Drives - FIRMWARE UPGRADE REQUIRED - Potential Data Integrity Issue on Certain SATA Solid State Drives or M.2 Drives After an Unexpected Power Loss
Certain HPE SATA-based Solid State Drives (SSD) or M.2 Series Drives running with drive firmware HPG6 (or earlier), may be affected by a potential data integrity issue during numerous unexpected power cycles and if a SATA link error is immediately followed with asynchronous power loss, there may be a failure to properly flush all cached data to NAND.

HPE has released firmware version HPG8, which corrects the anomaly described above.
hp  hardware  storage  ssd  advisory 
6 days ago by some_hren
Advisory: (Revision) HPE ProLiant Gen9 Servers - Servers May Stay Powered Off Instead of Rebooting After SPP Offline Updates That Include a Smart Array CPLD Update as Part of the Smart Array Firmware Update
When the Smart Array controller firmware is updated to a version greater than or equal to version 4.52, the Smart Array CPLD code will also be updated. This new Smart Array CPLD (version 0x02) code change was developed to improve data retention when power loss occurs and there was data left in the controller cache. Due to the nature of the Smart Array CPLD chip technology, the new code activation requires a removal of power (a warm reboot is not sufficient).

When the Smart Array firmware upgrade is performed and the smart component detects that a Smart Array CPLD update is required, a special feature of the HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO) controller is activated to remove the system "AUX power" at the next system reboot. This is intended to activate the new Smart Array CPLD firmware code. As a result of the AUX power-cycle, iLO 4 will also be reset; this is expected behavior and by design.

When the Smart Array firmware upgrade is performed in an offline mode (i.e., when booting a server from the SPP .ISO image) there is a side effect from the Smart Array CPLD firmware update in such a way that after the update, the server stays powered off instead of rebooting. This issue does not occur when the Smart Array firmware update component is run online from Windows, Linux or VMware; it only occurs when using the offline method (boot from SPP).
hp  hardware  proliant  ilo  smartarray  advisory 
6 days ago by some_hren
Advisory: (Revision) HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) – How to Format the NAND Used to Store AHS logs, OneView Profiles, and Intelligent Provisioning
Many of the methods below require an .XML file (which needs to be created and named "Force_Format.xml").
The content of the .XML file needs to be similar to the following, with the iLO administrator username and password replaced for Administrator and Password on line 2:

HPONCFG <bay #> << end_marker
<LOGIN USER_LOGIN="adminname" PASSWORD="password">
<RIB_INFO MODE="write">

The iLO 4 firmware version must be 2.44 or newer. Download the most recent version available on HPE.com as follows:

Click the following link:

If the server is powered on when performing the NAND format, a server reboot is required after a successful NAND format. This reboot repopulates the RIS and RESTful data on the server during the next server POST with iLO 4 firmware version 2.53 or newer installed.

NAND Format Method 5: Linux or VMware (Local Format)

Download and install HPONCFG on the local server or a remote Windows host or client. To download the utility:

Click the following link:

Place the "Force_Format.xml" file (described in the prerequisites section above) in the folder with the utility. The default location is /opt/hp/tools.
Format the NAND usinghponcfg from the /opt/hp/tools directory. The command below assumes the .xml file is named Force_Format.xml.
./hponcfg -I Force_Format.xml

When the format completes successfully, there will be a message similar to the following: "Script succeeded for IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX."
hp  hardware  troubleshoot  ilo 
6 days ago by some_hren
Advisory: (Revision) HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) - HPE Active Health System (AHS) Logs and HPE OneView Profiles May Be Unavailable Causing iLO Self-Test Error 8192, Embedded Media Manager and Other Errors
On an HPE Gen8-series or HPE ProLiant Gen9-series servers with HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4), the NAND flash device may not initialize or mount properly, which may cause a variety of symptoms, which are listed below:
Any HPE ProLiant Gen8-series or HPE ProLiant Gen9-series server running iLO 4.

The resolution for this issue may take several steps that need to be completed in the order specified below.


Step 1) Upgrade the iLO 4 firmware to version 2.61
Step 2) Perform a NAND format
Step 3) Check the iLO status If the iLO status is normal, then skip to Step 6 If the iLO status is still degraded, continue to Step 4
Step 4) Schedule downtime; AC power-cycle and repeat the NAND format
Step 5) Check the iLO status If the iLO status is normal, continue to
Step 6 If the iLO status is still degraded, then skip to Step 7
Step 6) Perform these final steps if the system board does not need to be replaced: Reboot the server; reinstall IP; and refresh the server in OneView (if server is managed by OneView)
Step 7) If steps 1-4 did not resolve the degraded iLO, replace the system board.

Note: The 2.61 iLO 4 firmware is a critical update. As such, HPE requires users to update to this version immediately. Install this update to take advantage of significant improvements to the write algorithm for the embedded 4 GB non-volatile flash memory (also known as the NAND). These improvements increase the NAND lifespan.

Step 1. Upgrade the iLO 4 firmware to version 2.61. To download the firmware. The latest version of the iLO 4 firmware is available as follows:

Note: For ESXi hosts booting from the Embedded SD Card (Gen8/Gen9)- it is strongly recommended to perform this step with the ESXi OS shutdown.

Click the following link:

Enter a product name (e.g., "iLO 4") in the text field under Enter a Product Name or Number.

Step 2. Perform NAND format using one of the methods detailed in the customer advisory: using one of the methods detailed in the customer advisory: HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) - How to Format the NAND Used to Store AHS logs, OneView Profiles, and Intelligent Provisioning
Find the document at:

hp  hardware  troubleshoot  ilo 
6 days ago by some_hren

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