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TypeScript 2.4: Weak Type Detection | Marius Schulz
TypeScript 2.4 introduced the concept of weak types. Here's how weak type detection can help you avoid silent bugs.
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19 hours ago by jimthedev
SDR as a Police and Fire radio scanner
If you’ve lost interest in that DVB dongle you bought to give software defined radio a try you should bust it back out. [Harrison Sand] just finished a guide on how to use SDR to listen in on…
433mhz  rtlsdr  howto 
19 hours ago by freshcoast
How to Make a $19 Police Scanner
A comprehensive guide to creating an inexpensive trunked radio scanner.
hardware  howto  433mhz  rtlsdr 
19 hours ago by freshcoast
What To Do If You've Been Doxed
The good news is that doxing is against the Terms of Service of just about every web platform I can think of. So you can report the doxing to the platform, they'll usually suspend the person’s account, or force them to take the post down or delete the post in question. But if you’re facing really coordinated harassment, sometimes by that time it’s too late, because they can amass a troll army at that point. They can keep changing platforms. That's why it's good to have a plan, and a backup person who will be your right hand in an emergency. If you’re being doxed, it can sometimes be in conjunction with something else terrible that’s happening to you. So you want to be able to get some distance from the whole situation
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21 hours ago by jonippolito

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