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Urbanizing the Town Center of Columbia, Maryland
Will Macht,2018/03/12: "When the Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) inherited control of the pioneering mixed-use town center of Columbia, Maryland, in 2010, the company became steward of the task of urbanizing Columbia’s still-suburban downtown for a city that had grown to a population of 99,615. ..."
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march 2018 by frankhecker
Year dedicated to keeping an eye on the town [Baltimore Sun]
[December 28, 2003, page 1B]: "At 4 on a fall morning, Mary and Al Pivar were sitting in the eighth hour of a Howard County Zoning Board hearing, staving off sleep, determined to endure the final statements on a proposal to significantly develop downtown Columbia.

A few weeks earlier, the couple spent an entire weekend with the Columbia Association board of directors, watching its every move during a budget workshop. Al Pivar sat for so long that he got leg cramps.

With their never-ending energy, endurance and commitment to following issues pertinent to Columbia, the Pivars are among the town's most keen watchdogs - epitomizing the type of grass-roots spirit for which the planned community's early residents are known."
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april 2017 by civilityandtruth
Where Howard Hughes Goes From Here After $90M Columbia TIF Approval - Mixed-Use
"The future of Downtown Columbia took a huge step forward last week when the Howard County Council approved $90M in tax-increment financing for Howard Hughes Corp, downtown's master developer."
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march 2017 by frankhecker
Brief Economic Facts - Howard County, Maryland
From the Maryland Department of Commerce. Does *not* include statistics on commercial real estate and office space.
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september 2016 by frankhecker
The Future of Howard County, MD | Bisnow
Summary article on Howard County from a development/business perspective
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september 2016 by frankhecker
Inner Arbor receives markups from county - Baltimore Sun
July 7, 2014: The Inner Arbor Trust's plan for an arts park in Columbia's Symphony Woods has received a 19-page markup requesting a series of edits from Howard County's Department of Planning and Zoning, a step officials from both sides say is standard procedure for a project of this size and complexity.
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december 2015 by civilityandtruth
Howard Planning Board tables decision on Columbia arts park - Baltimore Sun
November 7, 2014: The leaders and proponents of the Inner Arbor Plan have waited almost two years for approval to begin building a cultural arts park in downtown Columbia's Symphony Woods.

So what's another two weeks?

On Thursday, the Howard County Planning Board deferred its decision on whether to approve the Inner Arbor Trust's site development plans for the park to Nov. 20. The controversial plan, which was introduced last year, proposes building a series of cultural venues connected by a system of meandering pathways north of Merriweather Post Pavilion. The plan is estimated to cost $30 million and will be built on 16 acres of woodlands. 
innerarbor  innerarbortrust  howardcounty  planningboard  merriweatherpark  symphonywoods  joshtzuker  michaelmccall  downtowncolumbia  baltimoresun  2014 
december 2015 by civilityandtruth
Inner Arbor plans 'wow' Howard Co. design panel - Baltimore Sun
February 27, 2014: The Inner Arbor Trust's presentation for an arts park in Symphony Woods was given a stamp of approval by Howard County's Design Advisory Panel Wednesday, signaling a milestone for development plans that would bring a series of attractions to 16.5 acres in downtown Columbia's Symphony Woods. 
innerarbor  innerarbortrust  merriweatherpark  symphonywoods  howardcounty  designadvisorypanel  robhollis  dontaylor  michaelmccall  baltimoresun  2014 
december 2015 by civilityandtruth
Howard Planning Board gives green light to Inner Arbor - Baltimore Sun
November 20, 2014: The Howard County Planning Board gave the developers of the Inner Arbor Plan approval Thursday to start building the initial phases of a curated arts park in downtown Columbia's Symphony Woods.

The plan, introduced last year, proposes building a series of cultural venues connected by a system of meandering pathways on 16 acres of woodlands north of Merriweather Post Pavilion.
howardcounty  planningboard  innerarbor  innerarbortrust  merriweatherpark  symphonywoods  downtowncolumbia  baltimoresun  2014  joshtzuker  bradcanfield  michaelmccall 
december 2015 by civilityandtruth
Ulman allots $5 million for arts in downtown Columbia - Baltimore Sun
April 19, 2013: Howard County Executive Ken Ulman has proposed $5 million in one-time funding for the arts and cultural programs and facilities in Downtown Columbia while throwing his support behind the Columbia Association’s Inner Arbor Plan for Symphony Woods.

Ulman released details of his proposed $966.7 million fiscal 2014 operating budget Friday, including the one-time funding for arts and cultural programs in Columbia.

According to Ulman, his funding is intended for a combination of projects, including a new downtown arts center and the first phase of the CA-adopted Inner Arbor Plan, which envisions an interactive sculpture and outdoor amphitheater in the northern section of Symphony Woods.
innerarbor  downtowncolumbia  howardcounty  kenulman  symphonywoods  chrysalis  baltimoresun  2013 
december 2015 by civilityandtruth
HoCo Rising: Symphony Woods: A Matter of When
February 1, 2013 (Tom Coale): Last night was a good night for the future of Columbia and a good night for the Inner Arbor Plan.

I appreciate all of the proponents that took the time to come out last night and wish I could have had the chance to chat with you, but I went into last night's event with the goal of speaking with as many opponents as possible.  This is a collaborative process and I appreciate the opportunity to disagree, yet still talk constructively about the future of Columbia's downtown treasure.
columbiaassociation  symphonywoods  innerarbor  downtowncolumbia  howardcounty  2013  tomcoale 
november 2015 by civilityandtruth
Let's Make Symphony Woods Awesome [Video]
February 2, 2013 (Ian Kennedy): Symphony Woods is a pretty good park, but we can make it awesome. There's a plan before the Columbia Association -- the "Inner Arbor Plan" -- that would add a bunch of really great amenities to the park. But we need your help to get the plan approved. Learn more about the plan and sign our petition at
symphonywoods  innerarbor  downtowncolumbia  howardcounty  iankennedy  2013 
november 2015 by civilityandtruth
Columbia Association's Inner Arbor Plan is 'bold vision' for Symphony Woods [Letter]
February 4, 2013 (Mary Kay Sigaty and Calvin Ball): In 2010, the County Council approved a 30-year plan for the redevelopment of downtown Columbia that includes the creation of a "cultural park where the landscape becomes a setting for arts, cultural and civic uses" in Symphony Woods. The Columbia Association has presented a bold vision in its Inner Arbor Plan, which promotes Symphony Woods as that park.  In addition it establishes a trust to oversee the creation and maintenance of this space.
downtowncolumbia  innerarbor  symphonywoods  columbiaassociation  howardcounty  2013  baltimoresun 
november 2015 by civilityandtruth
Columbia Association Board of Directors meeting minutes, January 24, 2013
(a) Symphony Woods Trust Presentation: Mr. Nelson explained the benefits of a trust to oversee the design and development of Symphony Woods. His presentation drew heavily on his “Formation of a Trust for Symphony Woods Development” memo, which was posted on the CA website along with the agenda and other documents for this board meeting. Michael McCall, an entertainment venue developer, presented the Inner Arbor Plan, which includes
art venues, outdoor venues, indoor venues and eateries. Mr. McCall also showed examples of interactive “tree people” sculptures, treeline connector pathways, fountain plazas, etc. that were the inspiration for much of his plan. Mr. Nelson then recommended that the board:
1. Adopt the Inner Arbor Plan as the conceptual plan on which Symphony Woods development will be based;
2. Adopt Symphony Woods as the preferred location for the CA office building; 3. Instruct CA management to establish an affiliated Trust;
4. Enter into a perpetual easement agreement obligating the trust to implement and
comply with requirements of the Inner Arbor Plan;
5. Give the trust any CA funding allocated for Symphony Woods in current and future
Mr. Nelson clarified that, according to Planning and Zoning Director Marsha McLaughlin, the front part of the park (Phase I of the plan) can progress through the county’s 16-step process beginning at Step 9. The areas east and south of Lake Kittamaqundi, where the arts venues would go, would have to go through the full 16-step process.
The board then discussed transparency of project timelines, the project process, the possible need for a trust attorney, etc.
columbiaassociation  caboard  symphonywoods  innerarbor  downtowncolumbia  howardcounty  2013 
november 2015 by civilityandtruth
HoCo Rising: CA Board Recap: January 24, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting
January 25, 2013 (Tom Coale): Any neutral observer would say that last night was a good night for the Inner Arbor Plan and the Inner Arbor Development Trust.  The original plan for last night's agenda was to save Resident Speak-out regarding the Inner Arbor recommendations until after the presentation, but a number of Board members refused to allow this arrangement, prompting a set of people to talk about how they had not been informed about the Plan...immediately before they were going to be informed about the Plan.  Just about every resident that spoke about the substance of the Plan supported it.  Those that opposed focused more on the "process", which is only beginning.
columbiaassociation  caboard  symphonywoods  innerarbor  tomcoale  downtowncolumbia  howardcounty  2013 
november 2015 by civilityandtruth
HoCo Rising: Symphony Woods
January 22, 2013 (Tom Coale): Last Friday, the Columbia Association Board of Directors Agenda for our January 24 meeting was released.  Contained within that Agenda was a set of recommendations from CA President Phil Nelson to approve what has been referred to as the "Inner Arbor Plan", designed by Michael McCall, and create a Trust to oversee the implementation of this design plan and take the CA Board out of the business of designing park benches.
downtowncolumbia  columbiaassociation  symphonywoods  2013  innerarbor  tomcoale  howardcounty 
november 2015 by civilityandtruth
Symphony Woods Park should create a community meeting place [Opinion]
January 31, 2013 (Cy Paumier): In 2010, the Columbia Association retained an outstanding firm of landscape architects to prepare a master plan for Symphony Woods Park. The plan that evolved over a two-year period reflects the creative talent of a team of landscape architects and planners who have over 30 years experience planning urban parks and entertainment venues in the United States and abroad.

The master plan that was prepared by Mahan Rykiel Associates was approved by the Columbia Association and the Howard County Planning Board in July of 2012. That plan insured a strong pedestrian connection between Town Center and Merriweather Post Pavilion — a major goal for Symphony Woods Park
columbiaassociation  symphonywoods  cypaumier  downtowncolumbia  howardcounty  2013 
november 2015 by civilityandtruth

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