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Good Things Happen in Book Stores – Member Feature Stories – Medium

"There was the time I was in a Barnes and Noble in Portland and a man buying some manga books seemed to be a couple dollars short. I fished some money out of my pocket and paid the difference. He started to cry. “I’ve just recovered from cancer,” he told me. “I was buying these books tonight to restart my normal life. I’m supposed to begin looking for a job tomorrow.” It was an experience far more gratifying to me than the first time I saw my own name up on a bookstore marquee for a signing."
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5 weeks ago by alexpriest
Your Whole Life Is Borrowed Time
“Equally mysterious is that our lives began at all. As my favorite philosopher, Douglas Harding, tried to remind us before he died: It’s the very last thing, isn’t it, that we feel grateful for: having happened. You know, you needn’t have happened. You needn’t have happened. But you did happen. And we needn’t still be happening. But we are. I suppose the trick is to remember that fact even in the throes of our worst moods and toughest dilemmas. Maybe I’ll get a reminder tattooed on my wrist, for whenever my complaints start to seem absolutely important: This is borrowed time, all of it. Would you rather give it back?"
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6 weeks ago by alexpriest
Yuval Noah Harari extract: ‘Humans have always lived in the age of post-truth. We’re a post-truth species’ | Culture | The Guardian
Wowwww. "A cursory look at history reveals that propaganda and disinformation are nothing new, and even the habit of denying entire nations and creating fake countries has a long pedigree. In 1931 the Japanese army staged mock attacks on itself to justify its invasion of China, and then created the fake country of Manchukuo to legitimise its conquests. China itself has long denied that Tibet ever existed as an independent country. British settlement in Australia was justified by the legal doctrine of terra nullius (“nobody’s land”), which effectively erased 50,000 years of Aboriginal history. In the early 20th century, a favourite Zionist slogan spoke of the return of “a people without a land [the Jews] to a land without a people [Palestine]”. The existence of the local Arab population was conveniently ignored."
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7 weeks ago by alexpriest
How to Be Thankful For Your Life by Changing Just One Word | James Clear
"As adults, we spend a lot of time talking about all of the things that we have to do.

You have to wake up early for work. You have to make another sales call for your business. You have to work out today. You have to write an article. You have to make dinner for your family. You have to go to your son’s game.

Now, imagine changing just one word in the sentences above.

You don’t “have” to. You “get” to."
gratitude  thankful  perspective  inspiration  advice  life  how_we_live 
8 weeks ago by alexpriest
The World of Rated People: Inside the Dystopian Future of Social Credit Scores | GQ
So, so good. And funny. And real.

“As the world of peer-to-peer rating grows and our reputation increasingly becomes our currency, I worry that we'll enter a new era in which empty niceties and brutal judgments reign—and where any pissed-off person can torpedo your social value. But if the future consists of walking on digital eggshells, maybe the guard against that is to be more vulnerable with the people we do know. The benefits of opening ourselves up to criticism could offset the very ways in which technology is making us more superficial. I'd like to think that if this survey did anything—outside of improving my therapist's job security—it helped me be a better human, even if just marginally so.”
culture  uber  funny  how_we_learn  reputation  gq  rating  how_we_live 
8 weeks ago by alexpriest
How ‘Fortnite’ Became the Most Popular Video Game on Earth
Fantastic. "If you’re good enough at Instagram, you can find a modeling career. If you’re popular enough on Twitter, you can find a job writing professionally. If you excel at Fortnite, you can find yourself chilling online with A-listers like Drake. All you need is a mouse and keyboard, and enough determination."
video_games  fortnite  games  instagram  social_media  culture  how_we_live 
9 weeks ago by alexpriest
A 4-Day Workweek? A Test Run Shows a Surprising Result - The New York Times
THIS THIS THIS THIS. "In Perpetual Guardian’s case, workers said the change motivated them to find ways of increasing their productivity while in the office. Meetings were reduced from two hours to 30 minutes, and employees created signals for their colleagues that they needed time to work without distraction."
work  how_we_work  how_we_live  culture  balance  work_week  business 
9 weeks ago by alexpriest
Ask Yourself This: What Burdens Is That Other Person Carrying? - The New York Times
Wow this is good. “As I turned away and stared at the Pacific Ocean through the little window from my seat on the plane, I was left with a bunch of grief and two big questions.

What burdens are all the people on this plane carrying? And how would I treat them differently if I knew?”
empathy  how_we_live  anxiety  burdens  grief  culture  love_kindness  mental_health 
10 weeks ago by alexpriest
The Most Direct Solution to Any Problem - Steve Pavlina
Well, hard to argue with this. “When you find yourself having difficulty solving a problem, but you can identify a direct solution with relative ease, perhaps the real problem isn’t what you think it is.”
how_we_live  how_we_work  productivity  inspiration 
10 weeks ago by alexpriest
A Complete Guide to Getting What You Want
“But once we take that reality on board—that fear and uncertainty always come along for the ride in any worthwhile endeavor—it becomes simple. Not easy, but simple. You decide what you want and just do the next thing. And if you don’t know what the next thing is, the next thing is to figure out the next thing.”
how_we_live  getting_what_you_want  business  anxiety  productivity  how_we_work  life 
10 weeks ago by alexpriest
You can always count on an airport bar
I fucking love this article. “And so, while the world around us changes rapidly, not always for the better, the airport bar is frozen in time, a place you can count on.”
life  aircraft  airport  travel  airlines  bars  how_we_live 
may 2018 by alexpriest

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