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SOLVED: Lost directions for using my Sisan Steamer. I have the water - Fixya
The measuring cup holds 1/4 cup. Fill with tap water and pour one full measure into the hole exposed by removal of handle. Then measure table salt into small hollow on handle. Next, pour two (2) full measures of salt into a second measuring cup full of water, and pour into Sisan. Never use more salt than will fill the measuring hollow in handle. Remember that should the steam cease, unplug and refill with two measures of tap water, but no more salt.

Add one (1) teaspoon white vinegar to two measures of tap water, put it in the Sisan Steamer and let it run a few minutes. Then pour this out of the Steamer and rinse well to scale the inside.
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4 hours ago by Doire
small talk tip — Ask a Manager
... the go-to I’ve learned for when I have to make small talk in polite company.

Step 1: Ask the person what they do for a living or how they spend their days.
Step 2: Listen to their answer.
Step 3: No matter what answer they gave, respond with, “Wow, that sounds hard.”

There are difficult parts to just about any job – even the most fun or laid-back ones still have challenges. And almost everyone will brighten up when you validate the fact that their job is, in fact, a job, and it will usually get them going on a story/example of how their job is hard that provides some conversation fodder.

And the few people who don’t actually think their job is hard will tell you so, and that’s still conversation fodder, and nobody is ever perturbed that you thought their job was harder than it is the way they would be if you implied it was easier than it really is.
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6 days ago by UnchartedWorlds

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