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Koha - Open Source ILS - Integrated Library System
Open source library management system. Used by East Grand Rapids. Being considered by KISD.
medianet  library  opensource  houtman 
december 2013 by amann
Summary .pdf on the 1:1 program at Glenbrook school includes both iPad and Chromebooks and highlights the gains in different subject areas. Very compelling.
ipad  samr  chromebook  research  1:1  houtman 
may 2013 by amann
Rebirth of the Teaching Machine
Interesting blog post shared by Ron Houtman
moodle  onlinelearning  blog  houtman 
may 2013 by amann
Achieve Common Core State Standards Documents
Excellent collection of CCSS Documents - related to what an elementary or secondary teacher or principal needs to know.
CCSS  commoncore  houtman 
january 2013 by amann
Byrne Electrical Specialists - DropShare
Share projectors via a switcher. This is a Rockford company.
houtman  tables  sharing  power  projector 
january 2013 by amann
Scope and Sequence | Common Sense Media
Use our new Scope & Sequence tool to find the lessons that are just right for your classroom. These cross-curriculular units spiral to address digital literacy and citizenship topics in an age appropriate way. Browse by grade band or click a category to highlight the lessons that address that topic. You can download a PDF of the new Scope & Sequence here. Read more about the recent updates to the curriculum in our blog.

Also, take a look at the definitions of our 8 categories in our Curriculum Overview. And for reference, you can access the former Scope & Sequence here.
houtman  hou  copyright  informationliteracy  internetsafety  cybersafety  digitalcitizenship 
january 2013 by amann
Internet Safety Videos from the Utah Education Network and Planet NutShell
A series of Internet safety videos created for the Utah Education Network Planet Nutshell. They are good for use in other ‘net safety presentations you do with lower elementary. Each video has a grade level attached to help you choose the right one for the right audience.
houtman  21things  internetsafety  cyberbullying 
january 2013 by amann
Download Virtual Board (free)
VirtualBoard is an alternative application between a presentation program and a drawing program. It is conceived to help the users in their presentation for better explantion on the screen.
VirtualBoard allows to draw with hand, lines, rectangles, ellipses...

Here some features:
- to make the screen or a part of it revolve,
- to display the text,
- to zoom forward or behind on the whole scree or a quarter of it,
- to save a screen to reload it later,
- to capture at any time Windows desktop,
- to display a predefined image as a wallpaper.
flippedclassroom  flipping  drawing  houtman  zoomit 
december 2012 by amann
Data Liberation Front - backup Google Docs, gmail
This site is a central location for information on how to move your data in and out of Google products.
houtman  googleapps  googledocs 
december 2012 by amann
infuselearning | Empowering The BYOD REVOLUTION
free online clicker system. Learning about it at the EdCamp GR conference in Nov. 2012.
clicker  houtman  assessment 
november 2012 by amann
Un Conference in GR on Nov 3, 2012
october 2012 by amann
SmugMug Nonprofits' Photos
Create a SmugMug account for a non profit. Good benefitsYou may want to look at SmugMug. They offer a very generous non-profit (to include schools) account – called SmugMug Pro http://www.smugmug.com/pro/ - you can sign up here: http://nonprofits.smugmug.com/gallery/6007996_RE8Bj
houtman  photos  images  digitalcameras  photoediting 
october 2012 by amann
Moodle XML Builder - Nash Community College
Question converter for Moodle 2.3 KISD says it works great..
moodle  xml  houtman  moodleadmin  examview 
august 2012 by amann
Adobe Connect and Chrome not working
Work around for using Chrome and Adobe Connect
adobeconnect  houtman 
august 2012 by amann
Big Grips Frame™ - The iPad® Case for Kids
Padded iPad case used by assistive tech folks at MAISD
ipads  cases  assistivetech  houtman 
june 2012 by amann

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